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  1. Nothing gets past you. should I ask why you were so sure
  2. I was out all day fri for a great ride. The weather was amazing. topped it off by stopping in Oakville to buy a slab of biltong. Got home a tad after dark.
  3. Last night I heard strange noises outside in the backyard. It started shortly after midnight when he ground was covered in snow. It consisted of a lot of grunts and groans. After that there was a lot of heavy breathing like someone was struggling to get up off the ground. You will never believe what I saw in my back yard when I finally got brave enough to go out and look.
  4. wonder how many of the bikes they passed ended up on their sides
  5. What somebody talk'n overtime on that confounded 3W contraption
  6. I don't see a moon or an arrow other than the moons @Flyinfoolused to post on chat. And I'm not even sure if his moons are PG rated.
  7. I don't know who the photographer was but finally there are more of me in some of those pics than just the top of my head.
  8. So! I now have run my E4 tires through two seasons Date code on tires is 2017, Initially tires ran great with excellent road holding and braking as well as great ride. Some have found the tires noisy but I have not found this to be the case with mine. The tires still have 50% tread left on them with approx. 7,000 km on them. Here however is the issue. Near the tail end of this summer I started noticing the back wheel would occasionally slide out on me during turns in intersections specially right hand turns and yet they still seem to be holding well in the curves. I believe this to be a case o
  9. I did all my repair work with plastfix also known as plastex. and fiberglass cloth
  10. Don't listen to @Patchor @cowpucJust Replace the bike less hassle
  11. I use the TOMTOM GO app on my phone. It has a lot of good features like choosing winding road of various degrees hilly very hilly or not hilly. avoid interstate highways and or dirt roads (should get @Marcarlon this since he has trouble avoiding dirt roads). and daylight visibility is far superior to my Garmin 660 and so far has been more accurate then my Garmin. About the only thing I use my Garmin for any more is to record my trip for future reference. Did however have a quick look at Calimoto and it certainly looks to be worth further study.
  12. If you look at all the unacceptable conditions on the chart you will see why I do not use it since 9 times out of ten it is the unacceptable conditions that take place. Pretty much the only time you get an acceptable result is when using new and perfectly clean oxidation free wiring. The method I use as explained earlier is much more forgiving and reliable specially when working with older wiring.
  13. In winter I also drop to 10w40 dino for cold start ease. You will find I believe the majority of members here use rotella
  14. I agree with the theory that you have a stuck open or not fully seated float. If it is coming out through the exhaust (does not necessarily mean a bad exh valve as suggested the engine could just be on its exh stroke were by the valve would be in its normally open position. Normally if a float bowl is overfilling the gas should be coming out of the overflow tubes unless they are pinched closed or plugged with dirt. If the gas is coming out the exhaust then it is also getting into the crankcase. Don't bother checking the oil just drain it because it is likely contaminated with gas. Shut o
  15. Snowmobile suits work great. That's what I always use in winter riding. I have used both the 2 piece and one piece and both work great. Make sure to squat and that your ankles are still covered while doing so, when trying them on so your sure to have enough leg length when sitting on the bike.
  16. Back in the sixty's I knew a guy that worked for shell research. They would have test cars and run it extremely way past its recommended change intervals and he told me back then already that oil does not wear out it only gets dirty and looses its additives. Back then it was recommended that you change oil filters every second oil change and he said that philosophy was actually backwards that the filter should be changed every so many miles and the oil changed every second or third filter change. Based on what he told me I would change my filters at regular intervals adding oil as needed and
  17. I have a blue spruce on the front lawn roughly 60 to 70 feet tall and always dreamed of renting one of those to do it up as a giant Christmas tree.
  18. Hey and it breaks down for compact storage.
  19. Leaky valve seats is one thing you can lap in very easily by your self and lapping sticks are cheap (basically just a piece of wood with a suction cup on the end) or you use Puc,s suggestion and using another valve. I just find the lapping stick easier. Make sure you get one were the diameter of the suction cup flattened out is less than the dia. of the valve but not too much smaller Hand lapping does not remove too much material and less than a valve grinder does so you should be pretty safe. Keep the cup and valve surface dry and clean so the cup maintains a good hold and use the lapping co
  20. I know who you are and I think you should feel ashamed of yourself for those initial comments. Freebird works hard on this site. Hey @Freebirddo I get any extra points for this suck up ?
  21. Well from my point of view and this is just me I tend to agree with signatures not being displayed on the cell phones. As you stated when it comes to little screens they clutter up pretty quick. I also find it interesting how when you click on a post it puts you right were you left off the last time you read that post.
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