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  1. Good luck that's what we have and as far as us talking to each other they work good, sometimes on windy rides I have to get Trina to mute her mic because of the wind noise but all she does is say hey cardo mute microphone and it does. Or she pulls down her face shield and that works.
  2. Woody

    Ride Report

    We took a ride yesterday our first for the year, I didn't realize how much I needed it until we were riding it was a windy day but 71 degrees and felt good. I wanted to ride before I changed the oil and hopefully I'll be able to tell if the T6 changes anything as far sounds coming from the motor. 70 miles of back roads and back home it was a good ride.
  3. That's a sweet looking ride and another bike you can add to your long list of bikes owned
  4. I keep forgetting I need to mention that my 2019 is a manual shift.
  5. I'm thinking either the t4 or t6 and since I've used the T6 before that's what I gonna try.
  6. In the Venture it seamed to help with the whine and made shifting smoother.
  7. Ok time to change the oil again, I used Honda oil the last time but since there is not a dealer close by I was thinking about going with Rotella T6. I used it in my Venture I had and liked it, but I have not seen a lot of information about using it in a Goldwing. What do you guys think?
  8. we have the Cardo Edge works great person to person and it attaches to it's mount with a magnet and clip it ain't falling off.
  9. I told my in-laws the other day they needed to get some new shoes, my mother in law perked up and said yes I always need new shoes so I told her to make sure they had memory foam in them maybe that would help
  10. I have not put one on this bike yet
  11. WE have had convertibles tag along before on our rides, be glad to have you
  12. Prayers up for your wife
  13. well somebody did something we just spent the last 24 hours in the sixties day and night but of course it rained
  14. we are going from 10° at night this week to high 60s later this week if you don't like the weather just hang around it will change.
  15. well it's not really up to me but I bet he would take $4500 if it was offered, but I figure you are about ready for a trike I know Bobbi would like it.
  16. Temps are below normal here and their predicting 14 tonight, I guess if we don't have anything to say about motorcycles we can talk about the weather 🥶
  17. Yep water bill is gonna be a little higher but it sure beats plumbing, it was 10 degrees this morning
  18. Okay the FIL has decided to put the 09 back up for sale this time he said 5000. If anyone is interested.
  19. we have gas logs as a backup just incase we lose power, but yep we are keeping an eye on the water so far we are good
  20. Okay who did Who left the freezer door open up there I got up this morning and it was 16 degrees F, I know that's not cold to some of y'all northerners but this is the south and I don't like it! would you please keep the below freezing temps up there. Okay Okay I feel better now I got that said 🥶 Yep it's coffee time
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