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  1. Does anyone use DriveCam mounted to their RSV? I think I'd rather that route instead of a helmet cam unless someone has good reason for me to not.
  2. So while i have both a Venture and a VMax ('89) the rear ends are a simple swap. Not wanting to do machining of either rear end, is there a ready-to-install VMax rear end available? I seem to remember RMSportmax but John seems to be out of business?
  3. Agreed. But I have so many things on my plate now just giving someone money is a lot easier.
  4. So about 8 years ago I had to sell my '99 RSV and as such left the forum. But a couple days ago I picked up a 2001 RSV for a song! So I'm back! I also have an '03 DL650 V-Strom and an '89 VMax but I am SOOOO glad to have another RSV! Wife and I will be leaving Maui in a few months and will take it with us. Plan is to buy a truck camper and a cargo trailer and travel the US for a bit. Thinking we'll ride to Alaska from Seattle in late August...did I tell you how glad I am to have another RSV? Wife wouldn't even consider it on either of the other ones.
  5. Sold my RSV Friday. T'was a fantastic scoot but I needed the $$. She had just turned 60K. Didn't get much only about $4400 but these bikes don't command much premium here. Looking for another KLR650 now.
  6. JUST what I've been looking for! I think maybe I talked to you about this a year or so ago. I don't want them for the wind but rather the rain. Do you think they would direct the rain away from my knees?
  7. Monsta


    Not anymore... http://www.stumbleupon.com Prepare to never leave your computer.
  8. Guess I'm not too sure what these deflectors are. Can you post a picture?
  9. Can't wait to hear more about the test!
  10. No worries. I won't start a debate here. It's not what the thread is about anyway. Sorry for going off topic.
  11. And to confound you even more... ... The only TRUE synthetic on the market is Redline...and maybe certain AMSoils. Mobil 1, "Synthetic" Rotella, et al are actually made from good old oil pumped out of the ground. Group III basestocks, IIRC.
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