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  1. I am open to correction but it is my understanding that wearing earbuds while operating any type of motor vehicle is NOT legal as per most highway traffic acts.
  2. Its been so silent from your end I was beginning to get a bit concerned. Soooo glad to hear from you Earl @skydoc_17 and very happy for you since based on what you say you are on a good road to recovery. Now if we can just get rid of this covid issue so we can all get together again for some good old fashioned camaraderie.
  3. So with the covid restrictions in place I have been doing my spring cleaning early. I came across my collection of snow shoes. the first ones are a small pair of antique emergency snow shoes given to me by a friend who used to be a bush pilot. The second pair is a set of full size snow shoes given to me by a friend who used to do some winter trapping in the north country. Now the last pair I am not quite convinced are snow shoe but according to @Marcarlwho gave them to me insists they are dutch snow shoes. Notice the color indicators on the tail ends this was apparently done so Marca
  4. in a pinch the following key blanks will work but need to be cut on a manual key copy machine. Some of these blanks are meant for a Datsun/Nisan and are a bit longer but still work and if you get the right guy "in my case myself" you can shorten the blank to the right length as you cut it. Cut pattern A: Cole DA24, ILCO x114, Alba A61NCP, SILICA DAT6RP Cut pattern B: ILCO 118, ILCO YH49, SILICA YH29, SILICA YH29P These are just a few as I compiled quite a cross reference list and I will add to it later.
  5. And @Marcarlbeing Dutch would say, just keep leaning the bike until the oil reaches the full mark and you can save money by not needing to add any oil
  6. I think because of covid and travel restrictions she is trying her best keep up some video content. For the most part I do enjoy the majority of them. I like how she is able to instill bits of history, trivia and interesting facts in a lot of her videos. She obviously a very intelligent person.
  7. Done the same thing on a number of occasions including touching up the armature with some emery cloth. Makes a big difference. However nothing beats switching to a 4 brush starter.
  8. Nice thing about older bikes. if sure park don't work you need only to check the leg length to seat height ratio.
  9. Now you went and done it. ya hurt my feelings and you supposed to be the sensitive one
  10. interesting harley vs Indian video. Also check out the other videos on this link. https://www.youtube.com/channel
  11. Yes I regretfully did not organize one this because of covid. Its a shame too because it would have been our 10th annual meet and eat (or eat and meat) how ever you prefer to look at it. A decade of getting together to kick off the new year. I always enjoyed putting this together too renew old friendships and make new ones and to put faces to members on the site that would have been able to attend. Hopefully everyone has a happy safe and healthy new year and looking forward to when we can again get back to normal. Oh yeh, I feel specially sad for the female members who will be miss
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