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  1. Thanks for the tip, i will show the issue to my mechanic today, i’m going to keep u updated.
  2. Hello everyone, can anyone tell me what kind of leak i have, what part should i change? plus i have a gassy smell when i start my bike.(midnight venture 04) thanks! hope anyone shows up. IMG_4070.mp4
  3. Hello everybody! hope everyone is having a great day! i got this problem on my 04 midnight venture, my radio display sometimes shows AR error, weird, and i kind of hear some kind of rustling noice. feels like speakers are shutting down, while listening to the music via aux port, does anybody know what kind of problem i am facing at the moment? thanks and hope someone is going to help me! any help appreciated !
  4. Hey, thanks for the replay, yes i would like to have a good quality music with good bass while riding my bike. 🤝🏻
  5. Great job man. Looks awesomme ! 🤜🏻🤛🏻
  6. Hey 👋🏻 i hope everyone is have a great day.(04 midnight venture) I have a real quick question, about better quality amplifier that works best with the polk 4inch speakers. The thing is, my polk speakers are really high quality and good speakers (highly recommend! Very good quality music through those speakers) are playing very nice under 60km/h, but as soon as it hits above 60km/h, the speakers are starting to lose their quality (base e.t.c..) the volume is obviously going higher but the base is going down, i believe here are some good people who have experienced same, and found the solution to it. I believe it’s the amplifier issue, can anyone recommend how to solve this problem,(i’m a big fan of listening to music while riding a bike 🎶🥁🎸🥰)and what amplifier fits my 04 midnight venture, for those speakers. Thank you and ride safe everyone 🤝🏻 much love ❤️ (i’ll drop a picture of the speakers i got)
  7. Thanks for the response mate, can you tell me how to Find the name of the part i need? much appreciated! Yeah i guess i am lucky to find it before riding the bike. Thanks again mate.
  8. Man this bike is going to kill me! I am almost done with it, got every part that i need. Just waiting for them to arrive on 1st October. 2 hours ago i sat on my 04 midnight Venture because i miss to ride it.(didn’t ride it) And when i got off the bike, i was putting the tent on it, while i was doing it I accidentally hit the wheel plug or whatever u wanna call it (the place where u put air inside the tire the. rim valve i think) and suddenly i hear the noice of an leaking air. I’m fucking tired of fixing the bike all the time, but i am going to get it back on track whatever’s it takes! i need your help guys, i am going to put the video here, can u tell me what is broken here and what part do i need to fix the tire 🛞? Thanks and safe ride to everyone! (Sorry for my english) IMG_9839.MOV
  9. Then how do u know what currency or money is in my Country? 😄
  10. Hello RS riders, hope everyones having a great day. I got this problem right here, some Fluid is leaking from the left side of the cover. I think it won’t be difficult to fix, just need some guidance and advise how to do it. Thanks. And safe ride to everyone out there 🙏🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻 IMG_9804.MOV
  11. It is going to be hard to do that, because i am living way too far from USA. but thanks anyway!
  12. i have leaking rear shock too, how can i rebuild it? any ideas? thanks
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