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  1. There are far better means of towing the bike than that. Even a utility trailer with a front wheel chock would be a far better choice.
  2. Don't let that High pressure rating fool you. it only means that it is capable of reaching that high pressure because of a smaller piston put they often do not pump as fast as a lower rated pump which will usually pump faster because the piston is a tad larger. OR Go to a bicycle specialty store and pick up a quality hand pump. Some are two stage. the 1st stage allowing for faster pumping when pressure is low and then going the second stage when pressure is higher to make for easier although slightly slower pumping. These pumps are small and compact and easy to store in your saddle
  3. Castrol is a top quality oil I have used it for years on most all my engines from trucks to bikes. It is actually one of my preferred oils.
  4. Your header says 1978 but I assume you mean 1987. As far as that goes you came to the right place to find out anything you need to know about the bike in general or top of the line tech know how. You only need to ask. The bike itself provided it is still in good mechanical condition is a great machine highly reliable and the engine is almost bullet proof as long as it is properly maintained. Probably one of the most comfortable bikes lending itself to long hours on the road and handle curves extremely well. It has great acceleration and will get up go if you need to pass. Fuel millage not as g
  5. Make sure your kilt is short enough to dance a jig. But long enough to hide your lucky charms.
  6. Not sure how good these things are, but if they work, getting blue tooth on our vintage bikes with cassette decks could not get any simpler. https://www.amazon.ca/Universal-Bluetooth-Audio-Cassette-Receiver/dp/B06XDDHXRN/ref=sr_1_35?dchild=1&keywords=Marine-rated+Bluetooth®+adapter&qid=1617972359&sr=8-35 https://www.amazon.ca/Arsvita-Bluetooth-Cassette-Receiver-Adapter/dp/B07QSW6KNY/ref=pd_sbs_9?pd_rd_w=PLWOq&pf_rd_p=4dc33e2e-16b5-4e12-aab9-e86d5748e0cb&pf_rd_r=NB7ANZBMWNTS77A8KT8V&pd_rd_r=fc4da1f1-14d4-4462-85e5-72cb354f79a5&pd_rd_wg=R4aR9&pd_rd_i=B07
  7. When it comes to delegating work ever notice the ones throwing the extra shovel loads on the wheelbarrow are not the ones having to move it. or When that wheelbarrow is full its full. Adding extra shovel loads is not going to get more done. and When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns
  8. Great Dads get promoted to Grandpa.
  9. Say it ain't so Brad --- say it ain't so.....
  10. @vulcanb822Now that I can see it is on the right side of the bike running along the frame you can disregard my previous post since I assumed the initial picture was of the left side. It is not the coolant overflow drain line as that is the clear tube in the picture. That black hose most likely connects to the bottom of the rubber boot around your fuel tank filler neck. Its a drain tube in case you overflow the neck while refueling. You will find the nipple for it at the bottom left front corner of that boot.
  11. Being 20 in the 70's was more fun than being 70 in the 20's
  12. Dang I thought it meant ....Free life long membership
  13. I am pretty sure the fine print say's to be used by U-HAUL operators only ......
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