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  1. A few years back a motorcycle cop here in Ontario was killed while training a group of new MC cops when he was struck by a Canada goose.
  2. I am in full agreement and as a mechanic for 50 some years I have seen the changes and how they effect the trucking industry. the increased amount of time that these trucks spend in our shop compared to years ago and the repair bills I have to hand customers are brutal to say the least. Now we do not just replace a $2 headlamp but a $1,200+ headlight module. Due to increased use of data link in our vehicles wiring issues can take days instead of hours to resolve and pretty much any issue that may occur can no longer be repaired on the side of the road. Ninety percent of breakdowns now either have to limp in or get towed in. Where I used to see 3- 4 tow ins a year I now see them on a monthly bases sometimes even 3 in one day. It may be great for my job security but my heart sure bleeds for the poor truck driver, specially the independent who only has the one truck. Ninety percent of this stuff only satisfies gadget crazy people and the manufactures. at the end of they day your still only riding or delivering product from A to B.
  3. One should also keep in mind the different effects of a CT tire on different bikes may also have to do with the rake/caster angle of the front forks. Because of this difference some bikes may be more accommodating to a CT tire than others.
  4. Old school it may be @cowpucbut not outdated. This method is still factory spec on some trucks, using kingpins that incorporate tapered kingpin bearings to adjust kingpin drag ( which by the way is not unlike the setup of our steering heads) and some still prefer using this method to set tapered wheel bearing rolling resistance versus using a torque wrench and setting a preload. In truth it is more accurate while the preload method using a torque wrench can be quicker and is more convenient.
  5. Not only should radials and bias NEVER be run together on the same vehicle be it 4 wheel or two wheel because of the difference in tire roll and foot print, but in many places such as here in Ontario it is illegal. The only exception to that rule is a commercial vehicle were you may run radials on the steer axle and bias on the eight drive wheels. @cowpucis correct when he states tire pressures should be checked when the tire is cold this has as much to do with consistency between tires as it it does with taking the expansion of air in the tire as it heats up into account. As a rule of thumb for every 10°F that a tire temperature increases it gains 1 PSI. This can vary slightly by driving conditions and initial tire pressure. An under inflated tire will heat up more than an overinflated tire due to increases flexing of the side wall which creates internal friction. This is why you often see tires that are run semi flat for too long blow out the side wall, which we call zippering. When we do alignments or at least those of us that do not cut corners, the 1st thing we do is make sure the cold psi on all tires are set to spec. NOTE A word of caution when inflating tires that have run flat for a long time there is the risk of what we call the zipper effect so if you ever reinflate a tire that has run flat for an extended time stay to one side. Over the years I have known of technicians that have been injured loosing a knee or even killed as a result of the zipper effect and have seen tires being inflated while laying on the ground become air born often injuring someone standing over the tire at the time.
  6. The extra air pressure most likely helped due to fact that it forced the car tread to round out from a normally designed flat foot print. Which in fact is probably 14 psi above the tires designed max tire pressure range.
  7. I would suspect that your turning issues may stem form the fact that the car tire has a flat foot print across its tread and is not designed to lean the way a motor cycle tire does. So when you attempt to do figure eights you are taking a tire designed to ride only in the upright position with a flat tread to ride up on the outside corners of the the tread, were a MC tire is designed to be able to run on its outer tread surfaces when a bike is leaned over. The feel you get may be the result of conflict between you forcing the tire to run on its outer edge and the tire trying to maintain a flat foot print which would result in tire squirm, so there may in fact be nothing wrong with the bike itself. Also a car tire would have a heavier carcass which means balancing the tire is more critical and were we can get away with static balancing a MC tire, a car tire should be dynamically balanced. a good indicator is when you get a speed related vibration which usually creeps in as you approach a given speed peaks and then fades some as you surpass that speed. Finally since car tires generally run in pairs a single car tire may induce a type of tread wonder and could result in a tail wobble, as could an unevenly mounted tire. On commercial trucks we have often had to break down and remount a tire because the driver experienced a front end vibration from newly mounted tires.
  8. Prayers for Your Mom Puc. BTW I have always loved that song. Coming from you I am sure your Mother feels it in an extra special way.
  9. This is Cowpucs method which he just posted; ON BIKE CARB DEEP CLEANING ""Pull the bikes side covers so carb slide covers are accessible, pull the slide covers on the carbs n remove diaphragms/slides (good time to check diaphragms for pin holes/tears), open the drains on the carbs, go to ag store and purchase large syringe for horses, pick up carb cleaner Pick up a spray can of carb cleaner such B-12 or similar quality cleaner. ( If you decide to use Chem Dip you have to be careful and work fast with Chem Dip!). Inject carb cleaner thru the drain hoses into carbs one at a time until the carb cleaner comes out of the hole that the slide needles go into in carb body one at a time and then close the drain when the cleaner drips out of hole. This will assure carb is filled with carb cleaner. Let the carb cleaner set in carbs for at least 24 hours UNLESS you’re using Chem Dip! With Chem Dip, leave it in for no more than 20 minutes MAX! After sitting for 24 hours, hook syringe back up, open drain and pull cleaner from bowls with syringe and pump syringe to agitate cleaner in carb bowls. After agitating suck cleaner out of carb bowl(s) and discard. Fill syringe with raw gas, inject raw gas into carb(s) until it comes out of diaphragm needle hole and agitate. Suck raw gas out and discard. Replace carb parts, check the slides to make sure they move freely in the carb bodies, put covers back on over diaphragms. Make sure slide springs are same length, make sure the little o-ring under cover is in place. Close it up, make sure drains are closed, turn on ignition and fill bowls with fuel pump by toggling kill switch until bowls are full (when fuel pump stops clicking). Crank her up and spit check headers to see if its now running on all four while starting with cold engine. You may also like to replace spark plugs and clip off 1/4 inch of each plug wire at spark plug caps if corrosion is present before start it up. Finally sync the carbs when done.""
  10. I would also check your front light bulbs. Try removing them one at a time to see if the problem goes away. Sometimes the filaments in the bulb, If it is a dual filament bulb touch causing a cross feed. Also check to see if the bulbs are correct. If someone stuck a single contact bulb in place of a dual contact bulb again you get a cross feed or a short to high which is not the same as a short to ground or low. Also some dual contact bulbs are still single filament used in plastic sockets were one contact on the bulb serves as NEG and the other serves as POS, these bulbs though they have a double contact will only have a single filament. If one of these bulbs were mistakenly stuck in Which is not uncommon you again get a cross feed. If all this checks out than you will need to check your wiring. Start with looking to see if it was ever wired for a trailer. wires that have been poorly twisted and tapped can corrode and the green substance that accumulates can migrate creating a path for voltage to follow also check to see if it once had a trailer harness and check to see if it was cut back and carelessly tapped over some wire ends could be touching. Disconnect the four way flasher switch to see if it has an internal short causing a cross feed. It is a small slide switch mounted on the right side If none of this brings results than your down to using the wiring schematics noted earlier and tracing your circuits paying close attention to connectors which can fill with green corrosion causing cross feeds or were wires may have rubbed together.
  11. The the turn signal switch itself may have to be taken apart. An accumulation of green corrosion combined with wear fillings from the contact could be causing a cross feed of currant. It is easy to do but put an old pile carpet under the bike in case something drops. Little springs and other little things can quickly drop and bounce into oblivion.
  12. I Prefer a full size cap myself. But I have seen Carl's and I would say I would choose similar were I looking for one. You can always but in a Job Box Or similar if you need to lock stuff up.
  13. Nice write up Puc When did you ever think about stirring the Pot @cowpucSeems to me you just plain can't help yourself .........Yup you been missed.
  14. Four years ago I went on a Keto diet of sorts. Thats to say i did not go whole hog. But I was on it enough that I had dropped 40 lbs and my cholesterol dropped from 3.8 to 2.2 mmol/L (this is Canadian units of measure I believe the US uses mg/dL which converts to 68.47 and 39.64). Unfortunately between being home for 2 years due to Dr orders in relation to the Covid issue and my wifes cooking and baking skills and a sudden pention for snacking on junk food (which I never used to have) I fell off the wagon and gained back the weight. Not sure what my cholesterol level is but I would not be surprised if it crept up again.
  15. Now your into a 3 day week ----yesterday today and tomorrow.
  16. That was the only way my father could quit as well just toss the pack and refuse to ever stick another one between the lips. So hang in there it'll do ya good.
  17. Usually if they came without there would be two tire type valves to air up the suspension. one for the rear and one for the front. If had the class system and he stripped it out I would think that he would have installed tire valves.
  18. Just saw this very happy no one seriously injured. See what the buy back is on the truck than calculate how much aluminum duct tape and spray cans it will require to fix it. You could end up ahead of the game.
  19. You called it @cowpuc.If not for the joint ventureship with @Marcarlthe fertilizer Co. would not survive. Not only is he the top fertilizer producer but his gift of gab really is a major factor in spreading the fertilizer far and wide.
  20. Aw shucks now ya got me blushin. Oh and don't listen to @Marcarlthat brown grass took me years and effort to develop. He is just jealous cuss while he knows that brown grass is maintenance free and while I am busy having fun or just relaxing he is busy trying to rid himself of that green stuff which no matter how often he cuts it. That stubborn green stuff just keeps grown back on him.
  21. Congratulations Earl. Stay safe and make it a long retirement.
  22. Dang you @cowpucyou Lop eared fur-less wabbit. When did you sneak back in here. Turn my back on the site for a couple days and the trouble makers just sneak right back in again Now look since you is here and there aint nuthin more can be done about it. A may as well hep ya with ya weed er grass issue (iPSSSST it is just gass right...right) Ok forget all the advise ya got so far. The fact is we all know grass hates to grow were ya want it and prefers to grow were ya don't want it, like in drive cracks an such. Ya follern me so far good Cuss I can slow down if'n ya wants me to. So based on what we already knows the answer is simple. Alls ya gots to do is remove all the cracks in the ashphalt in the drive way and lay em all out spread out like a bit on the bald spots. before ya knows it them bald spots will just be coverd in grass. Course then ya be cursin caus ya gots all that there grass to cut but ya cna't has it boat ways ya know
  23. Yeh for some reason it had developed an infinity for "U" turns and riding it was a little like trying to keep a miss-trained horses nose out of the grass while riding it. Hey Carl you can count to two now ......Awsome
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