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  1. Here is a question that occurred to me while riding along worrying about my blue '84's intermittent misfire and thinking 25 y.o. TCI. Does anyone make an aftermarket TCI that can be used on the First Gen xvz12 / 13's ? I subscribe to a few classic bike mags and in the small ads at the back there are often outfits that advertise electronic ignition upgrade kits for older, ie 50's 60's and 70's, bikes that originally had points and condenser (British mag) type ignitions. I realize that the first gen xvz12 / 13's would be a small niche market and so on but old bikes from the 50's 60's and 70's can't be that big a market either. I see, or think I see second gen xvz aftermarket TCI's on ebay from time to time. What about Vmax's they share similar engine type and they like to go fast, you'd think some enterprising somebody would have come up with an aftermarket Vmax one by now that would be the cats a$$. So it wouldn't really be that small a niche. Or maybe they exist but cost so much you can buy 10 first gens for the price so no one bothers. What do we know about this folks? Likely I'd have read about such a thing here already if it were a practical solution but, well I had to ask while I procrastinate and generally put off going hunting for my bikes intermittent ignition fault. Thanks, Brian H.
  2. I actually have two of them to sell. One is based on the current cruiser styling of the RSV and the other an updated version of the first gen Venture. Both of these bikes have custom and slightly modernized body work. Both are fitted with mildly modified 1600CC VMax engines. Fuel injected, ABS Brakes, 600 watt stators, heated grips, power adjustable windshields, patented firmness control seat firmness, built in audio with 5 x 7 speakers front and rear and integrated satellite radio and MP3 players with 32GB of storage. Power center stands are also standard on both models. There are many other state of the art features that are all standard equipment but much to extensive to go into here. There is only one SMALL catch. These bikes are invisible. You will therefore not be able to see or actually use them but you WILL get a full description of the bike listing all features and specifications as well as the custom color of your choice. I figure if this guy can get away with selling invisible art, I should be able to sell a few invisible motorcycles. Please place your orders early...supplies are indeed limited...oh heck...no they aren't.....I've got THOUSANDS of them ready to sell. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/06/23/james-franco-creates-invisible-art/?test=faces
  3. Thunder By The Bay in Sarasota Fl was a huge event that went on for several days. There were many of the downtown streets that were blocked off on Sunday for the finale. Jagermeister sponsored the big stage and the music was awesome by several bands. There were thousands of bikes, a couple of bike shows and hundreds of vendors with everything from patches to parts to bike customizing on the spot. There were some pretty cool Ventures, Royal Stars and even side cars. I know you guys are gonna complain about pictures but it was pretty hot and most of the bikes (the ones I wanted to take pictures of) were parked in the shade and my cell pictures were all too dark or had pictures of people more than bikes. There was plenty of parking that was either on the streets or huge reserved lots for those that had registered for any of the events. The food was awesome for vendor food but hey who doesn't like the Italian Sausage with peppers and onions or a deep fried snickers bar? Budweiser was the beer sponsor and there were beer tents everywhere. There were even full bar tents and even though there were a lot of mixed groups from MCs to Veterans rider groups and clubs by ethnic background everyone behaved. I was wearing my vest with my American Legion Rider emblem on the back as well as some other veteran and patriot guard patches so I was especially thankful that a lot of folks stopped me to say thank you for your service and several even thanked me for belonging to the Patriot Guard. All in all it was a pretty great time especially the charity poker run and I would recommend that folks try to make it next year.
  4. sleepy2

    day ride

    Went for 2 1/2 hour ride today.Was 3deg c. Only seen a dirt bike with passenger(NO Phantom was NOT with me) Seen lots of Harley clothing wearers around but NO bikes with them. Brother-in-law saw a bunch yesterday tho.Waiting to see what rest of week brings.
  5. So I did it this weekend. put the E3 on. I have to say its wonderful! having changed the rear tire about 1K miles ago doing the leveling links and now the front tire. I just don't understand why Yamaha didn't do this right from the start! the difference in handling and "FEEL" of the bike are just incredible. If these bikes would have come with better tires and the suspension set correctly from the factory there wouldn't be as many used bikes out there, and a lot less in accidents. Now if riding the bike made my gut shrink it would be perfect! LOL
  6. I know it says Honda but should probably work on other bikes. http://www.addonaccessories.net/shop_details.asp?cat=%2DGL1800+%2A%2ANew%2A%2A&prod=%2A%2ANEW%2A+SIDE+COVER+REPAIR+STUDS+2011
  7. I was just wondering how many of these wonderful bikes you fine people may have owned in all these years. Just to start, I have owned and still do..ONE. But would like to have a garge full of them :mo money:but..... Sqidley says he has owned 8.. That might be a record. Nothing against other bikes, I was just wondering about the Venture and Tour Deluxe. Thanks....
  8. Well I completed the adjustments on both bikes (thanks Earl aka Skydoc_17 for shim kit, tool and great price on gaskets). Both bikes had never been done and both had 40K on them one bike took four shims and the other eight. It sure made a big difference in the engine noise and a noticeable increase in performance. I followed the procedure in the tech library and picked Earl's brain some. The whole procedure took a whole day on the first bike and most of a day on the second the procedure it self was a snap however it requires a lot of patience and time. If anyone around me wants to do this I am more than willing to help now that I have done it, just get the stuff you need and give me a shout. By the way $12 saved me at least $400
  9. I'm back and looking to buy a Royal Star Venture. I've owned an 83, 86, and 89 Venture Royale. I was not able to flat foot these bikes but never had an issue until I had to have major back surgery (thank you Ms. drunk driver ). I sold my 89 after I almost dropped it when my foot slipped at a red light and the back pain it caused was almost too much to handle. I'm ready now to get back on one but not unless I can flat foot it. Yesterday I tried out a Royal Star Venture, Newer Goldwing, Kawasaki, and a Harley (all touring bikes). The only one I could comfortable flatfoot was the Harley and of course it was the most expensive. I really have my heart set on a Royal Star Venture. Is there a safe, logical way to lower these bikes that won't ruin the handling? Is there an aftermarket comfortable seat that may help? Thanks for any advice.
  10. I may have the chance to put some teeth into my 05 RSTD By changing out the valves ,cams ,timing curve and possibly changing pipes. I had been talking to the owner of a local Yammie shop who builds speed bikes for Bonneville. Cliff Gullett, Owner of Team Bozeman Motorsports has set several records himself. http://www.team-bozeman.com/custompage2.asp?pg=BonnevilleRacingTeam For about $2300 he says he can get 115 hp out of my Turd De Lux. Yes thats an expensive mod so I wanted to know if anyone has had any experience doing this and if so what results? And to answer the inevitable next question ,No, its not fast enough for me. Its a great improvement over my 04 Roadie but this bikes performance flattens out after 80-90 mph. Ive already changed to K&Ns and rejetted for my altitude . But I'm looking for more mid range - top end performance. Any opinions would be appreciated. Eric
  11. Hi, What GPS unit does everyone have for their bikes? Thanks Kelly
  12. Hi all. Still can't get my XVZ1200 84 model to run, I've sorted out the TCI unit, thanks Mike, and cleaned the carbs but it still refuses to start. I think I'll check and reset the ignition timing tomorrow, weather permitting. I think the problem's with the ignition timing because when the bike's turning over it's missing, giving out a loud bang every other spin, so that points straight to the ignition timing, right???
  13. Is there such a thing as shelf-life for gear oil? I've had this 1 qt jug of this stuff since about 1998. Have used it in my last 3 bikes no problem ... is it still good or should I buy new?
  14. I know different versions have been around, but.... YOU MIGHT BE A BIKER IF........ If you paid more for your bike than you did for your wife's engagement ring... If your Christmas cards have a picture of Santa Claus on a motorcycle... If you ride your bike to work at least two or three days a week... If you subscribe to three or more motorcycle magazines, and still pick up extras every week at the newsstand or motorcycle dealership... If you spent more on tires last year than you did on clothes... If you check the Weather Channel on Friday, knowing full well you're still going to ride that weekend depsite what they say... If you can rattle off the names, model designations and horsepower ratings of all the newest bikes, but can't remember your kids' birthdays... If you ever had your barber/hairdresser cut your hair really short so you wouldn't have to comb it out every time you took your helmet off... If you ever grew a beard just to keep your chin warm when riding in the winter... If your personal stationery, credit cards, checks or business cards have a picture of a motorcycle on them... If your bike(s) is kept in your garage, while your car is parked outside... If you remember the exact day you bought your first bike, but have trouble remembering your wedding anniversary... If you sometimes buy premium gas for your bike, even though it doesn't need it, just because you want to show it you care... If you can't walk away from your parked bike without looking back at least once to "see if it's okay"... If you look for excuses to hang around your local motorcycle shop for hours on end, even when you have no business to conduct there... When you're pulling into a parking lot or rest area, if you look for other bikes to park next to so you can talk to the riders... If you won't rent a motel room unless you can park where you can see your bike from the window...And, when you get up in the middle of the night to take a leak, you stop by the window just to see if it's still there... If the return address on all your outgoing mail is those little sticky labels from the AMA... If your cell phone's custom ringer has been programmed to play "Born to be Wild" or "Bad to the Bone"... If you ever detoured 100 miles out of your way just to catch 20 miles of twisties... If your life partner has ever said to you, "You're getting awful cranky lately ~ maybe you should go for a ride"... If you use $6.00 a quart oil in your bike, and buy whatever's on sale for $0.99 to use in your car... If your carry-on luggage on the plane is a tank bag... If your pet dog/cat/goldfish or whatever is named "Scooter", "Harley", "Vincent" or "Triumph"... If you know the exact make, model and size of tires that are on your bike, and precisely what inflation you run in them, but have no idea what brand is on your car... If you buy earplugs in packs of a dozen... If you believe than any piece of metal might look better chromed... If you ever tried to teach your dog to ride on the bike with you... If your idea of "taking it easy" is only riding 200 miles today... If you thought buying your wife a new helmet for her birthday was a good idea... If you think 8 a.m. is too early to start work, but 7 a.m. is too late to start a ride... If you turn to look every time you hear a motorcycle exhaust... If you ever went for a ride when you were sick, rationalizing that it might make you feel better... If you once rode 1,000 miles or more in a single day, just to see if you could do it... If you occasionally realize that you forgot to eat lunch, or dinner, or both, because you were "too busy" riding... If you've ever run out of gas for no other reason than you wanted to see how far your bike would go on reserve... If the guy behind the parts counter at your local dealership greets you by your first name when you walk in the door... If your wife threatened to leave you if you bought one more bike, and started getting her luggage out of the closet... If you stare out the window of an airplane, trying to imagine what it would be like to ride the roads you're passing over... If you occasionally go out to the garage just to "look in" on your bike... If you spend more time hanging out in the parking lot, among the bikes, tha actually going inside the place you just rode over 100 miles to get to... If you ever argued~with your wife or yourself~ that it was too cold (wet,windy or whatever) outside to work in the yard, and then went riding instead... If the first thing to wear out on your boots is the top of the left toe... If you can identify various insects by their flavor... If you find yourself leaning into turns when driving your car... If you've ever decided it would be easier to just ride the bike than to scrape the snow off the car... If your answer to, "Why do you own three bikes?" would be, "Fool~because I can't afford four!"... If seeing something leaking out of your motorcycle causes you more anguish than seeing your own blood...
  15. Let me introduce myself, My names Luke, Im 18, in collage at Michigan Tech, and have been riding bikes for 2 years now. I have had 3 bikes in that time my first (and current) 1982 Virago 750, an old Honda XL18s basket case i put back together and traded that for a 1974 Honda CB550 cafe'd it (http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=32766.0), rode it for a month and a half and sold it. I have always kinda liked the touring bikes (venture being my favorite that i could afford), and am looking to get something a little more practical for a long haul or two and I am a big guy (6'3, 200 lbs) so i want something bigger than my Virago, I have a chance to trade my extra truck (long story how it became extra) for a 1983 Venture with 24000 miles and a 1966 Suzuki B100P. I am excited, already have plans for the Venture. If at least the venture checks out i should have 2 more bikes in my collection in less than a week! Does anyone have know any specific things i should inspect hard/ problem area's on this bike when i check it out? Also I will have some cash and time over the winter to do some work and upgrade the bike over the winter is there any upgrades you would suggest i make (GPS, driving lights, tapered steering bearings...anything)
  16. Does anybody know what exactly Stabil does to gasoline so that it doesn't go bad? I know that it makes some bikes run a bit funny....why does this happen? Frank D.
  17. I am leaving here in about 5 minutes, to ride North to Alaska. I meet my riding partner in Seattle, then we are ending the first day in Prince George, B.C. That is 650 miles from here, and the last 150 miles will be on snow covered roads. In Prince George we are changing bikes. I will be leaving my Super Tenere' and he will be leaving his R12GS, and the bikes we will be riding out of PG will be a matching pair of BMW R1150 GSA sidecar rigs. Given the snow and ice conditions at this time of year up north, we decided to change out bikes for the sidecar rigs, and do the 1750 miles from PG to Prudhoe Bay on a more stable platform. And...these R1150GSA sidecar rigs have "studded" tires at all three points, to help with traction and braking on the ice. Entire trip should be a little more than 5,000 miles, but with temps below 0 degrees, with windchill making the temps feel like -40 degrees, and with snow and ice on the roads, this trip will take us about 10 days (twice as long as it would in the summer months). Very happy that the Beemers have such a large alternator, to fire up all the Gerbings Heated Clothing and such. It is going to be a cold, dark, and long 10 days, but...what the heck... You kids be good now, and no fighting in the family. See ya'all in 10.
  18. So, you've removed the running lights to make repairs under the fairing and the 2 spacers between the bike's bracket and the lights mounting bar fell out. And then, you're fustrated trying to get them back in place when re-installing the lights. Not easy, huh? But, here's the million dollar's worth solution to simplify the process: First coat one side of the spacers with excessive amounts of "Silicon Ruber Sealant". Next, run the bolts through the spacers and just slightly attach the bolts to the bike's bracket. Then press lightly on the spacers to make total contact. Leave it alone now until the next day. Now, as the bolts are removed, the spacers stay in place and the lights can easily be put back in place. That's it! All ready to ride again! Owen.
  19. Hi All Quick history, kids all finally grew up and left so the wife and I took the summer and rode off on the bike. We call our bike "tweekers" cause I am always tweekin on it, hey dont laugh its old like me.. Anyway, we left in late june for the Dragon, piece of steel 2"x1" went thru brand new back tire on highway - tweekers on roadside, 100 degrees plus, bike and I both sweating, - tire repaired at a place called "Jims" in Johnson City Virginia - great work, showed me their upstairs FULL of really cool vintage bikes - should be a museum.. toured a week in dem dar Southen mountains of Georgia - Tennessee - Alabama - Kentucky and some coal mine ghost town type stuff in Virginia, came back via the Blue Ridge Pk Way, across the yupper mi, thru the upper states, did sturgis before the rally, down the west coast to Baydoga bay, shot over to Sacramento to see 2 of our kids living there - let them support us for 2 weeks while we toured Cali - another new rear tire - took both kids on 3 day trips to the National Parks, headed home - clutch died in Yosimite - more tweekin, found GOLD in Kings Canyon, huge traffic backup between Kings Canyon and Seqoyia NP doing MILES of road repair, down thru Death Valley - FANTASTIC moon lit night - nite riding Death Valley is AWESOME, tweeks LOVED the heat - it WAS hot there, more national parks, still headed for home , made it back to Utah, RAN THE BIKE ON THE BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS - 127 MPH FULLY LOADED WITH TENT AND ALL - wife took a video cause I knew my friends wouldnt believe me, still headed home via the sturgis rally. Needles Hwy, Custer, Deadwood, Lead, Hwy 16a all NOT as much fun with all the other bikes around - conjestion like California! Helped fix 3 broken bikes - all had Oil Pump Chain Tensioner problems - weird but true!! If I rode a new HD I would definitly go gear drive.. Main power wire for ignition on tweeks came unplugged, died on 90, HD rider I helped earlier stopped while I was dismantling bike, little more tweeking.. Sturgis was good again, I thought lower count than years past. Fun to hang out at sturgis on an old venture covered in NP stickers and dirt and tent on back and water jug hanging from antenna cause everyone stares at you and thats the point of the ralley hahahahaha.. Another week of camping (never been a hotel kinda guy, my WIFE spent almost 2 months living out of a tent with me on this one - over 17 thousand miles and only complained a couple times - about the heat..) Finally got back to Michigan at end of August, did some more tweekin and went chasing the REAL old bikes that were doing the "Cannonball".. Great summer!! Got "told" about Venturerider out at Sturgis of all places, wrote it down and just found it in my notes so here I am,, and the above is my story... NICE SITE HERE FOLKS!!! From what I have read and seen here it looks like my kinda place.. Scott
  20. The bikes are put away for the winter.
  21. I'm confused, whats the difference between the XVZ1300 'D' series and the XVZ1300 'T' series bikes? -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  22. News article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about motorcycle rider deaths in Wisconsin this year http://www.jsonline.com/business/2012-a-deadly-year-for-wisconsin-motorcycle-drivers-8h75c33-173225031.html Highlights (or low-lights may be a better term) are 102 killed so far, the 4th most since 1986; average age is 48. Speed and alcohol combine for 35% of the fatalities. In 2011, nine Wisconsin motorcyclists died when their bikes struck animals including deer, a turkey, a wolf, a horse and a cow. One rider was killed when a tree fell on him. This year, at least 11 riders have died when their bikes hit deer. There are more motorcycles on the road now compared with years ago - with 303,795 registered bikes in the state in 2011, compared with 175,486 in 2000, according to the most recent Department of Transportation data. Ride safe!
  23. Just bought an '88 last night. I'm pretty excited. Is there anyone close that wants to meet to show talk about our bikes so I can learn the stuff that someone who owns one of these bikes knows? Thanks, Sean
  24. Hi, Just bought an '88 last night. Unloading it from the trailer I was surprised how heavy it was. I found out qiuckly I couldn't lean it as much as other bikes. I thought I was going to dump it. How do these bikes handle at lower speeds? Good for a big bike, Bad? Thank you.
  25. It's been a while since the Houston brethren got together, and it's long over due. What say ye to having a fall MD at our place in Cleveland? Lots of room here, the weather will be breaking in a couple of weeks. So would their be any interest in fixing on some bikes and lots of BSing, and a BBQ? Post up your thoughts and we'll see if we want to set a date or not
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