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  1. Your starting to sound like my Mrs..
  2. When you heated the bolt did you completely cool it down before attempting to turn it or did you make the mistake of trying to to turn it while it was hot. NEVER turn a bolt while it is hot specially red hot as it is too soft and it will twist. The same can happen if you let the bolt cool slowly the idea is to heat and totally and quickly cool it down. the sudden cooling hardens and shrinks the bolt. Maybe I should have been more clear in my previously posted suggestions.
  3. Trust me inexperience does not necessarily hold the monopoly on overthinking. Sometimes experience because you know what can go wrong can have you humming and hawing more so than a rookie.
  4. Problem is when it comes to trying to influence your kids in one direction there is a whole twisted other world and media influencing your kids in another direction and you tend to be out numbered.
  5. Really seems like a down to earth guy.
  6. Sooo Bike starts in gear, Cruise works. If we see a riderless bike go by, I guess we can assume you forgot to get on
  7. @Marcarlwon't be say'n anymore than he has on account of self preservation. You just gonna has ta read tween da lines.
  8. So it likely is an areation line this is to assist removal of air pockets in the cooling system. The system holds about 14 PSI and though that hose may look flimsy it is still capable of carrying the pressure within the cooling system. If you plan on still using that hose I would replace the electrical tape with splicing tape also known as magic tape. this is a highly stretchy tape and is self vulcanizing. stretch it to about half its width while wrapping it. then cover with friction tape also known as hockey stick tape to protect and reinforce it.
  9. They say you learn more from your mistakes then your successes. All I will say is @Marcarlhas had quite a learning curve
  10. I would do as Marcarl stated with one exception I would avoid use of an impact gun using it as a last resort only. in my field as a heavy duty mechanic, I have seen far too many torx heads round out or round off because of the way an impact gun works. Use a hand tool and steady pressure is the the safest way using a longer handle if needed the bit may break but at least you won't round out the head. you can also try heating the head of the bolt (red if possible) then immediately and quickly quench the head with cold water repeat a couple of times then again attempt to back the screw out. Fai
  11. Really not sure what it is since it was not used on the MK2 86 - 93. Where does the other end go? If tied into the cooling system it could be an aireation hose to allow trapped air to escape the cooling system or if going to the bottom of the air cleaner it could be a crankcase ventilation line. Since only electrical tape was used I would probably rule out it being involved with the cooling system. Someone with a MK1 83-85 may have a better idea.
  12. Fast clicking when you first turn the key on is normal. once the float bowls in the carb's are filled to there proper level the clicking should either stop or drop to an occasional click. If my bike has sat for a long spell like over winter I often wait for the clicking to stop or drop off before starting the bike. If the clicking continues for too long then you may have an issue such as fuel line leak. needle valve and/or float stuck in open position or low fuel tank. You say you have one bar left but if the shut off is in normal run position versus being in the reserve position the fuel coul
  13. If that stated limit is per eye than you should be OK. provided they don't bend over under side pull tension. Some Aluminum alloys do not normally like to get bent as a rule.
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