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  1. Had every intention of making my way down but it turned out ol saddlebum (I mean young saddlebum) had bigger and more important pots to stir up that weekend. Plus @Marcarl only gave me a location he failed to mention whether or not there would be pepperettes on site.
  2. That is correct. But as stated the thrust forces on the rear or driving tire comes from acceleration or pushing if you will, were the thrust forces placed on the front tire is the opposite it comes from being pushed rather than pushing such braking or simple rolling resistance and the reason for mounting it in reverse rotation.
  3. In general regardless of vehicle, tires can rotate in either direction. The exception here are tires designed specifically for the rear of a motorcycle or have directional markings on the sidewalls. Now something to consider with the way the plys are layed in a tire it has more to do with the thrust forces placed on the tire than which direction the tire rolls. A tire that pushes as in a rear tire has the opposite thrust force than a tire that is pushed as in a front tire. For that reason if you did mount a rear tire on the front the proper way to mount it would be in reverse rotation. The tread pattern is also a consideration as the rear tires pattern would be designed for displacing water while pushing were as the front tire would be designed to displace water while being pushed/coasting.
  4. Yup tire valve - you got no choice but to replace it. BTW just so your aware this site has a rule about using certain words or language!
  5. With electric bikes they could play artificial Harley clatter through headsets in their helmet and not desturb anyone around them. But I guess that kinda defeats the purpose of feeling like your impressing people around you .
  6. I think a big part of the issue is trying to copy what seems popular. The trouble is you can never copy Harley because its not just competing with the bike. The Harley brand is almost like a cult your not just competing with the bike but your competing with a persona and a Logo. To prove my point how many pick ups put out a Harley edition just to appeal to that following? How many people buy Harley paraphernalia that have never nor will ever park their butt on a bike of any description? How often has someone admired your bike just to follow up with " I have a friend who owns a big Harley " ? You need to build a bike that stands on its own merit with reliability performance functionality. but at the same time it should not look to spacey. The 1st Gen venture, The gold wings and the BMW touring bikes were such ground breaking bikes. But even then the name Harley carries simply because of its following among both bikers and non bikers.
  7. Yeh slushy winters suck!!! I miss the good old days when winter was winter (nice dry cold and snow stayed snow instead of turning to slush) spring was spring summer was summer and fall was fall. When men where men women were women (tom boys allowed) and children where children. When adults determined right from wrong versus the me/me youth of today. When relationships developed into a Mom a Dad and several wholesome children raised by their natural or adoptive parents instead going from birth to day care, to school at age three. kids need to be kids for at least the younger part of their lives instead of being turned into instant little adults (even pups and colts get time play and kick their heels). They need to see more of their parents than their nursemaids. I miss the when sticks and stones may have broke your bones but words never hurt you. When arguments where settled with bare fists in 15 minutes behind a building or bar and the outcome signed off with a hand shake and a shared beer or 2 or 3 or 4 ....... Instead of spending half your life in a lawyers chair sometimes for years while they sucked back on your life savings put you in a state of anxiety resulting in alcohol and drug over indulgence. Weekly visits to a shrink (more of your life savings gone). But apparently we are now more civilized....... Just My Humble Opinion......... Someone once said Life was more fun being 20 in the 70's than being 70 in the 20's
  8. Not to mention totally lost since I no longer remember how to ride in straight line thanks to @Marcarl
  9. I have as well even have one with a handle cut from an old adjustable welded to the side so it wont spin in my hand when I use it to break loose bolts up to 1/2 " using a small mallet.
  10. So have you ever tried eating it.....
  11. My garage has second dimension and someone from that dimension keeps borrowing my 10 and 12mm sockets. Sometimes they will return them and I find them laying on my work bench as if they never left and other times they just don't return them.
  12. I checked my PM mailbox from front to back and back again and no matter how hard I look I can't find my invite. I guess it got lost in the mail 😕
  13. Get a torx bit slightly larger than the socket hole in bolt. Grind the end of it flat so you end up with sharp corners. Grind lightly so you don't heat the end of the bit or keep cool with water. Now drive it into the end of the bolt. The now sharp corners will cut matching grooves in head and as well the tapping action of driving the bit in will help break the threads loose. Put a socket or wrench, on the bit once you have driven ti all the way in and carefully and gentle wiggle back and forth until you feel start to move. Once it starts to move continue the back and forth movement from stopping point to stopping point until it fully loosens and you can easily back the bolt all the way out. If you have not rounded the hole out yet, try putting the proper fitting allen bit in the bolt and wack it a few times with a hammer like your trying to drive it deeper and than follow the back and forth motion described above. Avoid using too much force as you work it back and forth.
  14. You can. You will however notice a slightly softer and longer stroke feel on the lever at the same time quicker front brake response. It may take you a few stops to get use to the different feel.
  15. And drive up insurance cost for all of us.
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