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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! And a moment of silence for those who have gone before us.....miss youse guys and gals... D
  2. That was my problem on my 1st gen. Constant issues with carbs and running until I replaced that fuel line. Plugs at least every two years. Wires last a while unless you live by the ocean. Salt corrosion can occur without being seen inside plug wire connections. 2gen coils and wires seem to be less of an issue than 1st gens that are separate.
  3. Agreed. Tank needs to be cleaned and sealed. That rust will flake off... Hopeful be caught be filter. What doesn't get caught will cause carb issues. You have put a lot of effort into the scoot... pleas keep going. Once done, the bike will be a joy for years to come!!
  4. Agreed. Should stay out. Wonder if someone replaced the spring with a heavier one thinking it should pop back in?
  5. On the back of the circuit board, check connections, especially ground for the entire board.
  6. Thank you gentlemen. That's what I'll do. Appreciate it! D
  7. Well... Finally got all the fork parts. All OEM, so they should be good for some time! Now just a matter of finding time. I'm in Phx more than home this past month. Mom in law is 102 and slowly failing. I expect this will be my life for the rest of the year.... Plus, it's cooled off... So it's the start of our sailing, riding, camping season. Time is in short supply. So the question I have for the experts on fork repairs, would it be easier, faster to take forks off bike to rebuild or rebuild then on the bike? Trade offs? Opinions? My fear is taking them apart then having some time away before able to put back together. I'm not a young pup anymore and memory sometimes takes a vacation!! Appreciate any thoughts... D
  8. That is a hard one. But I like Freebirds thoughts. Would dad be happy knowing his scoot is back on road? And the TT600. Little heavy but a decent off roader. And it's setup for Street which is a requirement for off road bikes in AZ. At least if you want to run the forest roads! Good luck... Let us know if we can help somehow... D
  9. Carl's post should give you an idea if you have a problem with frame or rear end. There is also the possibility the drive line might be off. Solution: re-align rear end. Take off rear tire. Loosen the 4 acorn nuts. Put the rear axle back in. Make sure the axle can slip in and out without issue. If the axle is tight, wiggle the rear drive a touch. But usually when the rear drive is loose and you put the axle in, the drive system aligns itself. When you have it right, tighten the acorn nuts. The swing arm drive line should now be in alignment. Put wheel back on. The only other thing I can think of is a bent rear wheel or a rear tire going bad. Good luck...
  10. That's less money than what I did for an experiment. http://earfuze.com/products/fuze-music They worked well and are my backup. But the Etymotics sounds far better.
  11. Guess I'm the oddball here. I installed J&M speakers in my helmets as well as use ear buds. The ear buds do 2 things: 1: They mute the wind and bike noise. 2: They sound 100% better than the speakers. The J&M speakers are top quality and fit inside the helmet perfectly......BUT....the best noise isolating ear buds are always better. I have hearing issues, so keeping the noise down is important for me. The Ear buds allow me to still hear some noise from outside, and are a great compromise...safety/music. For around town...helmet speakers. On the highway...ear buds. I use custom ear buds molded for my ears as well as a pair of Etymotic Research ear buds...my favorite for noise isolation. The trouble with that company is they have gone to longer style ear buds that can be uncomfortable under a helmet. My set are older, more compact. Provide excellent isolation and great sound. I've asked them why they don't have any smaller size buds for helmets...and no response. Sad to say. But you get the idea. Shop around. Take your helmet into Best Buy and try some out.
  12. All the above...LOL! I run 38-40lbs air front tire. 5lbs air in front forks. 42lbs in rear tire and 25lbs air in rear shock. Everything stock except I lowered my front forks 1inch like @djh3. That helped with low speed handling. The forks need to be even in air lbs. The rear swing arm needs to be lubricated with good bushings. Tires can always be an issue. I've put lots of miles on both Ventures and the above has worked for me. Solid scoots at any speed.
  13. Proper boots? If they were made in China, that would be the answer. The Chinese have a reputation (some vendors anyway) of declaring parts for certain vehicles and they are not even close. Good luck with this. BTW, a picture would help if I'm not in the ball park...
  14. Similar to this... https://www.amazon.com/Anauto-Universal-Motorcycle-Rectangle-Reflector/dp/B078MWTSB1/ref=asc_df_B078MWTSB1/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=507584275636&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15848677558438273970&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9029980&hvtargid=pla-935117818219&psc=1
  15. You can buy led panels that replace the side reflectors. Just take off the reflectors and bolt on the lights. The led panels I found fit almost perfectly inside the reflector mount. Just slight trimming. I wired mine to the running lights and turn signals. Get the LEDs that offer two different led sets per light....IE three wires. Ground. Running and turn. This way they also blink with turn signals. I also added a white led strip under the cowl wired to the running lights. Finally, added a set of lights to the rear reflector in the center and one bulb to the reflector on each side in rear underneath the hard bags. Pics show result.... The reflector on the trunk is very bright with headlights on it so I left that alone.
  16. Agree with above...with one caveat: Pay attention to the ride quality. Running under inflated may have damaged a belt or two. If the vibration you feel gets worse, I'd replaced the tire. Also inspect the tire near the tread edge for bulges that may appear. That's where the issue will appear.... And maybe why you are feeling the vibration only on turns. Other than above, Paul, the tires should be ok. They look good! D
  17. Jeff, Did you look in the tech section for the manual? The procedure is there.... David
  18. I would try them out. Yokohama motorcycle tires are now made in Korea.... Shinko bought the technology. Those of us who use Shinko tires really like them! That's enough for me to look these guys up and see what they have!
  19. I'm going to go with Saddlebums method but change one thing. ABS is easy to melt. Get a small soldiering pencil. Buy the little triangle flat tip. Underneath, melt the edges of each crack together by running the iron along the crack. The idea here is to melt the plastic along the crack and seal the crack together. Then you can buy ABS plastic in small sheets at various thicknesses. The sheets can be easily cut with coping saw or jig saw. Use pieces for reinforcement and using ABS glue, glue the flat pieces in place. This or the Plastex repair mentioned above should do the trick. You can then buy a small paint sprayer to repaint from Harbor Freight and finish the job. Seriously, it's easy and actually fun to get creative to do repairs like this on these bikes.
  20. I had the same problem. Found two contacts on the ignition switch that were not connecting. One wire was broken. I have the ignition bypass as well.... The link above takes you to the two wires that were not connecting together in the ignition switch. The same two wires mentioned earlier blue/yellow, blue/black. In the ignition switch run position, those two wires are shorted/connected together.... This enables the coils to fire. You can easily check this by disconnecting the connectors that come from the ignition switch and use a meter looking for continuity between wire sets using the schemstics for guidance.
  21. Let's hope this link works. Should take your to the beginning of the thread I posted about my experiences. How this helps.... David https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/69641-engine-cranks-no-ignition-no-error-codes/?do=findComment&comment=798593
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