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    Love to Ride, Hunt, Fish.
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    2019 Harley Tri-glide, owned 05 RSV Hannigan Trike, 03 RSV, 04 V*1100, 88 Honda Goldwing with CSC si
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  1. Would have loved to been there Ron to your event. The Hannigan Tour would have been Fun. Even throwing a line in the Kentucky Lake and getting a big Crappie would be awsome. But,, raising Grandchildren and their school events kept us busy at home. Glad it was a Great Time for everyone, Later-
  2. Congratulations on the new to you RSV Trike. Hope you have many miles of smiles, Later-
  3. Wow, how Sad for us Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Unfortunately more and more organizations are having fewer members as our generation ages. Really hoping that someday the younger generation will become exited about motorcycles, more than computers. Later-
  4. Truly have enjoyed Freebird Maintance Days, Colorado, and all the Meet and Eats. It has been a wonderful Ride.
  5. As Saddlebum said Coffee Pot, it is a requirement for me. Would bring a square grill grate, post, and thumb screw bolt to cook on. I would spend a week camping and try not to spend more than $20. Achieved it many times.
  6. Love to if I can get away. Ma & Dad and many family members lived on Kentucky Lake in Springville for many years. Love that area, nice size Crappies. Almost every Easter my brothers an I would come down, spending time, miss those good old days.
  7. Hey Peggy, good hearing from you, take care, enjoy.
  8. Our Prayers to heal you Don
  9. Our Prayers will continue for you Don! I have had many different bikes over the years, but will always say this group is one of the best out there, as a result from the great Leadership.
  10. Don't know about you all, but we raise 3 Grandchildren, and it does Consume Alot of our time. But the People on this site are Great, and this is why I Stay. Don't have a RSV anymore, bought a Harley Tri-glide. But Motorcycles are a Passion in my blood. Would be more than glad to pay for Cowpuc and Tippy membership, that way they are still members.
  11. Congratulations Tim, the venture likes the rpms, so shift higher in power band. Have fun, Later-
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