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  1. Tires, fluids, plugs and some Seafoam in gas. Regular gas is fine. Fuel filter(it's in a bad place... Move to right behind tank, under seat.) Fuel pump points. Or another pump. The points go bad with time and mileage. If yours look good then 👌. Pack for roadside repairs... Your know the stuff. Buy a hand air pump unless you already have one for your HD. Set air in shocks to about 5lbs up front and 25 in rear. Then ride it. Find the compromise between a nice ride with no shock bottoming out in rear. Yes, she's a heavy scoot.... But low end handling is good, high speed stability is solid.... You will just need to sort her out. On the road, I run 36lbs in front, 40 in rear. That seemed the best for my load.... BUT, remember you aren't on the Dyna...no short shifting...let her rev. As you become used to the bike, let her rev more and enjoy. Under 65, stay in 4th gear.... Won't hurt a thing. Mpgs should be around 36 to 38. Much less indicates running to low rpm(bogging down), carbs out of sync or vacuum leak, Dirty carbs. Run more Seafoam! Regarding cross country.... I've made a couple of serious cross country rides and have to say, the RSV was by far the most comfortable. Getting off on the 2 lanes and cruising at 65 was a pleasure. Wishing you a great ride!
  2. Thanks for sharing! I saw a couple of faces I met 4 years ago...Geesh...time does fly...
  3. Did you check the squelch on the cb? If the cb is on, the squelch setting will mute the radio if a strong cb signal comes through. Mentioning cause I learned this myself years back. Had me going for a while. But since you've had the scoot for years, I doubt that ...but wanted to mention just in case! 😁
  4. I didn't get the longer bolts when I received the back rest. But those are easily obtained at a hardware store. Most stores now carry a variety of metric bolts. But like my Grasshopper backrest, easy install.
  5. I bet someone on this site knows about mounting a Utopia seat.
  6. Mounting? Don't know. Looks like nothing more than mounting in the pillion seat bolts. Maybe longer bolts. You would have to look that up. As far as price... Nothing. Just pay shipping. That's what the pay it forward is about. You help someone else in the future...
  7. BTW, has any one noticed Yamaha has released the bike again for 2021? Two new colors. I don't know if the update was done on the gps/infotainment system but the TC package is now standard. That's all I was able to get out of the release... https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/transcontinental-touring/models/star-venture
  8. Forgot to mention, when you take the tank off someday... Look to see if you have the ignition bypass installed. It takes the heavy duty power that Yamaha put through the switch and routes it separately... Saving the switch from overloading. Available from member @djh3 on this site as well.
  9. Congrats! I just happen to have a Utopia back rest. With studs. All your have to do is ask and then pay shipping! I do request you " pay it forward" someday when you can help someone else. Bongo Bob sent it to me and I never installed it.... Let me know... David
  10. Easy to do except mounting the front camera. Contact Steve @M61A1MECH on this forum. You will need two breakout harnesses. One in the rear to give you extra plug and play power for rear camera if camera needs power from rear of bike. One in front to split power from the 12volt cig lighter under left fairing. The front one I got from him and that enabled me to power up the GPS and xm radio from the cig lighter connection. Plug and play. I mounted the xm on the left handle bar and the gps on the right. I originally took the xm audio and routed it into the gps aux input. Then took the gps audio out into a simple wire splitter from the aux audio circuit on the bike. This gave me xm audio with gps audio directions over music. All done inside fairing. The simple wire splitter I added to the aux audio connection input at the trailer deck. Stereo mini jack and plug. Last year I took the xm off of the gps and added a passive mixer that has 3 inputs. I used one input for gps, one for xm and one to the aux audio jack by the tape deck for mp3 player if I ever need it. The volume control for mixer comes out of fairing and sits in a pouch on the tank. Right now I have an sd card in the gps filled with tunes, tape deck, am/fm radio and an xm radio. All playable from handlebars. Lots more to discuss, if you need more detail. David
  11. Glad you got it solved! To hot for me to ride during day...I ride south of you in early mornings....!
  12. Thank you, Neil! I've been looking for a pair. Just ordered! Appreciate it... David
  13. It's there a forum for those bikes?
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