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  1. OK once I dig it out I will send it on its way.
  2. Sounds like good news to me. Glad things are looking up for you
  3. Once l find them they are yours for whatever it cost to ship them. PM me your address. Do you need both sides or just the one side? You can also try Zdeno in kitchener for forks.
  4. To change the main jets you do need to remove the carb set and separate the cabs. To shim the needles you need only to remove the diaphragm and sliders which can be done without removing the carbs.
  5. I may have some spacers and possibly other spare parts that you may be looking for.
  6. Happy New year all. May this year be the 1st step away from all the turmoil, and unsettling events of the past couple years so we can all look upon one another as brothers and sisters rather advasairys.
  7. On top of that some of those, not all however, that were key behind putting it together are no longer with us.
  8. @Freebird with regards to the members list, is there a means of bringing up a list of members, within a given area, such as by state or province without having to scroll through the entire list? It would be nice to pull a list of members within ones area or an area you plan to visit or pass through.
  9. Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We certainly did it was the first time in a number of years that the entire family was able to get together at the same time. Really warms the heart.
  10. Thanks for keeping us up to date. As far as the delirium this is not uncommon among older people when on drugs like morphine. Both my mother and father experienced this but once off the morphine and as it left their system they were not long getting back to normal.
  11. When Covid hit we set a canopy in front of the open garage door and added outdoor heaters. Inside the garage (after a month's worth of tiding up) we set up a buffet table. This turned out to be such a hit, almost like a hallmark Chritmas, speacialy with it snowing, that we continue doing it each year improving the set up each year.
  12. Thanks for being who you are Don @Freebird. It's people like you who make a small piece of this world a better place.
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