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  1. Funny how those packages just keep on coming..... My house too... But I'm swapping out 2 golf cart batteries with 1 lithium in the trailer... And it's not just a swap! Lot goes into the move. I'm learning as fast as I can....
  2. Agreed. Trying to copy HD is/was a ridiculous waste of time. The Star rider idiots that influenced Yamaha to design the Star Venture should have been taken out and hung. Seriously angers me.... It's obvious they had no clue.... (I could feel @cowpuc's disappointment when he saw the Star Venture for the first time. We were on the phone when the bike rolled onto the stage. Such a huge letdown for us.) To continue: There are rumors of a liquid cooled V4 touring scoot behind introduced this coming year by another company with a +$30k price tag. I'm waiting to see more and will share if it comes to be! Yamaha had also dropped the ball on street cruisers. The VStar 950 Tourer and VStar 1300 Tourer we're excellent bikes. Handling, performance, reliability and the huge fun factor were what made those cruisers so good on the road. My biggest mistake with a motorcycle was selling my VStar 950 Tourer. Look at all the 900cc cruisers out there now! It seems everyone has one except Yamaha. Perfect for just about any type of riding except dirt. I guess you could call the Yamaha Niken a mid level cruiser, but you won't find one at a dealer... So what good is it? Regardless, Hopefully Yamaha learned their lesson with the Star Venture. Great bike in so many ways but not really a Yamaha..... Just another copycat trying to survive in an HD world. I'm sure Yamaha will get back into the touring business in a few more years. And if they build it "their way", it will be a seller. But it will be too late for me to enjoy.... I'm nearing the end of my run on 2 wheels. Been a great ride since 1965. Maybe another year to go. We shall see... And yes, if the Star Venture had been what we were hoping...I would have bought one right then there... David
  3. Agreed... Only turn the knob in direct sequence and do so slowly..... Then you will notice a big difference in ride.. As @cowpuc mentioned in his post. Great info there!!!
  4. Sounds like pot is dirty. Contact cleaner spray might do the trick. Worth a shot anyway before you go try and replace the potentiometer.
  5. Yep...had a 2009 VStar 950 Tourer. Best bike I've ever owned. Comfortable (once seat was rebuilt), quiet, responsive, frugal and nice quick handling. Only drawback was floorboards are mounted low and will drag on spirited cornering. But that's ok as they flip up and have replacement metal pieces that spark nicely at night! Only extras I added were a tach, rebuilt the seat, Clearview windshield with vent. Well built. No issues. Easy to maintain. 45 to 50 mpg at 70 mph. Cruised all day at 75 back and forth between Tucson and Phoenix. I really enjoyed that scoot, especially on the 2 Lanes here in southern Arizona. Fun bike. Biggest mistake I made was selling it! The only thing I'd look into besides brakes, tires, fluids and general condition is to check tension on the drive belt. Some dealers would overtighten the belts leading to premature wear on the final drive bearing. I would "assume" at that mileage, the bearing and belt with maintained properly. If everything checks out, I'd recommend that bike. David
  6. Good morning, Ronnie, Mic mutes. Don't have it but that would be my first guess.... Something inside that box? If you take it out of circuit, does the intercom now work normally?
  7. Richie C. Just saw your post......whoa! A screw stuck in the stator. Never seen that before. I would think a simple replacement of the stator is all you need to do. From your description and pictures.... All else should be good. But I'm not that well versed in stators.... I'm surprised no one else has pitched in to comment...... There are others here much more knowledge than I... @Marcarl???
  8. Davvid , looks like you've been covered with answers. I enjoy the cassette. I make my own mixes and once in a while cruise the old music stores to pick up pre-recorded tapes for cheap. I also use my Garmin, connected via a Y cable to the audio system aux input. It has a SD card slot that I use for my music library. I get music and turn directions that way. You can easily add a Bluetooth transmitter if you don't want the gps unit. I even added a passive mixer so I could add an XM receiver as well. That and the GPS live on the bars just fine. In addition to maintenance mentioned, every thing you do to bike from now on should be considered a baseline for your future maintenance. So basically, the more you do after purchase, the better off you will be... Even in terms of getting to know the bike. As mentioned, the bike feels heavy when you first start to ride it. Ponderous is the word that comes to mind. I lowered the front forks about an inch and that changed the handling dynamics for the better! Procedure is on this site. I've been across country with scoot and found it to be a very pleasant experience. Seat is very good. I bought the widest/tall Clearview windshield with vent and stayed dry in Oklahoma storms. (Except the knees). I could ride all day and not be tired. Says something for the comfort of having a heavy bike. And I'm not young anymore! Good luck, stick around here. Good people and lots of help available! David
  9. I agree with saddlebum.... Even a relatively new battery can develop a dead cell. Battery voltage looks good, but when a load is put on battery...the voltage drops to low to be usable. Most auto parts stores will do a load test on a battery for free. Just make sure you tell them it's a motorcycle battery so they don't put a 400 amp load on it! They should be able to read the battery label..... Hopefully!
  10. Nope. Never did find the leak. I did replace the shift shaft O ring and the neutral switch orange O ring... But I still got a tiny drop of oil after a day run. Gave up! Wasn't enough to bother me anymore. The bike ran so good.... Decided to enjoy the ride! Sold to a friend's son. I hope he's having fun as well. It was a great bike!!
  11. Agreed. The 777HD has the ride comfort and stickiness of the 230 but built for heavier bikes. I'm about to put another 777 on the RSV rear. It's time. I don't mind the price of the Commanders, but their wet handling is not what I want. The hard compound is great for some... But I want the ride and weather capability only a softer compound can give.
  12. There are two bolts in the same area that can cause the same type leak...the top bolt for the clutch slave needs to have a sealant on it when installed and the bottom bolt of the middle gear cover needs a washer. In addition, the o ring for the clutch shaft and the rear cylinder valve cover can leak oil and appear in the same areas.
  13. I don't know guys.... This lane splitting idea just scares the crap out of me. To many idiots out there.....
  14. I would go 40 to 42 in rear and 38 in front. I also recommend Shinko 230s for handling and Shinko 777HDs for handling and high loads. I've owned both tires and the RSV loves the 777s, the 89VR loved the 230s. There ya go!
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