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    84 venture Royal / 20 R3 / 19 Kawasaki Z125
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    84 is bone stock 9,000 mile garage find


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  1. @videoarizona your bike looks great ..mine is an 84 so I have the small hard bags never had a side light option on them but i am going to try an find those led reflector replacement lights for sure
  2. I have a 84 front Brake light switch is not working the PO had a tech look through said irreplaceable can't get the parts anymore ...I am sure someone has figured this out by now so who knows how to fix the FBLS for an 84 VR ?
  3. I've got a 84 PO had serviced prior to my purchase an was told the switch was toast an part is unavailable so has anyone come up with any solutions on this issue because I would really like both my brake switches functioning
  4. hopefully i get my 84 worked out soon an I'll take a ride down your way
  5. @Woody I used to live in Asheville from 84 to 2010 coming to a gathering sounds like a plan and i fully intend on joining the site you and @saddlebum are right the amount of info within the group $12 bucks for a year very worth it
  6. @skydoc_17 it seems you will be the man to speak to on the forks . I want to eliminate the anti dive and thanks to advice from @saddlebum ( seriously lots of intel I am thankful ) @Marcarl @RDawson @Woody very nice to meet you all So after doing some site surfing ( holy moly there is a ton of information here ) I think I am going to eliminate the air system an go with the a Progressive 465 series rear shock and the Progressive fork springs ....So does Skydoc still make the anti dive eliminate plates and how much do they cost ? How does this approach sound ? I bumped into a gentlemen at Myrtle Beach biketoberfest on a Venture who has the 465 shock and praised it highly ...... I didnt get his name If your on here thank you .... He had a Beautiful Venture all the shiny and lights and stuff 1st gen bike WV plates ....anyways a short talk filled with some pointers an suggestions wish i had talked more but we kinda crossed paths at one of the events ....so thats where i am at so far ... I will post on this thread but am also trying to ask questions throughout on threads in the site or asking in tech talk areas ...oh an I am sorry for my typing I know it is terrible.......matt
  7. I drive OTR so the trucker in me has a addiction to lot's an lot's of LED lighting . I have been scrolling through but have not found a topic on this yet . I am looking at adding Fog Lights to the front then rear and side marker amber an red lights seeing my 84 has been very well kept i feel the amber/ yellow lighting is the best color to match my tan an cream color paint .....I was told earlier that a bike looking like a spaceship is annoying but my response to that is Hey you saw it and you remember it so High visibility worked in my opinion . I do not want to drill holes in my hardbags so alternative mounting will be my route but a really nice glow around the bike from behind plus I am going to add like a 4" yellow fog lamp to the crash bars so forward lighting should be burn the hair off a opossum at 100 yards worthy ........so who has lighted up their bikes recommendation of lights mounting locations is welcome also toss some pics in lets see these light up the night sky rides
  8. Oh I am for sure interested in doing a brake upgrade like this but i have an 84
  9. hello I'm Matt new to the Venture world  sorry to bother but it was suggested you may have answers to a question I seek 

    just purchased a 84 VR rear shock will take air but bleeds out quickly i was advised to lose the air system an use a standard rear shock an was told you might have a bike with this swap done or might know what shock/spring combo worked best to eliminate the air ride ... i plan to do the same with the forks 

    any ideas advice or information is greatly appreciated thanks Matt

  10. the compressor system only comes on when the key is set to accessory will inflate the rear shock fine but it wont hold air ...the forks take air but bleed down over a day or two ..the rear shock bleed down in a matter of minutes .. a tech is who suggested i lose the class system from his personal experience with it ... he talked about using a standard shock from from a few different bikes an then upgrade the spring but did not remember which one in particular
  11. I am looking to replace an or remove the air ride rear shock an was wondering what companies make a rear shock and fork springs for an 84 model seeing as it looks like my air ride is toasted ...like ohlins maybe ? I've seen talk of progressive but none of the links i have tried have worked
  12. Sadly I do not have picks of all but I am what people would call a Brand whore Yamaha is my ride of choice I've had others but prefer my Yamahammers hands down the List 79 RD 350 82 XS650 chopper 7 different FZR 600's 90 FZR 1000 Really miss that bike 3 different FZR 400 2 grey market FZR 250 RR ( the exhaust not was BLISS ) 88 FZR 750 87 FZ 750 92 TDM 850 drunk driver killed this one wife an I almost 00 R6 favorite year red n white 89 Venture Royale only had it for a few months XT 350 2 different YSR 50's an i will have more these are fun a Zuma IT 175 99 R1 82 Virago 16 R3 20 R3 1984 9,000 mile Venture Royale grey market TZR 250 Marlboro team colors 94 YZF 600 89 FZR 400/600 this conversion is what the FZR should have been produced like RZV500T now this is without a doubt one i regret selling ....i can't remember the limited number but very few RZV's were made with an aluminum frame Japan only available I had a good buddy stationed there that helped me get it to the states .....I upgraded to fairings to a 92 FZR race set and put projector lights in the intake holes on the fairings had it painted to look like Eddie Lawsons GP bike damn it was beautiful I took it to Daytona in the mid 90's and after enjoying the whole Bike Week on it a foreign gentlemen approached me just after the 200 had ended in the infield an well the offer was too good to pass on so off it went to Qatar ( funny thing is I found out later the guy was a member of the Royal family there ...really nice guy who loved motorcycle's ) wish I had a pic of that one I'm sure there are a few missing these are just what stood out in my memory
  13. Ladies & Gentlemen of the Venture world I am more than blown away already from this group . The first 2 responses to my barrage ( I truly am sorry about the question bomb ) have given me more information than i have ever received as a newbie on a site this seems like a good community to be part of for sure . I am all ears ( well eyes online ) an eager to learn the ways of this Majestic V4 steed ........ I still am in shock it is an 1984 model and only as of my purchase had 9,657 miles original so with proper maintenance I would think it will last a very long while . I am about to head out on the road I do lower 48 state pet transport so my online time will be sporadic but I will be reading an trying to learn as much as I can from everyone ....Thank you for the very warm welcome I am truly looking forward to owning this bike Matt
  14. Greetings I'm Matt live on the east coast work the entire lower 48 found a bike i couldnt pass on due to condition an mileage hopefully i can pick some of your brains for knowledge on thes giant Yamamonsters just picked up a 84 venture royale only 9,000 miles the bike is a 8.5 out of 10 garage queen just a blemish here or there ....so i ride it home today and stop look down an there is fluid on the bottom of the left front fork its not the fork seals it looks like the anti dive system ? being an 84 i am sure there is lots of things waiting to give me a fit ...I will apologize ahead of time for my tons of questions as i am sure there will be many . I also i am notorious for run on sentences sorry . ..... things I am curious about 1 swapping the forks out for an updated version and also replacing the rear shock possibly dropping the air ride system 2 what kinds of exhaust will fit the Venture 3 solutions for the heat on your legs ( holy moly i got cooked ) 4 adding lights fog , marker , swapping radio , losing the air ride 5 curios about the single carb swap maybe try a webber 40mm and I am sure tons more ...pic is of my bike today when i bought it
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