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  1. I work afternoons so cannot get on during the week but will try on the weekend.
  2. Basiclly it looks like you have the pairs synced up ok You just need to sync the left pair with the right pair. Sequence is not as important as it seems, to simplify, there are three screws involved 1 on the left and 2 on the right and they sit between the carbs set in and slightly below the diaphragm covers. They control the external linkage that connects the carbs together. So starting on the left adjust that screw until both carbs on the left are in sync, at this point ignore the right pair. Next move to the right side you will now see the 2 were on the left there is only 1. adjust the front screw until the the two carbs on the right side are in sync with each other, ignoring the left pair (by your video this is were you are at now ). Finally using the back screw on the right side adjust until the left pair is in sync with the right pair. You may have to repeat the sequence more than once but stick to the sequence you will eventually get there if the carbs are in proper condition. P/S during the process try to maintain idle speed between 900 to 1000 rpm. The adjusting screw for this is a small knob between the the left carbs. Once you have them set burp the throttle a couple times than recheck.
  3. Sorry I missed the chat. I was was too busy this weekend to get on to VR so I missed the heads post. maybe next time. In any case Its good to see your still around @Yama Mama
  4. Were did that lake come from? I thought Kentucky was nothing but Blue Grass.
  5. I cannot find the original receipt with the part number : Try sending an email to : Andy Customer Service Clearview Shields 800 798 6089 I info@clearviewshields.com
  6. Oh You went and done it now @paysawYou just put your self in the bad books. And those that do feel sorry for you
  7. A tip I got from Marcarl and which worked very well as well was to use carb cleaner
  8. Good pics and also a good example of why I have said many times in the past, once you have the carb out due to suspect carb issues you may as well go whole hog and do a complete, thorough tear down and overhaul. It just seldom pays to cut corners.
  9. My son has a similar 3 burner outdoor stove and he loves it. He uses at home as well as car camping trips. His only beef is that its a tad heavy for canoe and back packing trips
  10. I will try to remember to look through my junk and see if I have any of those washers left over from previous carb rebuilds I did.
  11. It seems a lot of events like this including tool shows, wood working shows and home and garden shows etc. are fading, even before covid. I am thinking things like you tube and online shopping may have a lot to do with it as well as the lack of interest by a younger generation that are more interested in a virtual life than a real one.
  12. I would not be too hasty about replacing the coils. As a rule they seldom fail. The OEM plug end unscrew from the cables and if you look inside the plug end you will see how you can remove the inside pieces which basically consist of a tiny spring a tiny cylinder and a threaded piece that holds it in there. They can become corroded as well the spring can loose tension reducing our spark. Secondly Remove the connectors from the the CDI unit which is under and forward of the battery support and will have to be removed. The contacts on this are notorious for corrosion. clean them up well and finish off by spraying with ACF50 (you can get it on amazon) You might be pleasantly surprise. I had a dead #3 cylinder about 5 years ago and was about to replace the CDI when I noticed the corrosion which can range from a lot of green build up to what appears to be a very light green dust. Being familiar with this condition since I deal with it on trucks frequently I decided to clean up instead of replace the CDI and the bike has run like a million bucks ever since.
  13. Mounted my android with a ram X-mount for years now and have never had any vibration issues. I am thinking either the android is more durable or since the X-mount consists of 4 spring loaded flexible arms with rubber knobs that grip the phone it may not transmit vibrations to the phone.
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