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  1. We were in Maggie Valley the first of September and rode up to the dragon, we did ride it again on the Goldwing it hasn't changed but everyone should experience it at least once we have been enjoying those roads at least once a year for the past bunch of years our next trip to the area will be the Asheville get together August 2024
  2. Forgiveness is easier than permission, look dear what followed me home
  3. Woody

    Ride Report

    I guess we didn't get enough while riding North Carolina had go for a ride today up on Cheaha State Park
  4. I certainly hope so because that is what I use on everything I own and have for a lot of years. so I'm a yes
  5. Well come on we will be looking forward to it
  6. Hey Joe do you remember this guys name
  7. Woody

    Midnight sold

    Congrats on selling the bike that is a beautiful bike and well taken care of
  8. That's a nice looking bike and it's barely broken in with only 28K on the odometer
  9. I think most bike wheel balancers come with cone shaped adapters that will fit most wheels.
  10. Thanks for all the pictures I will save them to my Vogel 2023 Album
  11. Heat index of 113 here today I need to go back to the mountains
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