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  1. Sorry to hear this Rbig1. Thanks for all you’ve done to help me begin repairing RSV shocks. Please visit us often. If you would be comfortable on a trike I have a couple 😁. Stay safe.
  2. I received your shock Fred. I have 3 shocks in the exchange pool. I’ve kept them moving pretty quickly this spring. I usually have a couple in transit at any time. Keeps me on my toes. I normally don’t advise the sender when it arrives. If sent via USPS Medium Flat Rate Box as I suggest we can track delivery. Ride smooth and safe.
  3. I did BikerJohn and repaired it and sent it out already! Thanks for the quick turnaround.
  4. Venturerider Brothers and Sisters where has the time gone. It’s been almost 4 years since my original post. The 2000 miles I mentioned became 35,000 miles and my original repair finally failed last fall just prior to a trip to Southern Virginia. It failed again during the trip. I have had 3 premature failures that I know of. My shock and one of our members were repaired and had failed at about the same time. I had increased the fluid refill in both from 125ml to 150ml. That may have been the issue and I haven’t done that again. The other was a pinched O ring. To date I have replaced the O ring in about 70 RSV shocks with a very good success rate. I have documented the process and designed a simple tool to extend the shock to expose the O ring. If anyone would like this info send me a PM. Thanks to all who have supported me in my efforts especially DaNetFlunky and Rbig1 for donating their failed shocks to stock the initial exchange program. I have a third exchange unit and for the life of me I can’t remember who donated it but thank you also. Ride safe and ride smooth! Fitz
  5. can you rebuild my shock?  2008 RSV.

  6. Hey RD, I think the view from the rear gives us an optical illusion. What I can gather from looking at all of the pics is that the overall length of the trailer appears to be about 16'. About 6' of tongue and 2 sections of bed at 5' each. As a rule of thumb the axle would be placed 60% of the length of the entire trailer from the tongue or about 9.6' From what I can gather from the pics it appears to be about right. Of course the tongue weight should be between 10% and 15% of the loaded trailer. I would guess the trailer weight at about 500# and the RSV at 1,000# so tongue weight not less than 150# and not more than 225# should work. I believe this tongue weight could also be achieved by moving the load forward or back. These dimensions and weights should be verified by Pasta Burner. I'm sure he will PM us with any questions.
  7. I have heard the legend of the Phantom Wife but I have found her more elusive than Big Foot, I'm always on the look out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEVERLY! And many more.
  8. Happy Birthday Don. Wishing you many more!
  9. Been absent for a while and just saw this post (no I wasn't with Cowpuc). Happy to hear they caught it in time and that you are recovering well. I'm not far away, if you need any assistance don't hesitate to call. Prayer up!
  10. Just below the right rear corner of the drivers seat. It is a Schrader valve.
  11. I have a couple pair of HD slip on pipes for sale. $75 per pair. Very nice condition.
  12. “I would agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Skid, did you get my email? Fitz
  14. dfitzbiz

    Vogel 2021

    August 11 -15 works best for me but I'm in for either.
  15. I've mentioned venturerider.org several time with no adverse reaction when mentioning RSV shock repair from the facebook group. Here is a link to an example: https://www.facebook.com/groups/21338336667/?post_id=10157678203361668 I couldn't get this link to work. Sorry Here is a copy of my post. =AZXQw76oad8lI5nf10oo-RVEAL3ZBX9S3sB_C1MTgezAXAvjT_7o--tjBKewhdRiExpFstLN52vB_rTs0yorpTxU3XLMzETcBpwq8dLcakOdyEetZXWeyW1pIcigsg3PCafYjok-tG7hNsfmqB7QyvrIgMZ0RpeYuKzT9m-bIl-7yfclwhhUMkY0IWBVutA_Ot8&__tn__=R]-R"]Dave Fitzgerald =AZXQw76oad8lI5nf10oo-RVEAL3ZBX9S3sB_C1MTgezAXAvjT_7o--tjBKewhdRiExpFstLN52vB_rTs0yorpTxU3XLMzETcBpwq8dLcakOdyEetZXWeyW1pIcigsg3PCafYjok-tG7hNsfmqB7QyvrIgMZ0RpeYuKzT9m-bIl-7yfclwhhUMkY0IWBVutA_Ot8&__tn__=R]-R"]Jim Zastawniak although the shock is not “rebuildable “ the can be repaired by removing the old oil, replacing the leaking O ring and recharging with suspension fluid. I have repaired more than 20 and had 1 failure due to a pinched Oring. Check out my posts at Venturerider.org.
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