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  1. My son’s next door neighbor lost his life after hitting a turkey on his bike a couple of years ago
  2. The newer you go in the 2nd gens the more likely you are to have less whine. My 2006 was noisy even after a warranty clutch basket replacement but my 2012 is much quieter. Colors changed and the sound system accessories to the radio changed over the years
  3. Welcome, Keith. I am not too far from you - just north of Peoria
  4. I repack the swingarm bearings every 20,000 miles. Same for steering head bearings. With the work you have done so far going after the swingarm bearings should within your abilities
  5. I use one of this type and it’s probably a little more heavy duty https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-Oil-Filter-Wrench-63-5mm-116mm-Model-1208/55524395
  6. You may have dirty fuel with maybe some really fine rust. Check inside the fuel tank and if there’s any sign of it, flush out and replace the fuel filter along with draining float bowls
  7. I’m not sure what year it was but my first gathering was the International Rally in Galena, Illinois. Since it was the first for me, I am sure that’s why It is my favorite
  8. I buy plastic wing nuts at the hardware store. I believe they are 1/4 inch, coarse thread. The studs on the bike are metric but the plastic threads on SAE wing nuts will thread on a little tight and conform to the metric. This helps keep them vibrating off. No need to over tighten. Just snug
  9. Hmmm… doesn’t the passenger always do the controlling??
  10. His rebuild is a quality job, quick turn around, at a very reasonable price
  11. Mike Eykamp- a.k.a. The Diamond Cut Guy
  12. I would be interested in attending this year. I am open in June except for the last weekend as that is the annual northern Illinois Root Beer run and also the IMS international motorcycle show in Chicago.
  13. 5-6 drops sounds a little light. I usually use an oil can with a trigger pump and give it two to three squirts. The idea is that the oil will make up for worn rings so if the compression is low and then increases with the oil, the rings are worn. If there is no change then there can be leakage at the valves
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