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  1. Woody

    Ride Report

    The weather says Thursday is going to be a good day for a ride 80 degrees and I'm ready
  2. Nice looking rifle I like Ruger, a few years ago I went on a military base in Mississippi with ID card in hand I tried to purchase a Ruger .380 and when the guy seen my Alabama Drivers license he said he couldn't sale it to me.
  3. Woody

    Ride Report

    That is just to cold for me
  4. When was the last time you changed the fuel filter?
  5. Woody

    Ride Report

    🤣 What did you have to eat, might as well tell it all
  6. This is just a place to share a recent ride without starting a new thread, here I'll start it off. 😎 Trina and I went to eat with my son yesterday it was his birthday and on the way we seen so many bikes that when we got back home we jumped on the trike and went for about an hour ride I enjoyed the ride so much I can't even tell you what roads we went on but it was all back roads.
  7. Bring her on down to Vogel we got some secret sauces that will make her feel better at least for a little while 🥂 Hope she gets to feeling better
  8. Randy I hated to hear about Linda we will keep you and Linda in our prayers, Start a new thread so you can keep us up to date on how Linda is doing.
  9. I've rode it on a 2006 Venture and a 2014 TriGlide and last year on a 2019 Goldwing CSC trike enjoyed it each time, been there done that and yes we did get a T-shirt. 🤣
  10. As others have said that's your decision to stop riding but you don't have to leave VentureRiders hang around.
  11. But I keep hearing the world is getting smaller
  12. It's going to be 70 degrees here a couple times this week does that mean Vogel is getting closer?
  13. I had the 06 also and the color with that big badge on the tank just made it a great looking bike.
  14. if it had WW 01 it had to be mine cause that's my initials 😬
  15. Looks like you did very good on that deal, good luck
  16. Sometimes I forget what I'm looking for before I find it
  17. mine are always in the last place I look or used them which ever 🤪
  18. If you are referring to Vogel it is the 16th thru 20th,
  19. Glad to hear things went well and here's wishing you a speedy recovery.
  20. it will be my first year not on a Harley at Vogel
  21. Been so busy today I almost missed telling everyone Happy New Year
  22. What about the Blevins were they able to reserve
  23. oh but you are special people
  24. I have site 86 and think Blevins were on 87 that should put you on 84 but I can't be held responsible for my failing memory 🤣
  25. yes it is and some people will be staying there
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