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  1. To add to above..... Pilots know the most dangerous time for newbies is after a few hundred hours of flight time. We become complacent. Feeling sure in our knowledge. The same is true for riding. We become relaxed and that can be dangerous. Glad you took the course. Consider taking the next, advanced course after you have some hours behind you. And if you begin to feel complacent about your riding skills, re-evaluate! Stay safe. Enjoy the ride! Practice, practice, practice (thanks Cowpuc)!! Welcome to the wind in your face club!
  2. It's nice to see the Bunny hasn't been troubled by covid! Happy Easter Mr. Bunny! And to all of you as well.... D
  3. Actually I would be surprised. I bought the bike from the dealer that did all the maintenance and he never mentioned shocks. Only to say the bike was original and we'll maintained. But that would be nice, wouldn't it!!!
  4. Well done, gentlemen! Thank you for sharing!!
  5. And that is the reason I always turn off the fuel when I shut the motor off. Even for a few minutes. Sad to hear. Scary.
  6. Hi Puc, Good to hear from you. It's hard to believe my ride East to "Tip & Puc Land" is coming on 3 years now? Yikes. I'm dallying about the fork repair as I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Lots going on. Nothing bad, just "stuff". Need to get the valves done on the RSV too! I'll say hi to Pat... You give Tip a hug for me!
  7. I was enjoying your quest to get the old girl up and running. I'm sorry to hear about the accident, but glad you are ok! Looks like some new forks and you might be back in business.... Good luck on whatever direction you choose...
  8. Thank you all! Enjoyed the humor too! 😄 Sorry for the late response, been camping in Tombstone for a week, then camping at the lake for another week with my sailing friends and their RVs! The RV has had more use this past year than the sailboat. Heading for The Mojave Road in 3 days for four days off 4X4ing and tent camping! Earl's response makes sense! Thank you! I'll crack a joint to let out the rest of the air. Don't know about the progressives. I found a good combination of air pressure and the original springs giving me decent control and a good ride. Since I'm still th
  9. Hey guys and gals, I'm slowly getting close to putting new seals in the front forks. The manual says to reduce the air pressure before taking them apart. Makes sense, right? Problem is....between the manual and the Forum...I'm supposed to reduce the air pressure to zero. Well...my auto-magic air system will only take it down to 7lbs. Not exactly zero. I know I can loosen the top bolt in each tube and let the air bleed out. Just curious why the air system won't let me bleed down to zero.....even in manual mode. Is it my bike...or just normal. TIA, david
  10. Looks just like my PK380. Really fits my hands nicely! Plus it's a joy to shoot as I can easily work the slide with my aged hands! LOL about being in the mud with the truck. I'm off to run the Mojave Trail road in 2 weeks. Tent camping all the way! I do enjoy overlanding now too! 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. 33inch BFG K02's. Stock.
  11. Did the previous owner plug in to the aux circuit or wire into it? If he used a"y" adapter and plugged into it, the plug is still there as you only "clipped the wires". The plug may be shorting the circuit. Take the fairing off, stand in front of the bike and the aux circuit is a small wire in the top left side of the radio. The radio is in the center below the windshield area.... Should be right in that area. Look for a y adapter plugged into a female minijack connector. Let's hope it's that simple. The aux circuit is a high level circuit and usually needs no amplificat
  12. Agreed. Just don't need a ton of clothes on the road.
  13. I like the old bikes that do not run ..Picked up an old 1979 Yamaha 750 Triple had not run since 1986 ..

    I spent 4 days getting the engine to turn over . Done a lot of work to bike since but it sure runs nice and I can tell why they used to call it a tire shredder it has 29000 K's ..2044646002_Sept6005.thumb.jpg.5308dc5791006cf5d5d3bdec68c3093f.jpg 

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