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  1. I went with the The ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover and ADARAC™ Aluminum rack system. I Needed to be able to take off the racks easily. This system gives me the best of both worlds. I can put the racks on in a few minutes then very stuff on racks above the cover....wood, tent, furniture...whatever. up to 500lbs. Take the racks off and have a lean bed with the cover. The cover can be rolled to any size under the rack without issue. The heavy duty versions is really good stuff! THe mounting rails stay on the truck and are out of the way always. ITS not a hard cover, but best of both worlds for my needs....
  2. I've always loved working with wood! Never could afford pro tools. Now, I can afford them... but my hands don't have the strength to work. I too love the smell of fresh cut wood.... Heck, I love the smells associated with any kind of wood... Even firewood! Go gettum, Richard!👍
  3. Congrats, Earl!! Now stay busy doing what you want to do! And stay well...!
  4. A video of me riding in Michigan after 4 days on road from Arizona. YouTube. I can't attach so if you are interested, search using the info on the screen grabs. Plus you can see me sitting on seat, bike completely packed to hilt.
  5. Erik, Welcome aboard! I have an 05 RSV. To me, the pillow top seat is perfect. I'm 5'10", 220lbs. I put 1.5 " risers on the bars which brought them back perfectly. The pillow top seat doesn't push me any more forward than the other seats I've seen. The Mustang WILL push you into the tank. I think the pillow seat will still push you forward a tad due to it's construction. There is a nice lip in the back padding. But I find the seat so comfortable, I have no desire to try something else. The longest stretch for me in the saddle was a day that started at 8am and ended at 10pm. Except for gas, food and potti breaks, we were on the road. My butt was fine. My buddy on his HD Ultra Classic was really sore. My suggestion is to find a newer RSV and sit on it. Someone should selling on nearby at some point. The other thing I did was add highway pegs to stretch out legs. All this aside.... You can easily sculpt the seat yourself...IE...take off the cover and remove some foam from the very back edge of the seat to allow you to sit back a few inches more. That hardest part will be stapling the cover back on. Pictures that may help. You can see the rise in the rear on the profile. I lowered the shocks by 1.5". Gives better slow speed handling without sacrificing high speed stability. The risers are visible as well. Highway pegs so I can rest boots completely on pegs, or partially.... Hope this helps...
  6. Hi Steve, If you don't find a Yamaha bag, I can highly recommend a Kuryakyn. I bought one for a cross country trip and it's was perfect. Two pouches in front left/right corner. One mesh pouch in rear. Zipper with Velcro opening and a rain cover. I put my rain gear, cold weather poncho and pillow in main compartment, 2 water bottles in forward pouches, small towel, Kleenex typestuff and gum, etc.,in mesh in rear.
  7. Wait a minute guys.... One of our members made parts for the valve. My memory isn't good anymore but I'm thinking that parts were stop the valve from leaking??? Search the older posts. There's some info here cause I bought the kit... @Freebird, can we search member vender posts to see who sold what from years back?
  8. They are nasty little critters! I was working on yard as well when they got my sandal laden feet. Sent me to emergency room. Didn't realize I was allergic!! No more sandals in yard!!
  9. Looks close. But I found the invoice for mine..? It was a Kuryakyn... That's a great price if the chrome is any good!
  10. Changed mind. Decided to sell bike as is. Let the new owner do the work ...Jared, @kic's son bought my 89. He can now go through the scoot thoroughly for his own safety. It's also a good idea for a new owner to get a maintenance baseline on their bikes. Sigh... Great bike. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. But to fast for me at my age! Hopefully Jared will make some great memories with her as well!
  11. Gorski, Finally found info. Kuryakin luggage rack #3-351769 For a Honda GL1500? Fit perfectly. Has held up well. No issues. Hope this helps, David
  12. Hi Richard, The deflectors are Yamaha. STR-1D608-80-00. They were made for the RSV... I bought from Broward Motor Sports... They were sitting on back shelf collecting dust! Your may be able to find a pair on EBay or another cycle shop. They clamp to lower bar and actually do hold! Hope this helps, David P.S. They work very well. I adjusted the wing tension so I can lean down and change angle while riding. Came in handy during a Oklahoma thunderstorm.
  13. Allows me to rest boot completely on highway peg or just rest my boot toe on it with heel on the floorboard. Best of both worlds for me....
  14. Rats. Would have flown out to buy this. Missed it completely. Sigh....
  15. Agreed... Stick around! Side note...darn...I was looking for a Vstar 1300... I always miss these things...lol!
  16. Update: Well... I'm still baffled. Since I moved the RSV back to southern Arizona, no issues at all with carb overflow. Again, the only thing that comes to mind is Phoenix is at 1300 feet altitude and I'm at 3000 feet. Barometric pressure be that different? Would that cause floats to stick? Inquiring minds would like to know! Airways something to think about...I guess!!!???
  17. This is what you should get when Clearview installed. Hope you got the vent. If not, call them.
  18. See topic : Bertha Wants a Trunk Rack - Your Suggestions Please
  19. I've had the Clearviews on the last 4 scoots. All had the vents. Air flow does depend upon the bike, but both the 89 VR and the 05 RSV give me air flow. The RSV has really nice flow into my chest with vent open. Needed in Arizona! I don't have the plastic chrome pieces on the sides of the front fairing.... Maybe that's the difference. P.O. took them off I guess.
  20. I took some pictures of my mystery rack. Understand, it's been on there for 4 years now with the Kuryakin Bag on top and no issues with the trunk lid cracking. And the bag is full with soft stuff as mentioned earlier. So yea, I would agree that having metal straps braces underneath is good...I never bothered to do so. On the pictures underneath the lid, the rack bolts are the small ones on each corner of the picture! David
  21. Thanks again Dave for your pictures! Update..... Well...I simply don't see any difference yet in lower wind turbulence since I mounted the wind deflectors. I'll probably have to wait to see if my knees still get wet in the rain. That is..? If it ever rains again in Arizona!!
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