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  1. I like that idea and just happen to know where a 2009 is at.
  2. 🥵 you could get over heated fast
  3. Woody

    I Quit.

    I'm glad to for anyone to quit smoking, I've been quit 33 years it was a birthday present to myself.
  4. Glad everyone is okay and they still make all those parts but getting them may be the problem.
  5. Looking good now with smooth roads and a smoother riding bike I got it made. 😁
  6. I had to learn to tell people no after the word got out that I was retired but I am loving it.
  7. I still put my feet down sometimes just messing with the two wheelers, but my Wing has floorboards I guess I will not be doing that again. 🤪
  8. Welcome back RiderDuke, we went to three wheels back in 2013 with a Triglide and just bought a 2019 Goldwing with a CSC trike kit on it last month so far we are enjoying it.
  9. Come on down this group is not about what you ride it is more about you riding and fellowship with the rest of us, besides it's been awhile since I have seen the can am up close.
  10. Woody

    Fire Ants

    they seem to be really bad this year we have put out so much ant poison this year all ready
  11. Derek, Welcome to the nut house that's some good information he gave you. Hope you hang around a while
  12. Heck Yeah it's still on so bring your bruised up self on down we will be looking for you. 🍺
  13. Just beg for forgiveness and then smile with every mile.
  14. Don't forget the seafoam
  15. I have a vacuum made for changing oil, I used it and then put water in the tank and used my shop vac until clean, may need to add a flex hose on the vac to reach all corners.
  16. Woody

    New to me bike

    That is a very nice bike I would like to see one triked I haven't seen that yet.
  17. Welcome back I guess you remember who to watch out for, and 12 bucks will get that Trial Member status off your profile 🤑
  18. How many Trikes was there?
  19. I was hoping you would chime in I went over to the FIL to look but it was all locked up.
  20. If you try it make sure it is independent suspension I learnt my lesson on the solid axle.
  21. pictures please so I can see what we are missing 😬
  22. get you and Charlene a convertible and yawl can come ride with us, with the wind in your hair 🤪
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