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  1. Very sorry to hear. Hopefully God willing she will make a good recovery.
  2. That has to be one of the cutest pics I have seen in awhile
  3. Have you checked your valves for a damaged or excessively worn rocker arm. Also you may want to check the starters Sprague clutch. It may have a broken spring allowing the rollers to clatter away.
  4. Prayers and condolences to comfort those who will miss him and prayers to accompany him to his new home.
  5. I rebuilt my trunk with plastifix and impeded some wire mesh for added strength. That was in 2007 and it is still holding firm today.
  6. He would say cause it ain't blue it must be pretty slow ....cause blue is the fastest color...........................
  7. Not entirely true. An engine produces torque as well as hp. Overall Engine design. From the mechanical to the fuel system to the electronics, determines how much HP and how much torque.an engine is able to produce. Gearing simply multiplys the torque produced by the engine. The required gear ratio to produce a desired torque at the Rear wheel is dependent on the initial torque produced by the engine. Also number of cylinders does not necessarily determine either Hp or torque there is a lot more goes into it than just number of cylinders. The main difference is a smoother quicker responding engine with more cylinders than with fewer cylinders but both given equal total cylinder volume could produce equal hp and torque depending on overall design.
  8. You could look into a fuel injection conversion such as https://www.ignitech.cz/en/vyrobky/ignijet/ignijet 12/ignijet 12.htm
  9. Condolences to the family and prayers for Gill
  10. Old school or not, I agree yamaha should have stuck with the V4 and simply revised it to a fuel injected engine.The rest of the fancy electronics I can take it or leave it.
  11. May also be that the swing arm bushings need some attention
  12. Yeh From what I hear, getting old makes one more injury prone and injuries take longer to heal. So I am told anyway.
  13. Apparently it is not a new thing Motorcycle Polo 1910-1930
  14. Try outs start in the spring.
  15. 14 mm is smaller than 5/8 which is pretty much= to 16 mm. By going with larger piston size in the caliper and smaller in the master you would end up with more brake force but your lever stroke will be a bit longer and may even feel a bit softer but you will get used to it.
  16. My sister in law had much the same surgery and she came out fine. So best wishes and prayers up for a good outcome.
  17. So far I have not had any issue with parts to rebuild my carbs. I prefer the 4 carb over the single carb mainly because you can fine tune each carb to its respective cylinder, getting the max performance out of each cylinder, were as with a single carb you can only tune it to its best compromise among the 4 cylinders.
  18. Many of the helmets named are great but only if they fit properly. All the more reason to visit a good store and try before you buy. Some will even allow you to return it if after a ride you realize. The fit is wrong for you.
  19. Prayers sent and am glad your still here to tell the tale.
  20. You may want to sort out the carb issue first. The carbs have four overflow hoses that drain out at the rear of the engine between the exhaust pipes.
  21. Now if I read you right you removed the cam caps and the cams. Cam caps MUST go exactly in the same place they were removed from. This is because the area were the cam goes through, is machined with the caps in place so that all the holes are in perfect alignment, often referred to as line boring or machining. Mix these caps up and the cam will not turn freely but end up being clamped in place. 1st get and follow a proper manual for your bike. There is a proper tightening sequence for the cam caps which must be adhered to or the cam can be damaged If your lucky the may be marks on each cap that will line up with its proper location on the head. This can be a slash mark on the cap that perfectly matches up to one on the head when the cap is in place. The can be numbered with a matching number on its counter part on the head or there is nothing at all. Another method is to check the matting surfaces of the cap and head for matching finger prints so to speak on the mating surfaces. Finally if your patient you can keep swapping them out until the cam rotates freely if more than one seem to be a good fit than assign them to that location for later trial and error Start by placing caps in place without the cam. feel the inside of the bore and across the matting edge with your finger for smoothness. as you slide your finger across were the cap and its counter part mate you should feel no edges. If you do try another cap. Once you feel you have matched the proper cap to its proper location install the cam. slowly snug up the caps running back and forth across all the bolts until you start to feel the cam bind. ease up until the cam just starts to smooth out again now tighten each cap one at a time if the cap goes right down tight with out clamping the cam you might be lucky. If it clamps the cam try a different cap until you can torque it down without it clamping the cam. Now mark the location and remove. The caps place a piece of plasti-guage on top of the cam and reinstall the caps as per the manual. do not turn cam at this time. After you have properly torqued the caps in place remove the carefully. The plasti-gauge package has reference or comparison marks along its edge. compare these with the amount the plasti-gauge has flattened out to determine clearance usually between 0.0008 and 0.0021 inches to a max limit of 0.006 inches. If all meets the correct criteria you should be OK to reassemble your cam. BTW this will take lots of patience and luck to get yourself out of this issue. in future always mark and remember locations of any bearing cap.
  22. It's so if the bike falls over you have a grab handle to pull it back on its wheels. You may wanna down your Wheaties 1st though..
  23. I guess that would work if you had a heel/toe shifter .
  24. Always easily done...............
  25. Not a tat guy myself but that does not stop me from admiring nice work. Very nice tattoo. My Son is in to tigers and has a very nice tiger tattoo on his shoulder. He would like yours.
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