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  1. I will start off with the same disclaimer as Marcarl, I will be very interested in the opinion of others, I'm not very savvy when it come to rusty tanks and what to look for,,, but,,,, I would be sure it is disconnected from the system making sure the petcock is open and wipe it out and then blow it out with compressed air, flush it out with water until it runs clear and watch for any sign of the tank leaking while it is full of water. Then wipe it out and use air to help dry it best you can, connect the line with the old filter in it up fill it with gas and double dose of sea foam and drain that tank through the filter into something you can see the gas in to check it's condition then replace the filter connect everything up and refill the tank after running out that first tank change the filter and monitor the new filter and change as needed. Just my two cents
  2. I believe I read where they have the bolts out, maybe craigatcsi will give us an update.
  3. I couldn't find the right emoji so I'll guess something to do with old man __________.
  4. There's another bragger, I got up at 6:30 this mourning because I wanted too
  5. what about the rear shock, I found having at lest a little air in it made the bike handle better in curves. If the rear shock is bad it can make it scary and bouncy in curves.
  6. Sounds like bragging to me 😎
  7. Well I finally remembered to reserve T24, Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. Hey, Jerry I am in Talladega not close enough for a ride together but we may be able to set up a meet and eat about half way there sometime. I use to have the 06 Black Cherry I really enjoyed it.
  9. Hey Matt, off subject just a little bit I would like to invite you to become a full member of this great and very informative site, it will be the best 12 bucks you will ever spend on your bike. I would also like to invite you to come by the KOA in Swannanoa in August 2022 to meet some of the members of our venture rider family. 🍺
  10. you can also lower the triple tree and it is like adding power steering, but be careful in a parking lot because it is so easy to turn you will go full lock before you know it. I know 🙄
  11. Welcome to Venture riders, Great looking bike RDawson has already started the good advice and this forum is a treasure trove of information on the first gen, so get ready.
  12. As Mike said the more the Merrier, load up and show up.
  13. Joe now your just testing me to see if I'm paying attention are you gonna be in 23 or 25, oh I know Bobbie fixed it. 😄
  14. Joe looking at your map I think Mike said T3
  15. That's correct the numbers stayed the same.
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