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  1. @cowpucYou need to come to Kanuckian land more. we only use real butter and bread always gets buttered before anything at all goes on
  2. I just through a cover over the bike Don't mind a nice ride in the winter can be very refreshing.
  3. Thanks Don. I be one of those you speak of. No interest in facebook
  4. Looks to me @Freebird like you need a proper river pilot seeing as how you already run her aground. And I agree with @Marcarl in that if your already sitting on the water whats the point in putting a big tub on it. You could have put one in that big equipment shed of yours and saved a passel of money
  5. I fully get your misery. I have been a Mechanic for 50 years (now they call us Automotive Technicians - sounds fancier but does nothing to change the pay scale LOL). I remember when fixing vehicles was our 1st priorty now its keeping up with puter changes and constant upgrades, making sure reports are done in several different formats so everybody and their kid sister world wide knew what we did that day and some how find enough time to fix the truck so the poor driver waiting around impatiently can get back on the road and earn a living. I mis the days when all we had to do was fix the dang t
  6. Sorry to hear about your loss Don. Condolences to you and your family. On a better note it sounds like he had a good life up to the end which in itself is a blessing.
  7. good call on coolant entering the Carb from the cylinder Puc.
  8. Or really bad head gasket if it is both leaking internally and externally or worse a long crack in the head. Maybe it had an external leak such as a hose to start with and was then run without coolant resulting in a cracked head or block after the fact. In any case none of this sounds good. Previous owner may have run water in it and failed to replace it with coolant in the winter and it froze and cracked something. Really sorry to be only able to offer dooms day suggestions but nothing simple comes to mind given your description of symptoms.
  9. Well He was on an HD so he would not have got far anyway
  10. Well Hello there, Squid thought maybe since you were so far away you got stuck eating all of Lonna's delicious cheese cakes all by yourself and couldn't move anymore. Sure missed you seeing you and Lonna. Every time I cross into the states at Sarnia or Sombra I think about you folk's. This thanks giving my wife Made pumpkin cheese cake and its its the first cheese cake I have liked other than Lonna's, which of course made me think of you folk's. Yeh I know sounds like maybe I only like you because of Lonna's cheese cakes but that ain't so. You are missed as much for who you are. big slap on th
  11. Ok; so the transition so far seems less painful than I feared, I hate change . But so far looking manageable even for a PC illiterate ding dong like myself. Thats not to say I do not appreciate the hard work you always put into this site @Freebird because I am sure all what you do takes some doing. Since @Marcarlhas already taken up the huggi'n space I will just Give Eileen one of my world renowned prize winning hugs to pass on to you latter once that Marcarl character gets outa the way.
  12. when your oil turns into a creamy milk shake you can be assured coolant is getting into the crankcase. will usually separate after the bike sits undisturbed for a while' as in let it sit overnight and then crack the oil drain plug slowly to see if coolant runs out of the crankcase. Usual causes are blown head gasket cracked cylinder or cracked head. When the bike runs the oil and coolant blend to create that tasty looking mocha milkshake, which of course works its way through out the engine. Another method is You can drain the oil and leave the plug out then pressurize the cooling system an
  13. Rotor/analog phones are ok in my book. simple and less confusing
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