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  1. There are two bolts in the same area that can cause the same type leak...the top bolt for the clutch slave needs to have a sealant on it when installed and the bottom bolt of the middle gear cover needs a washer. In addition, the o ring for the clutch shaft and the rear cylinder valve cover can leak oil and appear in the same areas.
  2. I don't know guys.... This lane splitting idea just scares the crap out of me. To many idiots out there.....
  3. I would go 40 to 42 in rear and 38 in front. I also recommend Shinko 230s for handling and Shinko 777HDs for handling and high loads. I've owned both tires and the RSV loves the 777s, the 89VR loved the 230s. There ya go!
  4. Not really. Most of the cheap tachs may not be able to handle the V4. Barons uses a small box to adapt single fire motors. That firing issue may not be adaptable in a cheap tachs so you need to be sure what you are ordering. I'm not an expert on this... Maybe someone else can elaborate. But for me, the biggest issue on my VStar was tach bounce at low tpms. A good tach shouldnt bounce. So I've been hesitant to put a tach on the RSV.
  5. Ah man... I'm on my first cup of coffee and youse guys got me salivating already! Not fair! But thanks for all the smoking tips!!!
  6. Pictures? Without knowing more, guess I would replace the cable and connect it to the throttle at the carb. In working, it would be no different that going to the stock linkage. It's just a connection between the cruise and the carb. Did PO leave the stock throttle cables intact?
  7. Agreed on all above. Only thing I would caution is using tpms units. They are great for trailers but not really for bikes or cars. By the time the unit alerts you to a low pressure problem, you are already under inflated! On some vehicles, that can be a serious issue. Use a gauge and check frequently. Don't be like my better half who relies on her car to tell her when pressures are low. She has a Mazda 6 with very low profile tires. I checked her tire pressures one day and she was way low. Tpms didn't go off! She drives 80mph on the freeway. Zoom, zoom. Not good.
  8. Congratulations! Wishing you fun and frolic(and getting too all those " honey do" chores) in the coming years! Be well, stay safe and relax!!! D
  9. Don't know if this post will make it.... I'm out in the woods work almost no cell signal. Understand about you not being able to lean bike over by yourself. Do not understand about leaning will hurt bike. About the only damage I can think of is to the plastics if it fell. Won't hurt the fluids at all. You aren't leaning it over 90 degrees, just enough to lay down beside it and use a carb cleaner and a brush to clean up the bottom.
  10. One last thought before I head out of town again... Both the neutral switch and the shift shaft are down low on the left side of motor. Under the stator wires. All three of these areas can leak. The neutral switch had an orange O ring, the shift shaft has on O ring and the stator wires coming out of the case can leak around the seal. RTV is your friend in that case. The most important information is that most screws and bolts are not tightened down hard. Most are torqued to inch pounds... Not foot pounds. Overnighting will cause leaks. The valve cover gaskets will leak if tightened down like you would a car's. In fact, they will leak more if you try to tighten them even more. A good torque wrench really is important on these bikes. Other than this... They are very dependable scoots. I think the link I sent you earlier about my oil leak also shows pictures of the neutral switch and stator wires. If not, do a Search on posts with my name on them.
  11. Sorry, I've been out of town. Getting ready to go camping tomorrow. That area looks like directly below and to the rear of the oil pan area... Under the transmission. If you have wet oil there, I'd look forward of that to the oil pan drain plug. It should not be very tight. If someone replaced without changing the gasket on the bolt....that might be your leak. There are a few other hoses and connections under there that can leak as well. You really need to clean the area with carb cleaner before you do anything else. Get the underside clean. Then run motor with UV fluid in it for a few minutes. Turn off and look for fluid with UV light. You may have to wait a few minutes before the oil shows up if it's coming from somewhere above. Have patience... You will get this. Ask @Marcarl for help if I'm still not available due to camping in the woods! Good luck! David P.S. download RSV manual from this site if you haven't yet.
  12. By the way, if your vent tube is missing or tucked up under something, that could explain oil everywhere along bottom of motor. I haven't looked hard under my 2nd gen so my knowledge here is risky....
  13. Not necessarily from deep in engine. Let's cross fingers and hope not. The point about the oil level being only halfway up the sight glass is very valid. Both of my Ventures will blow oil out the intake, air cleaners and the breathing tubes from the air cleaner with any more oil than that in them. Once you ride, it's blows excess oil out. When you stop, it will drip down from wherever it blew out of. Hard to figure out sometimes! Hint....clean engine as best you can before using the UV to trace the leak. Start looking high in a darkened room....not black, just not bright. Here is the link for my pesky oil leak on my 1st gen. Same motor so most applies to 2nd gen. Post 46 shows the color of the dye in the oil.
  14. It looks to me like the leak is farther forward. The problem with these types of leak is the oil can be coming from anywhere and being blown back. Probably best thing to do is get some black light type fluid (ultraviolet)for tracing oil leaks and put it in oil. Clean off as much off the underside as possible. Maybe gently lay bike down on side and pressure wash bottom only! Maybe. Pressure washers and bikes don't get along so be careful. Run engine for a few then use a black light to look for the greenish tint fluid that will show up under a black light. That would be where the fresh oil is leaking. I bought a small black light from ACE a while back for a few bux. They were near the cash register. Cheap.
  15. Hmmm. That's really a good looking pan of brats! I'm going to have to think about this.....yum
  16. This guy's name is Dan... He's an overlander who takes off into the unknown all the time. This link hopefully will lead to his discussion of various types of radios..... It's a good read. How I Use My Garmin inReach Mini Satellite Communicator https://adventuretaco.com/how-i-use-my-garmin-inreach-mini-satellite-communicator/ Hope this link works! Even though you have cell service (thanks Puc!).... It might be wise to look into these type of radios.
  17. Congrats! Like you, I got bothered by the whole smoking thing and threw left over packs away. That's was it. Done. It amazes me I never looked back. Now enjoy the freedom and extra $$.... And stay healthy!
  18. Anyone who thinks 80K miles is to much doesn't know Yamaha and most certainly don't know the V4! I bet they ride HDs!!! Silly.....
  19. Woody, The heat issue you mention... bothers me. I've had my 2nd gen for 4 years now and live in Arizona. I don't have an excessive amount of heat from rear cylinders. Nothing really bothered me. In general, engine heat is quite tolerable due to being water cooled. The amount of heat is similar to the 1st Gen that I also owned(you as well). Suggest maybe look into the cooling system and see if everything is good??? That said...I did find some lower reflectors to give me air on my legs but as mentioned, they are hard to find. I got them just to cool off from Arizona road heat. I mounted mine on the lower part of engine guard. I moved my trunk back about 2 inches. You can do so easily enough. It's posted on here as others have done it. That also moved the pillion seat's back rest back. I then bought a Grasshopper back rest for me and bent the mounting bracket so I could lean back further. Works well. Lots of room for me now in cockpit. The front end is heavy. It's by design. Gives excellent straight line tracking at highway speeds. To mitigate some of that, I lowered the front end about an inch. This changed the geometry enough to make Steering a touch lighter. And didn't hurt the tracking at all. All I did was raise both forks up in the triple tree. Simple. I documented that somewhere on this site. I think it's the best solution since it doesn't hurt straight line tracking. I have never seen any hand protectors. However, you could go to a shop that specializes in track or overland riding. Maybe find a pair that will mount to the mirror nut and still look decent. The only other thing I'll mention is the gearing isn't as good as the 1st gen. With both 4th and 5th as overdrive gears, you will find yourself staying in 4th most of the time around towns. I rarely shift into 5 the until 70... And being a bit longer gearing, starts are more clutch involved as well. But you get used to all this after a while. Same great engine. Same realiability. Not at much weather protection as the 1st Gen but still decent about 40 mph. Only my knees get wet now! Hope this helps... David
  20. Joe, I gave up trying to figure out which one to buy. Went with one that had a long tube and seemed to be the best deal. Less than $50 if memory serves. It works well enough for me to find those pesky nuts and bolts that jump out of my fingers and go running away. Especially when I had the 1st gen...I could see on top of the exhaust collector!!! Sorry not much help....
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