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  1. Thank you for the update, Earl! Glad you are home! Now take care of you so we can see you on the road at some point! Prayers Up!!
  2. Sorry to Disagree. 720P is the purest of the real HD definition. 1080 isn't quite as good when it comes to motion. Added benefit, the storage requiremnets are smaller. Last thought, 720P is perfect for a dashcam as the quality is more than good enough for for forensic evidence and the flie sizes are smaller. And please, hope no one gets swayed by the 2K and 4K cameras. Serious over kill if they are really 2K or 4K (doubtful if from China). I am more concerned with the record/play options than resolution...YMMV...
  3. Due to my hearing loss, I've been using noise cancellation ear buds while riding. Etymotic Research has been my go to source. They provide serious passive noise reduction and sound great to boot. The only issue Ive found with earbuds is getting them to fit comfortably under the helmet. I've cut more than one helmet to give more room under the speaker area. BTW, I also have edsets speakers mounted. They are quite good. For trial purposes, try and make your own earbuds and see how they feel and work for you. Check out FUZE custom molded earbuds. find them on Amazon or on their website.
  4. https://poncho-vegas-guns-and-cowboy-leather.business.site/ https://www.etsy.com/market/1911_western_holster Puc, just for ideas... Happy New Year to you and Tip! d
  5. In college days (many moons ago), we used to ride home on weekends...snow or no snow. The hard part was the cold. hands usually had to be thawed out halfway home (Boston to New Hampshire) at a coffee shop. To painful. But have to agree, don't think I would like it on a touring bike. Plus, I don't bounce off the ground like I used to....Grins!
  6. Just saw this post! Sorry it's taken so long. Wowser... That's a bit of moisture you had there! That's normal for us during our monsoons!! Agreed....I should have continued to ride, but with most restaurants closed this past summer (I ride to eat) and the serious threat of Covid around here, I really didn't want to take a chance. I'm high risk. Even today, I carry disinfectant spray on the bike so after each gas up, I spray the hands. Let's hope that the 500 year flood doesn't happen again in our lifetime!! (Although in Arizona, that's a yearly event...)
  7. I want to take a moment and say Thank You to all my friends here at Venturerider. You've been a source of information and inspiration throughout the past years. Plus, having had the pleasure of meeting some of you at MD or on the road....has been a highlight of these years. So...I'm wishing you all a Happy Holidays and a safe and Merry Christmas! david and pat.
  8. Prayers Up from David and Pat! God Bless, Earl!
  9. Patted the 89 on the tank...then put some air in the tires. Going to start her up now for her warm up. As soon as things slow down (and I'm retired???), I hope to get into the front shocks so I can ride her again!
  10. Ah man....that sucks. Well...sounds like you are getting back in the saddle with the shim kit....and I will help....especially since I'll be needing a shim or two in the near future! Help on the way, Earl...
  11. Some additional thoughts: When you've worked on the carbs, and it seems to take a while to prime them....the problem is the bike has an auto shut off. The fuel pump stops after 3 to 4 seconds. This is a safety feature. Simply turn off/on the handlebar emergency switch and the pump will come back on. Do this a few times until you hear the pump stop on it's own. Now your carb bows are full and she's ready to fire. Saves battery and starter... Yes on valves. They tend to always get to tight...rarely loose. Get them done and back to carbs. If you still experience revving issues, look for
  12. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Peace..... And be safe out there! David
  13. Hang in there Jeff. This to shall pass.... Prayers for an excellent recovery!
  14. Last March, I brought the RSV to Phoenix so my buddy and I could ride through the Spring through Fall... Hitting the mountains and enjoying weekends on the road. Covid put an end to that. A few weeks ago, i started the bike up and fuel poured out the overflows. Went through the basics but nothing worked. Mind you I've been running her at least once a month since March. Running fine. This week I broke down and took the carbs off. Actually, after reading @V7Goose's older article about removing carbs and another that @Freebird posted from an earlier member... The process was simple!! Y
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