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  1. Wow. That’s too bad. They were once a great company.
  2. Good looking bikes. I think the cylinders would get in my way. That’s why I’ve never had a Goldwing. I came very close to buying a K1600 but after a lot of research and reading a lot about some upper speed instability issues, I decided against it. Haven’t seen that issue raised with the R18 but having read much about it. It does look great though.
  3. Congrats on the new job. I hope you are very happy with the new company. Sometimes it's the only. or. best thing that you can do.
  4. Yesterday, I changed the oil in my bike and in Eileen's trike. I'll tell you right up front that there are certainly things that I like better about the Yamaha Venture as opposed to the Harley. Oil changes is one of them. The Yamaha is pretty straight forward, simply drain the oil. Change the filter. Add the oil. Done. Harley, easy enough but a lot more work. Drain the engine oil. Change the filter, Add oil. This can be on the side stand ut bike should be raised off stand to get most of the old oil out. Then drain the transmission, carefully measure about 28 ounces of transmission fluid. Add the 28 ounces. Check level and then add a bit more if needed until it is correct. Do NOT overfill. This is done with bike on the side stand. Then, remove the derby cover on the primary. Drain the primary fluid. use the special funnel to add oil to the primary. It takes a little less than a quart. Carefully add fluid while watching the level. Fill just to he bottom of the clutch basket. Do NOT overfill. Install new derby cover gasket, re-install derby cover. This is done with bike upright on my bike. Trike is different of course. All told, the Harely takes approximately 4 1/2 quarts of oil. One new oil filter. Mobile 1 for me. So 5 quarts at $10.99 per quart. 1 quart of transmission fluid. I use Redline Shockproof, at $20.00 per quart. 1 quart of primary fluid. I use Redline primary fluid at a $20.00 per quart. So to change the oil in the two Harleys was approximately $115.00 x two bikes so $230.00. Neither bike was due for an oil change but both were done before I bought them so I don't know what was used in them or if it was done exactly right. I'm sort of picky about that. On Saturday, I put a new front tire on Eileen's trike. Had some life left in it but was slightly cupped and it was the original tire on a 2017 bike.
  5. I think you will like the Sonic Springs. In my opinion, they are the best option for the RSV.
  6. Fantastic. Happy to hear it.
  7. LOL....not sure I remember how to work on an '86.
  8. Yesterday the weather alternated between rain and snow all day. I decided to do soma odds and ends on the bikes. Hadn't checked the air pressure on Eileen's trike tires and found the rears to be over inflated by 10 lbs and the front was 5 lbs low. Then decided to check the air in the rear suspension. I apparently I gave away my last Prorgressjive air pump when I sold the last bike so had to go find one. Found a Harley dealership open about an hour away so drove over to get it. When I was checking out, the lady asked if I needed anything else and knowing that they don't normally stock Vance and Hines mufflers, I said yea, I need a pair of Vance and Hines mufflers for a 22 Road Glide Limited. She said great, I have a brand new set still in the. box that I ordered for a customer who changed his mind and will make you a good deal on them. I had planned to eventually buy a set of Vance and Hines Monster Rounds. These were Vance and Hines Torquer 450's and after doing a bit of research on them and her knocking $300.00 off the price, I decided to buy them. Got home and first checked her rear suspesion and found that it was set on. zero. pressure. Got it adjusted properly. and about that time, Amazon delivered the KuryAkyn highway. pegs I had ordered for her so I. went. ahead and iinstalled them. So now I'm done with her trike for now at least. I've added a riders backrest, passenger backrest, KuryAkyn cup holder, phone mount with charger, Windshield pouch, and the highway pegs. She is good to go. So then I installed the new mufflers on my Road Glide. in my opinion, they look and sound great. At least sitting in the garage. I actually like them better than the Monster Rounds. I think the 4 1/2" gives it a considerably deeper sound the the 4" Monster Rounds. It is a bit louder than stock but not obnoxious. I'll know more after the weather gets better and I can get it on the road. All in all, a fairly productive day.
  9. A bit cool here for the next few days with a lot of rain.
  10. Good. That should help. She didn’t have any when I posted it.
  11. It’s in there twice then. I posted it a couple weeks ago.
  12. Not yet. They are supposed to be here today.
  13. The issue is that it had to be in neutral for the reverse to work.
  14. Eileen and I managed to get a little ride in today. Only about 50 miles I think. All backroads as she is still learning. She’s going ok but still needs a lot more time in the seat and learning how to find neutral.
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