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  1. While we were at Asheville I noticed the front tire was getting close and then we went to Maggie Valley and by the end of it I knew I needed a front tire. Well we got it mounted and installed yesterday it is a Michelin Road Classic rear tire in reverse so we gonna give it a try.
  2. Did you have the wife on board? the last time you had the bad head shake she was with you so that could have made a difference and no you don't have to tell her I said that. My in-laws trike does it mainly after hitting a bump at slow speeds but I think it's his front tire
  3. He can't do the LED light bar Hannigan used up that space.
  4. pictures or it didn't happen 😁 let us see that bike
  5. I'm thinking there is a bolt on each side of the fairing that will give a little clearance for the risers, but what we put on was 2 inch I believe. the bolts will allow the fairing to tilt a little.
  6. It's a venture on what ever you ride
  7. That's what is wrong with the dog in that picture he is looking at that new bike trying to figure out why it looks like the other bike, twins by a different name
  8. well so much for 3 wheels, you done gone and done it now Skid, but I have to admit that's pretty
  9. I told Trina if you went and looked at that bike it would follow you home, I always tell people 50 miles will not tell you if you like it or not it takes more like 500 miles because there is so much to get use to. great looking bike and you already know everything about the 2nd gens.
  10. Glad y'all had a good time and come again ya hear 🤪
  11. Lots of good stuff there Freebird, I don't remember how tall you are but the Goldwing is taking some getting use to for me and the 2018 and above only has bluetooth no where to plug in a cord, I was told that if I installed a CB radio then it would have intercom on the bike. Not So the only intercom you will have is headset to headset. there was a 2008 venture on the site a few weeks back not sure if it is still around. I just got rid of a 2014 Triglide without floor boards and now I have the 2019 Goldwing with floor boards it is definitely a cleaner look and ride, while in Asheville last week we got caught in the rain and the floor boards make a big difference. So make sure you get independent suspension, raked front end and if you do get floor boards then reverse is a must have.
  12. I know I know, if I had wrote a list of everything I was told to do I would not have enough time, but since I can't remember _______. I'm almost ready 😁
  13. Oh yea we made it home and every chore I left undone was waiting on me when I got here, darn I need a vacation 🤣 Thanks again everyone we had a great time
  14. Should we go ahead and start a Vogel 2023 thread so we can bump it all year
  15. Another successful Asheville is in the books. Thanks to everyone old friends and new friends Asheville would not be the same or could not exist without folks coming. Thanks to Joe and Skid for leading the rides, Thanks to Dan for the meal he prepared for everyone. A very special Thank you to Trina, Bobbi and Marty for preparing so many meals and drinks for anyone that wanted it. Hope to see y'all again next year in Vogel
  16. Had a great ride today we will be watching the weather for tomorrow, may have to wait for breakfast to decide if we are going to ride or not.
  17. The hospitality tent is at T24, and T25 is Joe and T22 is Dave. we are going on a ride this mourning should be back around 4ish
  19. some things can't be unseen 🤢
  20. I was told ya'll were not drinking grapeco now
  21. And this is why you don't see Tequila!
  22. we are ready, is there anything I need to bring for anyone?
  23. Looking forward to seeing you again, my company leaves today and we will start packing and loading I need a few days away and a change of scenery.
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