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  1. ok thanks to all, i don't think i have a problem, but thought i'd check🤔🤔 -
  2. dueyk1111


    how long do stator generators usually last?
  3. yes i totally agree!!!! thanks to all who served and the sacrifices you all made so the rest of us could all be free!!!! i pray for you folks all the time!!!!!!
  4. no oil leaks! thats the nice thing about the yamaha's, they don't have to pretend to be like a h d, they're all ready better than them anyway. i've ridden alot of different h d's, haven't been impressed yet!😜
  5. don't know how, but the badge in the front fender ornament, the little yamaha star fell out of mine and is gone. Wondering if anyone had an old front fender ornament they would like to part with? also lost the little cushion that the passenger sets they,re elbow on in the back seat. the little rubber pad on top of the rear speaker. just was gone the other day. willing to pay for both and the shipping. gen II
  6. prayers sent!!! hope all goes well!!!
  7. glad you got to go out for a ride. i rode last year christmas day, but only managed to get the bike totally covered with crap, salt n such. won't get the new oil pan till next jan, fixed the old one. put it back on tomorrow n hope it doesn't leak! so hopefully i can go for a ride next decient day before the white s___ starts!!!!!!!🤗
  8. ok, have had a set of these for 4 or 5 years now. absolutely love them. i know what my tire pressure is all the time. mine are tire guard from show chrome. actually on my second set, the monitor on the first one quit after 3 yrs. tells me tire temp if i want it to . i'm to old to get down n check tire pressure all the time. bought a set for my rid'n bud too for his goldwing. wonderful addition to the bike!!!!!🤩🤩🤩
  9. thankz for the info, i didn't think by the parts pic it would be to rough. other than no real room under the bike!🤪
  10. oil cleaner is the oil pan. from tightening the drain plug to tight the expansion n contraction of get'n the motor hot, where the drain plug screws in, it cracked. so when i looked up the part n orderted it, it was called the oil cleraner. from the pic there isn't anything fancy or complicated to it, but thought i would ask.🙄
  11. yes a great n heart felt THANKS to all the veterans and there families for all that they do and have done , so that all of us can enjoy the freedom's we enjoy!🤗
  12. has anyone replaced the oil cleaner on their rsv. mine was cracked the last time i went to change the oil. i ordered a new one and just wondered if there anything special to watch for when chang'n it out. i don't want to have any surprises!
  13. Thoughts n Prayers sent for you n your family!
  14. i believe my rear shock is about done, oil dripin out of it and not holdin any air pressure to speak of. where do i go or look for replacement?
  15. reminds me of the fun i had 3 years ago when i went! loved every minute of it in that area. had probably 20 roads like that, that i rode on! would love to go back again. the moonshiner 28, rattler, diamond back, devils triangle, and the blue ridge parkway to just name a few. absolutely love those kind of roads, look for them all the time. ride wisconsin's little tail of the dragon at least twice a year. found alot of other roads like that in wisconsin too!
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