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  1. Fine by me Richard. All the bikes are gone now and have no intentions of riding anymore. Started in 1959 and it has been a ride to remember, but the old body has had enough. PM your address and I will send them on.
  2. Just found another bell but used on my bike previously.
  3. New in the pouch VR Guardian Bell and new VR mc flag. I will even pay to mail it in the US.
  4. You have a chance albeit slim one to get as smart as Cowpuc. Welcome to the mad house.
  5. Don, I have Yamafa parts for my now gone 02 RSMV and a VentrueRider gremlin bell.  If you hear from someone looking for stuff I have some.

    Jim aka Sylvester

    1. Freebird


      OK....thanks.  I will pass the information along if somebody asks.  You should post a message about what you have though.

  6. Maybe a letter (from a doctor) certifying your finger as being permanently disabled and locked in place wouldd work? Just guessing.
  7. Puc's problem is he can't open his pinky finger to get it on the glass. Maybe having it amputated would solve the problem. Just kidding!
  8. Dang Puc, you're about as bad off as I am. Can't tell you how to get finger prints but I can tell you to enjoy your shooting while you can.
  9. If you are just looking for the tool, I have one or two somewhere in my mess. I don't have the shims.
  10. My prayers are with you and your family.
  11. I already posted this but obviously I missed a sent key. I can now post to this topic as I got my Moderna vaccine on Monday. Absolutely no issues at all (not even a sore arm). In four weeks I get the second but I will still be cautious. I never thought about whether or not to get it due to many health issues going back nearly forty years with lymphoma (they took my spleen out because of this). Two colon surgeries and a heart attack in Novvember of 2019. And two pulminary embolisms thrown i n for fun. I would reccomend getting the vaccine especially if you have had or are having health issues.
  12. Hey Puc, hope you kept the 1911. I would be lost without mine. Your eternal brother,
  13. Very happy you got to see those younguns and the California weather. Hope winter isn't too harsh for you as old tired bones don't respond well to the cold. Looking forward to pics of that Vette when you get it.
  14. Definately good ammo. Still seems high to me but then again I don't need any ammo.
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