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  1. I have a vacuum made for changing oil, I used it and then put water in the tank and used my shop vac until clean, may need to add a flex hose on the vac to reach all corners.
  2. Woody

    New to me bike

    That is a very nice bike I would like to see one triked I haven't seen that yet.
  3. Welcome back I guess you remember who to watch out for, and 12 bucks will get that Trial Member status off your profile 🤑
  4. I was hoping you would chime in I went over to the FIL to look but it was all locked up.
  5. If you try it make sure it is independent suspension I learnt my lesson on the solid axle.
  6. pictures please so I can see what we are missing 😬
  7. get you and Charlene a convertible and yawl can come ride with us, with the wind in your hair 🤪
  8. Carried Trina for a ride on the wing the other day and she says she could ride on it all day with no heat coming from the motor and the ride is so much smoother she likes it but we didn't push it to far cause she is still healing but getting better everyday. I did make a small addition to the wing I installed a volt meter with usb ports I was thinking I might need to charge the bluetooth headsets while riding.
  9. Welcome to Venture riders from Talladega, Alabama. If you are interested in first gens for parts or other wise contact Venturous Randy in Johnson city Tennessee, the last time we talked he still has a couple.
  10. Hey Lewis we were just talking about you the other day was wondering how you was I guess now we know, we will keep both of ya'll in our thoughts and prayers. Come on around anytime we will be glad to see you and keep us posted on Venture riders
  11. Drew come on down. 😄 be glad to have you.
  12. what I did was order a plug that goes in the lighter/accessary plug that gives you two usb ports and a volt meter reading.
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