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    2005 Yamaha royal star tour deluxe


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    Business owner

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  1. I'm Chris. Been on here for a week or so. Just trying bro learn how to use this site. I like motorcycle women and food. I think I like motorcycles the most. I own 2 rstd an 05 and a 08. I'm from the frozen north east. Vermont🤣😂
  2. I found oil I'm my coolant. I believe it's the water pump seals? Im trying to find a shop manual. I looked in the search section. But I can never seem to find what I'm looking for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you. I was hoping to find a rebuilt one or some one who rebuilds them.
  4. Hello everyone I'm new here. I was sent over here form a Royal bstat gouo on face book. I ride a 2005 Royal star tour deluxe. This bike is my pride and joy. I run a business called biker bobs burgers and dogs to pay for my motorcycle addiction. I recently had my read shock blow out and need it repaired. Is there any one here who does a rear shock exchange. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I loon forward to all the help and kindness we can offer each other.
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