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  1. My 1st choice or vote would be for a northbound ride. But am open to any decision.
  2. Like everyone else I am liking the news so far.
  3. 👍 Also stumbled on this link: https://www.destinationontario.com/en-ca/articles/ontario-bucket-list-motorcycle-tour-routes?gclid=CjwKCAjw6p-oBhAYEiwAgg2PguRfP9gvg_P4d9pJUAzR5fkAcR1yy2460HwtAUaYZ78gdBN8KtHY5hoC2lsQAvD_BwE
  4. Here in Ontario unless you got the cash a second bike is out of the question because insurance company's still charge full pop for each bike even thoughyou can only ride one at a time. The excuse is you might let someone else ride the bike even if it's only once in a blue moon.
  5. 7th sounds good to me. Time of day short or long day does not matter. I am pretty flexible.
  6. The 14th I will definitely be in or headed for St Luois. Sept 30th or Oct 7th works best for me.
  7. 23 would be ify for me it would depend on how early my in laws leave that day to go home to St Louis as it stands 30th works best for me 7th may be a possibility if I don't head to St Louis that day. More than likely I probably won't l leave until somewhere between the 9th and the 14th
  8. I was just wondering the same thing. A colour ride would be nice to start thinking about as well.
  9. To add to my earlier comment, Don, through your hard work I have learned a lot about the venture going from knowing very little to becoming extremely knowledgeable and adapt to the point were with my Mechanical back ground there is nothing I cannot do on these bikes and I am now fully capable of assisting others with their issues. I met a ton of great people some of which have become great friends even beyond the site. For this and more I will be forever grateful that you had the inspiration and the determination to start and maintain this site.
  10. Ironically I rewired a house that actually makes that look safe in comparison. The owner used every thing from several strands of bell wire twisted together to 000 gauge welding cable. On top of that he joined them together in sardine cans which he used as junction boxes. How he never burned the house down is beyond me.
  11. Probably required an ohmmeter to check resistance through the port. High ohms reading jet in place. Low ohms reading jet missing.
  12. Yes it was certainly a great time yesterday. It's been a while since we got together as a group and I am so glad that we did even though we were just a small group. Carl leading Phil and myself on a nice ride was a nice cap to the whole event and then finished off by Carl and I going to the Tractor Pull in Norwich after which I rode home solo from Carl's and decided to take the back roads home which turned into a nice ride as well. All in all one heck of a great day except for a burnt skull. The one time I didn't have a hat and I am sitting in the bleachers being roasted by the Sun acquiring a nice bright red cap.
  13. It is not always about how long it sits. The age of the brake fluid is also a big factor as brake fluid will absorb moisture. I do not even save opened containers of brake fluid for more than a year and that is only for topping up purposes. I get a fresh container anytime I do a complete fluid change or brake job.
  14. Best is to find a place that will make custom windshields. We have a place called PA Plastics that will fabricate any type of windshield you want in a variety of tints. You simply give them your old windshield and they will duplicate it, even include any modifications you would like such as shorter/taller or narrower/wider. If your windshield is broken just give them the pieces the will use them as a template to make the new one. https://paplastics.com/boat-windshields/windshields/products.html https://bikescreen.com/ interesting video
  15. Personally I prefer the OEM carb setup. For one thing with four carbs you can balance the engine better which is specially nice if your compression between cylinders vary. With a single carb you cannot, you can only attain a general adjustment across the board. If a carb fails you can still run on the other three to get somewhere other than the side of the road. Finally looking at the setup you would also reduce air volume though I guess air velocity would increase, maybe. There is a reason why in the muscle car hay day we replaced 2 barrel carbs with four barrel or even 6 packs. JMHO.
  16. Also if you still have the linked braking system or delinked them yet left the proportioning valve in place on your bike, remove and check the proportioning valve. it too gets loaded up with the white crud. Regardless which is the cause of you problem if you have not changed the fluid in a very long time, it would be worth your time to remove inspect and clean all and replace the brake line. You can get brake lines from @skydoc_17
  17. Other than a possible sprague clutch failure. If the bike has the original 2 brush starter it can give these types of symptoms or if it has a weak battery and/or dirty connections. My symptoms went away once I installed a four brush starter. The whine upon decelerating in gear is most likely coming from the drive pumpkin and is not all that uncommon nor is it always something to worry about. The sound is caused during deceleration because at this point the crown gear is placing thrust on the pinion gear, versus acceleration when the pinion is place thrust on the crown gear. The intensity of this whine is based on the backlash between the two gears which can based on how the backlash was set up during a rebuild to worn bearings. Drain the oil into a clean container check for a metallic appearance and/or fish around in the oil and the diff through the fill and drain holes looking for an abnormal amount of metal pieces or fillings. Don't be alarmed if you come with a small dusting amount of metal this is normal. What you are looking for is an unusual large amount or size. If nothing worrisome is found refill with clean oil, forget it , just ride and learn to ignore the noise.
  18. There is a strict stipulation to this solution -----Bike must leak oil and shake at idle like a belly dancer.
  19. #1 did you remove the air cleaner #2 Did you make sure throttles are wide open #3 Make sure you have optimum cranking power add a boost battey or good charger Manual states 216 psi @ 175 rpm. This is for a fairly new engine and will reduce as the engine ages. Most used engines run between 110 and 130 PSI and no more than 20% between highest and lowest cylinder. Last time I checked mine they were 98- 120 psi and the engine runs like a dream. In any case I would not loose sleep over the readings you are getting and look more into fuel control for your rich fuel conditions.
  20. https://www.venturerider.org/wiring/99-09 Yamaha Royal Star Venture Wiring Diagram Rev B.pdf Maybe the schematic link above will help you trace the circuits so you can narrow down as to were to look for a definite short between power and ground. It would appear when the bike fell over some wires got pinched so look in ares of physical damage for chaffed or pinched wires.
  21. I have often been accused of placing too much effort into attempting to resurrect something that would in many cases be simpler to replace by finding a good used one or even replacing it. In your case you could even replace it with the ignitech TCI. However I have to respect your determination which has me beat 100 fold. You obviously are going through this out of curiosity and intrigue more so than necessity and I admit following your article has me intrigued as well. Just that you get to do the work while I get to watch from the comfort of my lazy boy.
  22. @Freebird. Don, I am very sorry for what you must be going through on a personnel level and truly hope something can be done for you to ensure your quality of life does not get compromised more than it already has. My prayers and thoughts are with you and wish you only the best no matter what. As far you handing over the reins of a horse you raised from birth, it will definitely be a big pill for all of us that know, love and mostly respect you, to swallow. Finding someone with your convictions and dedication, to this site will not be easy. This site has always been unique and superior in so many ways and in comparison to so many other web sites, not just because of the caliber of its members but mostly because of you and your dedication to it.
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