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  1. @Pasta Burner, yes they are, the Kuryakyn 7980 Longhorn Offset Dually Highway Peg with 1" Magnum quick clamps. A little pricey but well made and they let me ride many hours longer than otherwise I could. I can ride all day on this bike with my feet slightly extended. I have the positioning of these set more downward than straight forward. As long as my legs are extended greater than 90 degrees I'm good, takes the pressure off my knees. I would recommend them. Here's some more info. I ordered locally here from Royal Distributing 20220309105308078.pdf
  2. Hi @Pasta Burner, I attached mine up by the clutch fluid reservoir, left side handlebar. Not a lot of room there but it worked ok. It seems to be holding up just fine just don't forget some Locktight if you're using the style that I'm suggesting. Good luck, Mark
  3. I just bought mine from Earl. Waiting for it to arrive here in Canada, Mark
  4. I know I'm late with this but attached is what I gleaned off the Utopia site. I also have one that I need to adjust reward as it is too close to my back and after a while creates a pressure point. Hope this helps others that might want to install this backrest, Mark
  5. @Pasta Burner Your cup will fit tight, just make sure to use the Locktight otherwise the single screw attaching the cupholder to the clamp gets loose. @Marcarl Maybe he was TOLD to go for a long ride😐
  6. Very nice @saddlebum and inexpensive too. looks like you were going somewhere that day😀
  7. Hello all: I recently bought an inexpensive cup holder on line for my bikes. I like to sip on tea as I'm riding, especially this time of year. Well made and easy to attach. You'll need Locktight on the small bolt that attaches the holder to the locking mechanism, seems to be the only weak point. I see that my local Yamaha dealer in Guelph carries them now as well. The brand is Swagman, fyi, Mark
  8. Unfortunately already booked on Friday this week.
  9. @XV1100SE great idea. I'd like to meet the Ontario group. My work schedule is flexible so most week days are good and we head to the cottage most weekends in the summer but flexible there too. Ouch, that sounds painful @saddlebum and too bad that happened during the summer of all seasons but never a good time to endure that. Good luck on a speedy recovery. Mark
  10. Only a Biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window

  11. @FreebirdI might do that just out of curiosity but I suspect it would be costly. I inquired regarding the Valkyrie as I thought about changing the seat colour from black to brown and with the exchange rate and shipping it was $$$$. One can dream and maybe one day I'll have the motorcycle budget for that. The two tone seat colour does look sharp, Mark
  12. @MonsterBiker I use Frogg Toggs top and bottom and If I recall they were reasonably priced. The bottoms are actually called Toadz and I went up a size ( 2 XXL) to accommodate the Joe Rocket pants I wear. The bottoms have straps that can go around the bottom of your boot so they don't ride up your leg, They don't get used that often but when you need them...you're glad to have them. @VentureFar I've never tried the hood of my rain gear under the helmet. I always thought you would get a pressure point on your head. I'll have to try that next time I get caught in the rain, Mark
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