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  1. Thank you Don, computers and software are always updating, look at cell phones. You could bring back rotory phones why your at it. Later-
  2. Oh yea, went for a ride today on this beautiful day.
  3. Wow, that sounds like the good ol days. Have Fun, Later-
  4. Happy Easter to everyone!
  5. We are all good here in Northern Michigan. Everyone stay safe and Healthy!
  6. Prayers for a fast Recovery Don.
  7. Hey Don, Happy Birthday, hope it is a Great week.
  8. Bigger, Bigger, Bigger, that's the ticket today Scott. Back in the day thought I was king of the hill with a 750. Wow, has things changed, Later-
  9. 100% Agree Peggy. I have always felt this is a great group of people who enjoy each other and the Love of Motorcycles. Later-
  10. ---SOLD--- 2003 Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Venture/Hannigan Independent Suspension, with Hannigan Raked Front End. Many Accessories: LED headlight, passing lights and Taillights. Chrome Windshield Cover, Chrome front Fork Tubes, Chrome Air Covers, Chrome Carb Covers, Chrome V4 Waterpump Cover, Chrome Handlebar Grips, Hadlebar Risers, Chrome Trunk Rack, Rear Spoiler with LED Light, Chrome Fender Racks, Chrome Fender Tips, Chrome Taillights Covers, Chrome Rear Rims, Star Radiator Cover, Trike Cover, Chrome Slip On's with a Deep V-8 sound. Only 63k Low Miles for this Liquid Cooled V-
  11. Yes they are, we all like our gear. But that women at game probably was rode hard by a biker, lol.
  12. Thanks Jim and Bob. Later-
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