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  1. Okay got a chance yesterday to get the new off of the Michelin Road Classic tire, Mike and Shirley came over and we enjoyed a 170 mile ride through some of Alabama's country side. I think I am going to like this tire we tried it out at all speeds and road conditions. Good friends and a good ride on a motorcycle equals a great day to be alive.
  2. Google says it is today and I think we will make a three day event out of it, Had a great ride yesterday of about 170 miles mostly back roads and country with some good friends we will see what today and tomorrow holds in store for us.
  3. Depends on if we are going somewhere she wants to go or not
  4. Hey Joe how are you and Bobbi doing hope all is well at your place.
  5. That's true with the Hannigan it will move faster than my wife can push. 🤣
  6. That's looks good, I try not to use the reverse on my wing because it utilizes the starter motor so you become more aware of where you park
  7. Hope everyone is alright, and it looks like it may head in your direction Be safe
  8. okay I didn't say anything until I found out what was up but when I took off the front wheel and inspected the bearings I found one with no seal and one that was very hard to turn. there are four bearings or two sets and on one side I could tell that they were from different manufactures but they were the correct size, I was having trouble understanding why a wheel with only 7,000 miles on it showed signs of the bearings being changed out. So I contacted the previous owner and he says he sent the wheel to California to get it chromed and that they must have pulled the bearings to chrome it. I did replace all four bearings with the correct size and with metal seals don't know if that will be better or worse, and they are not the sets like Honda sells they are the individual bearings. What's your thoughts should these bearing be just fine?
  9. It's a team effort everybody shows up for a good time and it happens, Hope we can all do it again
  10. You only said that because it's true 😁
  11. It is Trike related, but the theory would be the same now how it would handle on a two wheeler I don't know
  12. you get a lot more miles, most have a flatter contact patch on the road. reversing it put the carcus plies in the correct direction in order to make the tire stronger and not separate. When the tire is used on the rear most of forces on the tire are on acceleration and when it is on the front most of the forces come from braking.
  13. I know of several that run a car tire on the back of a two wheeler but I don't recall anyone putting one on the front of a trike but I would be interested in hearing about it.
  14. Hopefully I'll get to put some miles on it today or tomorrow and see how it feels, the guy at the bike shop wants to know how many miles I get out of it I hope he ant in no hurry
  15. While we were at Asheville I noticed the front tire was getting close and then we went to Maggie Valley and by the end of it I knew I needed a front tire. Well we got it mounted and installed yesterday it is a Michelin Road Classic rear tire in reverse so we gonna give it a try.
  16. Did you have the wife on board? the last time you had the bad head shake she was with you so that could have made a difference and no you don't have to tell her I said that. My in-laws trike does it mainly after hitting a bump at slow speeds but I think it's his front tire
  17. He can't do the LED light bar Hannigan used up that space.
  18. pictures or it didn't happen 😁 let us see that bike
  19. I'm thinking there is a bolt on each side of the fairing that will give a little clearance for the risers, but what we put on was 2 inch I believe. the bolts will allow the fairing to tilt a little.
  20. It's a venture on what ever you ride
  21. That's what is wrong with the dog in that picture he is looking at that new bike trying to figure out why it looks like the other bike, twins by a different name
  22. well so much for 3 wheels, you done gone and done it now Skid, but I have to admit that's pretty
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