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  1. Thanks for the update Don, we still got you in our thoughts and prayers.
  2. Duey come on down, I been watching to much price is right 🤣
  3. My in-laws gave me a model of my TriGlide and the on the box it has "Hallmark keepsake" it says it is a Christmas tree ornament.
  4. He knows all he had to do was ask Bobbi she will keep him straight
  5. Joe I refer you back to post #1 and hurry up and make your reservations before I end up with bad neighbors
  6. After reading all the other post I have to agree with each and everyone, I actually gave out a business card a while back because the rider was not with his bike remember the cards we use to print off the site. Prayers up for you and your family.
  7. yep sounds like a wire touching somewhere good luck
  8. my wife and son have been having a virtual yard sale for two years, it must be virtual because I have not seen it happen yet and nothing is gone.
  9. When I had my 2006 I had the fairing off doing some wiring for an accessory I was adding and while I was there I unplugged and check the connections and also applied dielectric grease to help keep out moister and a few connectors felt a little loose so I used a zip tie to secure them which was probably over kill since I had not had any trouble out of them before.
  10. Beautiful bike and welcome to Venture Rider family
  11. I have a Gopro used it when I first got it
  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from Woody and Trina 🍺
  13. My first RSV was that color also, I sold it right here in Alabama and I still see it around some times.
  14. usually they mount in the saddle bag and they do take up some space. what I did on my 06 and my in-laws 08 is add a mp3 player much better than the cd player.
  15. The older I get the more I believe in the here and after, sometimes I sit and wonder what I am here after
  16. Woody

    Ditch Digger

    Mike nailed it, I have a backhoe but it was still back breaking and a lot of work I had rather been riding the bike but digging the ditch and laying the conduit saved me some money. I had some cyst remove and as soon as the stiches come out I'll finish the wiring in the new box.
  17. I told my kids get an education or you will end up digging ditches, well it turns out digging ditches pays pretty good. I decided I wanted to move my power to the house under ground and the utility company says that's fine but after he gave me a price with them digging the ditch verses me digging the the ditch I decided to dig it myself. Plus when I mentioned where the water line was and he told me I would have to remove a section of sidewalk he was really leaning towards me digging the ditch. So he lowered the price and supplied all the conduit and fittings and I became a ditch digger, I did hit the water line so I was a plumber for a while and I tunneled under the sidewalk then laid the 3" conduit and covered it all up making a muddy mess.
  18. Yes sir we already have it scheduled,
  19. If we rode it I called it a good ride
  20. I will start off with the same disclaimer as Marcarl, I will be very interested in the opinion of others, I'm not very savvy when it come to rusty tanks and what to look for,,, but,,,, I would be sure it is disconnected from the system making sure the petcock is open and wipe it out and then blow it out with compressed air, flush it out with water until it runs clear and watch for any sign of the tank leaking while it is full of water. Then wipe it out and use air to help dry it best you can, connect the line with the old filter in it up fill it with gas and double dose of sea foam and drain that tank through the filter into something you can see the gas in to check it's condition then replace the filter connect everything up and refill the tank after running out that first tank change the filter and monitor the new filter and change as needed. Just my two cents
  21. I believe I read where they have the bolts out, maybe craigatcsi will give us an update.
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