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  1. Now that's it been a cpl years, anyone know how yamaha sales have been for the new venture? I know everyone I talk to that loves the 4cl liquid cooled . Does not like the new ones
  2. that's what I was thinking, couldn't find anything on the web site about where the parts come from and for 1/3 the price of oem i figured it was the Chinese crap. Thanks
  3. Ya i do but i prefer to just replace with oem and not worry about it again
  4. has anyone dealt with this company? the fuel pump factory. i was looking around for a fuel pump for my 2011 rsv and came across this co says a direct replacement for 75.00. they have good reviews , but i,m always Leary of anything other than OEM
  5. oop should have stated that i have 2011 rsv now. and no to barnett still oem clutch. everything is running great, just thinking about down the road if arthritis gets worse
  6. anyone know if yamaha or anybody making a a&s clutch anymore? (assist and slip) my left hand is getting old and clutch is hard to pull in after riding all day.. i seem to remember reading yamaha used to sell a a&s clutch kit . had softer springs and would slip automaticaly if down shifted to much..
  7. i can't find the post, but is the one who made the aluminum block adapter to move light bar out from faring still selling? or anyone know where to find one?
  8. yes thanks it is for my 2011 havent changed the profile ..
  9. anyone bought or know of a aftermarket light bar that matches yamaha original ? as you know yamaha discontinued theirs and can't find a original for my 2011 rsv..
  10. does anyone remember someone was installing or making kits of gauges that fit into that slot where cass, deck is? i swear i seen something like that but now i can,t remember where
  11. i was just reading a review on these. they not only cool but dehumidify ,so even on cool days they will stop the fogging of sheild. and they are not much heavier than standard helmets. because of plugging into bikes electric,so no need for battery in helmet. but they said it does draw a lot, so you will need a beafy altenator. but they just came out so im sure they will get better with more options soon.
  12. does anyone know where to get a set of headsets for short money? i want to try them out for a while before i spend 100 plus for new ones i not sure if i will use them a lot or if they even work on my 2011 rsv. i just bought the bike and it didnt have the headset. i havent seen any used ones on ebay or anywhere.
  13. what would cause small backfires when decelerating ? this is a new to me 2011 rsv and im wondering if its normal, its' not lound or bad flame shooting back fires but it never happened on my 83 rsv.
  14. yes thanks that the one i'm looking for .
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