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  1. It is the whole assembly I need.
  2. None. But this is the third one somebody broke for me.
  3. Looking for a right front signal light for a 1st gen if anyone out there is willing to part with one.
  4. Gee Carl don,t tell me you went walking by yourself again? Ever think of dropping cookie crumbs whenever you leave the house?
  5. So I am thinking it's been a while and time to get together. I am on vacation 1st 2 weeks in June so other than some projects around the house I am pretty open to just about any time during that time frame. Beyond that most any weekend is open.
  6. Dot 5 and dot 5.1 are not the same. Dot 5.1 is glycol based and fully compatible with 3 and 4 but has a higher boiling point and lower moisture absorption rate. It is often used in performance cars. I currently have 5.1 in my rear brake and find the brake more responsive. It is also more expensive. DOT 5 IS SILICONE BASED and should never be used.
  7. Oh the shop is still there and though the old geezer @Marcarl who ran it turned the reins over to his son he still turns up now and again. Just depends on what rock you turn over.
  8. That's why @Marcarl got into the spider. He no longer has to remember, to put the kickstand down before stepping away from the bike.
  9. I have two 89's in good condition and as long as I am able I will continue to keep them running. If I do end up making a change I most likley will go to an adventure bike of sorts. Harleys are way out of my budget and besides I am not the type to pamper a bike anyway. As long as it is sound mechanically I am happy, prferrring to ride than polish. I never cared for how the gold wing handles and the shifter location just does not work well for my foot. IMHO the bike is more suited to small people with small feet.
  10. Yup sadly traveling state side is just not in the cards at the moment. Once the dealin,s done there will be some catching up to do for sure.
  11. I am thinking on it and I know @Marcarlis as well as we talked about it. I just have a few issues I need to get out my way before I can confirm.
  12. Babbling brook Root Beer. Has a real bite. All natural ingredients and made by Nickle Brook Brewery right here in Burlington Ontario. They are a privately owned micro brewery that also brews a variety of craft beers.
  13. Hope you didn't throw those filters away. Without the spring those filters are probably still good as new and you could reuse them. Just thinking like Dutchman. Right @Marcarl?
  14. 1 - You could have air or too much moisture in the system. Both tend to expand with heat and can cause binding. Moisture can build up in brake fluid which is why you want to change it every couple years. 2 - The master and proportioning valve get built up with gunk in them which also plugs any ports and holes in these parts, restricting fluid flow. Easier to replace than repair since they usually end up being badly pitted or cavitated internally.
  15. saddlebum


    Must be going out for oysters.
  16. Me too. Years ago my friends father who was a butcher converted one of those old fridges(the real old ones with rounded cornors)into a smoker.
  17. I keep wanting to go to the kitchen to turn off the kettle only to discover the kettle is not even on the stove. I am sure the day will come when I let the kettle, boil dry cause I figure it's just in my
  18. So is that what you call it when you go from the house to the Garage and end up going back to the house just so you can remember what you went to the garage for ?
  19. They can do so much now were breast cancer is concerned that the odds should be in Her favour. Prayers said for both of you.
  20. Suffern sucatash. Fail to go to the site for a day or two and ya start to get blamed for all sorts of stuff. Fact is all you ingrates, is the weather has been warmer up here than down there of late, so being a good Canadian I left the door open so as to share some of our warm air with you. But if its closing the door you want than so it shall be. And by the way if by chance some cold air down there did come from up here, it was @Marcarl doing. He is the one with the big meat coolers and egery now and again he just plum forgets to close the doors.
  21. Would it be plagiarism if I repeated those comments on the Canadian side of the border? But then I am not sure if other countries owe Canada any money since both Trudeau's tend to forgive any loans they give out with our tax dollars, since none of it comes out their pockets, though I am not sure how much of it ends up in their pockets, specially the back pockets.
  22. Happy New Year ALL. May it be a year of great riding, good health and few setbacks.
  23. Even 30's F is ok if the roads are dry and clear.
  24. Very sorry to hear the sad news Muffin man and Mini Muffin were always a pleasure both on site and in person. Condolences to family
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