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  1. It's only 67 here and I got to take the car to much food to haul on the bike but I'm gonna eat good.
  2. we do have Verizon home internet for 25 dollars a month NOT 5G but 4G and better than what we did have.
  3. I left ATT for pretty much the same reason, underhanded stuff. I went with Verizon and I have not regretted it no more house phone but everyone here has there own cell phone and we are in the country
  4. I was missing the state flag we use to have on our page, I like being able at a glance knowing where someone is from. So I added my state to my signature line but I am really fishing for ideas maybe we can get together on something that will show our state.
  5. Hoping everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving
  6. I don't know about all things being heavier I toted a hundred dollars worth of groceries from the car in just one trip yesterday I think I'm getting stronger
  7. I see green grass just past the snow so can't be all bad, just walk over there but wear your orange and keep the white stuff up there
  8. Welcome back and that is a nice bike.
  9. That is going to make someone a great bike.
  10. I bet no body will keep it as clean as you do 🤣
  11. I like hearing about good rides glad y'all enjoyed it.
  12. Prayers sent it could have been much worse we are so glad you are still here to tell us what happen.
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