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  1. I bet ya'll thought I was done with this. for the curious among us I had to find the failure. the pictures tell the story as you can see the 1st picture is the pump assembly together, 2nd picture is the pump separated from the motor, 3rd is the pump blade assembly separated from the plastic housing and last is the cracks that allowed the magnetic coupling to spread and lock up the pump. I tested the motor and it will run.
  2. I did this to an 06 and it is like adding power steering at slow speeds like in a parking lot, but be aware it is also easier to go full lock when turning sharp. If I had another 2nd gen I would do it again.
  3. Welcome to the nut house, you have come to the right place for these bikes. tell us the story on your bike and a few more pictures too.
  4. Woody

    Vogel 2021

    I think they do have some bigger sites, look again but either way we will be glad to have you.
  5. I don't even know if they called the cops since no one was hurt, I think he was embarrassed and wanted it over with. He did leave his buddies behind as they were still getting on their bikes.
  6. Trina and I was headed for a day out in Oxford Alabama about 45 miles from our home and about 10 miles from our house we seen a Harley in the medium with a bunch of people around and there was two vehicles stopped. I passed on by but was telling the wife that the bike might not be ridable and we wasn't that far from home so I turned around and when we got there the automobiles had left and there was five bikes sitting on the side of the road I pulled up and asked the guy if the rider was alright and did they need me to go get my trailer. He said it just happened and the guy was going to see if
  7. Woody

    sold my bike

    hate you let your bike go but you know a bike is not needed to hang out here, I was talked into a trike back in 2013 and have enjoyed a many of miles on it might be something to think about.
  8. Welcome to nut house and you showed up on a good looking bike 🤪
  9. You are correct. heck I may ride again today after my chores are done of course
  10. Okay for anyone interested I replaced the water pump today and from what I read it should take 3.5 to 4 hours if you have done it before and 5.5 to 6 hours if never done it before so that would be me. it took me 5 hours and it worked like a charm we took a 50 mile test ride and the trike never over heated and I use that term loosely after all it is a Harley. but I did notice when I backed it out of the shop the reverse was faster than before so I am convinced that the ground did need cleaning.
  11. Just some experience this week when I first bought my Harley trike new in 2013 off the show room floor I noticed the sound of it cranking like it was dragging but never owning a Harley before and the shop didn't think there was anything wrong I was convinced that's the way they sound. After putting four batteries in since I bought it I woke up at two o'clock one mourning after working on it all night in my sleep and took the ground wire off, cleaned it and the lugs replacing them, the bike cranks better than it has since it was new. A few years ago while riding the blue ridge with some g
  12. Woody

    In Memory

    ALL GAVE SOME AND SOME GAVE ALL and I am thankful to ALL my brothers and sisters
  13. The reason I was asking is some oil's do not play well with these bikes. I think I used Rotella T6 in my 2nd gen. it was just a thought
  14. I am curious you said you changed oil and filter, what type oil did you put in the bike? OH and by the way if it can be fixed the guys on this forum can do it.
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