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  1. You came to the right place both for knowledge and great camaraderie. Though I am more familiar with the 1st gens you will find people here that can fill your head with more ideas than it can hold. Also if your half loco you will fit right in. It's a very helpful and family friendly membership so you should consider a full membership and get out to the meet and greets and rallies and get to know us Depending on the covid situation of course).
  2. Does any one know if I have to have a permit and to register these if it they launch a projectile more than 600 FPS.
  3. In many cases this is very true yet I have had to replace my 1/2" and smaller Snapon wrenches many times because the open ends keep spreading or the box ends keep splitting open something that never happens with my Husky, Gray or higher end Mastercraft wrenches. One of my favorite brands of wrenches is Gedore. they are thin compared to most wrenches even Snapon yet extremely strong, They are just hard to find. I also refuse to buy any more sockets from Snapon because they always split on me even when I am only using a it with hand tools. Here again I prefer Husky, Gray or higher end Maste
  4. Trust me its nothing for a professional Mechanic's to sink over $100.00 into. A Snapon double tool box and even the Matco filled with high end tools probably well exceeds that $100.00. So those dollar figures sound like a good deal to me but it all depends on how bad you need them. If I was an apprentice again starting out I would jump at those deals. And even though Harbor Freight tool boxes are more than adequate you cannot compare them to Snapon or Matco
  5. Your right WNY is july 15 - 18. probably a good idea to put it on the calendar.
  6. I have magical tools I am constantly buying 5/8" wrenches and they keep changing into 11/16' wrenches. I now own seven 11/16" wrenches which I have never bought but am lucky if I have a 5/8" wrench in my box.
  7. I had 60,000 on my 89 when I bought it in 2006 and now have 160,000 on it Have not touched the valve set so it is overdue but the bike runs like a charm. Problem is being a mechanic and working on trucks all day I tend to procrastinate when it comes to my own vehicles and yet the bike has forgiven me and remained reliable despite my neglect. That is not to say i don't keep my brakes, tires and other safety items in peak condition. just don't fuss over the engine as much as I should. I toss a four season cover on the bike when winter hits, it sits out side all year. Add seafoam to the fuel
  8. Sometimes mine clicks for several seconds sometimes barely a second and sometimes it does not click at all. It depends how long the bike sat and on the residual pressure remaining in the line between the fuel pump and the carb. I actually never give it much thought because the bike runs fine. sometimes If the bike sat a long time like all winter I will turn the key on and off a couple times to better prime the fuel system before attempting to start. Point of interest if you remove the gas cap of your car and listen while someone else turns the ignition key on and off you will hear the sam
  9. Depending on covid and the border I would certainly consider it.
  10. Actually because @Flyinfoolwas stuck sitting at home He increased his WWWing, even extended his range this year. You know what they say about idle hands...
  11. These PDF's and word docx's will give you a good idea as to what is involved To check and set valve clearances. Yamaha V-Max and V-4 Valve Clearance.docx Venture Valve Adjustment Procedure.docx Yamaha V-Max and V-4 Valve Clearance.pdf VALVE SHIM ADJUSTMENT V4 1200 & 1300.pdf
  12. I agree plus I find them two soft and have worn out many of the the smaller sizes which resulted in rounding off nuts. I also do not like their sockets I have split about every craftsman socket I have owned. Split a lot of snapon ones as well. I find husky and gray to be much stronger as well as their ratchets. My husky ratchets are 55 years old and even though I have used pipes on the handles they are still as good today as when I got them as a teenager. Were as My Snapon ratchets are always stripping on me and just from normal use I don't dare use a pipe on them because I know they won't tak
  13. Cleaned up the garage then messed it up again then went in to the basement and cleaned up my woodworking shop again . Stripped down an 87 for parts need for my other two bikes. completed some wood working projects and continued with renovations still overdue for completion on the house. I have been off work a year now due to covid and still I don't seem to have enough hours in a day to tackle all my projects plus the HD list
  14. BTW ever notice that the birthdays @Marcarldraws attention too are the ones he is pretty sure are catching up to him in age..... Once again Happy birthday just the same @Freebird
  15. FYI: My first pair of Frogg Toggs, the zipper on my jacket kept pulling apart while ridding. I contacted Frogg Toggs and all they said was email them my size and address and they would send me a new set of Froggs. even though mine were a year old they sent them without any hesitation and they arrived very quickly. Turns out the zipper was a common issue being too light and the new pair came with a much heavier duty zipper. All in all I found them to be a very accommodating company to deal with.
  16. At 62,000 it's barely broken in. At best it may need its 1st valve set if not already done. These 1300 engines are high millage reliable engines and tend to give very little trouble. Many have gone beyond 150.000 and some have even surpassed 200,000. the bike itself may need some regular maintenance such as changing all fluids and checking tire and brake condition. How much depends on the TLC given by previous owner..
  17. Most here swap out the stock antenna for one of the CB radio brands like Wilson, K40 or Firestick. since most CB antennas mount the same you can add a fold down adapter to any of them if you so wish. Just make sure after you mount the antenna that you properly adjust its length using an SWR meter. This is a mandatory requirement for any CB whether you use an after market or OEM, they all have to be properly adjusted or matched as they say, or you could damage the CB. For the entertainment radio any automotive or CB antenna will do in this case adjustment is not critical.
  18. At least if you miss your landing on the trampoline you wont hit the ground.
  19. The fluid film is real handy to have too. Its great at loosening things up and keeping them loose. Is a great anti rust coating and lubricant as well. I keep five things in my shop at all times. Fluid film, ACF50 for cleaning and protecting electrical as well as many other uses, Seafoam, Dielectric grease, and a good penetrating oil (which also works great as cutting oil for drilling and tapping) https://learchem.com/products/acf-50.html https://ridermagazine.com/2016/09/09/acf-50-anti-corrosion-formula-review/ https://www.fluid-film.com/
  20. @Marcarl already awarded you the prize when He said ...We told you so instead of I told you so. Better take it cause that's as about how generous a Dutchman gets when it comes to handing out prizes.
  21. Come on @Marcarl.....admit it you was just a sitt'n in da shadows just a wait'n to pounce
  22. Glad You solved the problem plus you got a bonus out of it ------All that learning experience ......For next time ..
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