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  1. I actually have two of them to sell. One is based on the current cruiser styling of the RSV and the other an updated version of the first gen Venture. Both of these bikes have custom and slightly modernized body work. Both are fitted with mildly modified 1600CC VMax engines. Fuel injected, ABS Brakes, 600 watt stators, heated grips, power adjustable windshields, patented firmness control seat firmness, built in audio with 5 x 7 speakers front and rear and integrated satellite radio and MP3 players with 32GB of storage. Power center stands are also standard on both models. There are many other state of the art features that are all standard equipment but much to extensive to go into here. There is only one SMALL catch. These bikes are invisible. You will therefore not be able to see or actually use them but you WILL get a full description of the bike listing all features and specifications as well as the custom color of your choice. I figure if this guy can get away with selling invisible art, I should be able to sell a few invisible motorcycles. Please place your orders early...supplies are indeed limited...oh heck...no they aren't.....I've got THOUSANDS of them ready to sell. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/06/23/james-franco-creates-invisible-art/?test=faces
  2. Trying to figure out what aftermarket r&r to install on my stock 87 standard. I am assuming it will be the Shindengen FH020aa. Thanks. Mike.
  3. With so many of us traveling to Maintenance Day I wonder if there is a VentureRider.Org "standard" CB channel that is used. Anyone?
  4. What its the benefit to the NGK iridium over the NGK standard? Or is there even an advantage.
  5. The old girl has started dripping antifreeze out the hose under the seat. I started checking the site. The drain valve under the radiator is the off position strait up? or around 1 o'clock? I thought it was 1 but the photo from an old post appear to point strait up. I've got an 84 standard. joe:225:
  6. Anyone have an extra Right Faring Cover to sell that will fit a 91 VR MKII? A couple of the screw holes cracked into pieces. I could try to plasticx fix it but thought I would as the group first. I need the one with the openings to accommodate all the standard OEM electronics.
  7. www.motorcycleaudioonline.com has roughtly 25% discount on new wired headsets and connector cables. Check which cables you might need though (P or Z), they vary by model (Standard, Performance, Elite).
  8. Was cleaning the motorcycle and noticed the gear shift shaft would move in and out a little bit is this normal? It is an 83 Standard. Thanks Kirk
  9. Is there a standard bulb I can buy from an auto parts store or is there a bulb I have to get from a bike shop, internet, etc... Thanks
  10. Got the 4 gauge welding cable today for the battery cables. You could jump start a semi with this stuff. A standard ground cable is shown beside it in picture. Yes, it's orange, that's the only color they had the heavy duty 4 gauge cable in. Black heat shrink will fix that. Standard cable has 378 thicker strands in it, this has 1045 finer strands. Electricity mainly flows along the surface of a wire, so the finer strands are better overall conductors. McMaster Carr has it. Had to get 10ft, that's minimum order. $2.82 a foot. 10 terminals were $8.03. Wanted to get a set of the JIS standard screwdrivers and McMaster was only place I could find them, none locally. Placed order last night around 5:00pm and got stuff at 6:00pm tonight with standard shipping rates. Gary
  11. I noticed when I was shopping for my RSV that several I saw on the internet had rusted antenna bases, so this must be fairly common. Here is a pic of one of mine and both are pretty rusty. I like the look of the standard antennas so I really don't want to switch to the Firefly's. Has anybody here had any luck replacing or fixing these things? http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b303/elmicko2002/utf-8BSU1HMDAyMTYtMjAxMTAyMTYtMTMxOC5qcGc.jpg
  12. I have on order, soon to arrive, a set of HID driving lights from Martin Fabrication. Combined with the (newly replaced) HID headlight from Canadian Custom Cruisers, this should create a light path that will sear the retinas out of Bambi!! Will likely need to turn off my standard driving lights when these beasts fire up, but that's OK. The standard driving lights would just be illuminated bug catchers compared to the (claimed) light output of the HIDs. May need to install the stator upgrade next winter. Martin Fab also has a really cool waterproof switch for turning on these lights. I bought two switches so I can turn on/off the HID headlight also. If the HID headlight is on when you start the bike, it often goes off and doesn't come back on. Will post pics once they are installed. I'm sooooo ready for spring. http://www.martinfabrication.com/Martin_Fabrication/Motorcycle_Driving_LIghts.html Not the most user friendly website, but the owner seems to be a good guy. RR
  13. I am looking for a replacement antenna for my 1985 Ventureproject bike. Does anyone know of a direct replacement or do I need to make an adapter for the mount to accept standard radio antennas. Will such a set up work Michael Smegielski Waterbury, CT
  14. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and I would like to know if the slip on mufflers from a 2006 FLHT (Electra Glide Standard) will fit on my 2007 Tour Deluxe like the road king mufflers will?
  15. you might have noticed I just picked up an 84 Standard venture. Wondering if the wiring harness is the same as a VR? Meaning....could I buy the goodies and make a standard into a VR or are all the plugs and connections just not there?
  16. http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Motorcycles/road-glide-ultra.html#/gallery 103 in motor, ABS, Cruise all standard
  17. Any 1st Gens have a Voyager kit on their bike? I would like to talk to you about them. Pros and cons, used vs new, and what would be a good price for a used one? Yep, I have my eyes on a used one. It is just the standard model, so we will see. Thanks ( I can send pics with my phone if you would like.
  18. three of them and not one worked what a bunch of junk no other way to put it; then i found valley converters Half the price and much better worked first time no problems WWW.valley.us.com do a search and put in the part # 52222 its a 5amp standard duty and its a great item: cost hoppy 32+ change and lots of driiving cost of Valley 14.32 with tax so if your going to do it do it one time not 4 times like i did. dray
  19. ...Phillips head screws? I know Honda did in the early 70's. The screws were getting rounded because many people did not use the JIS standard drivers on them. So, me was wondering about Yammy. Decent page on JIS - http://www.instructables.com/id/When_a_Phillips_is_not_a_Phillips/step10/JIS-Japanese-Industrial-Standard/
  20. The pipes on my scoot are "BUB"s and I must say, I'm not too crazy about them. I'm assuming the previous owner had the carb jetted and all, but I'd really prefer to have something different. In fact, I'd be happy with hollowed-out stock pipes... Anyone have any idea where to find some standard pipes without spending $500+?
  21. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me what all options the Royale came with in 84 that the standard did not? Thanks
  22. I was wondering, are the carb heaters standard on the RSV? "Four heated 32mm Mikuni carburetors with TPS deliver seamless throttle response and greater power across the entire rev range" http://www.brenhamyamaha.com/yamaha_star_motorcycles.html Ben
  23. Can't recall who posted this, but what a great idea. Cut hole in bottom of standard foam beverage holder, fit down and around fuel filler cap and you are good to go. Leave enough on bottom to tuck around cap. Standard h2o bottle, soda can, etc. fits nicely and does not budge.
  24. I purchased a 2009 RSV in July new off the showroom floor and have a question about the CD changer, is it a standard feature in 09 or is it still an option? I read the article in Rider magazine and they mention the CD changer is standard for "09". Mine did not come with it. It was wired for it in the left saddlebag but the connection was taped to the side of the bag under the latch. I read the Additional Features section of Yamaha's sight and it states - Single-point audio control system for AM/FM radio, cassette, CD changer and intercom is MP3-compatible and headset-ready. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. July 8, 2009 - The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International has produced a simple, consistent and economical sound test standard that can be used to determine whether a street bike (on-highway motorcycle) exhaust system emits excessive sound, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) reports. The J2825 "Measurement of Exhaust Sound Pressure Levels of Stationary On-Highway Motorcycles," issued by the SAE in May, establishes instrumentation, test site, test conditions, procedures, measurements and sound level limits. According to the SAE, the J2825 standard is based on a comprehensive study of a wide variety of on-highway motorcycles. "The motorcycling community and law enforcement have long sought a practical field test for measuring street motorcycle exhaust sound," said Ed Moreland, AMA vice president for government relations. "Thanks to the hard work of the Motorcycle Industry Council, and the SAE engineers involved in the project, for the first time a simple field test is now available." "The AMA maintains that few factors contribute more to misunderstanding and prejudice against street riders than excessively noisy motorcycles," Moreland continued. "With the new SAE J2825 standard, street motorcyclists can now determine how quiet, or loud, their bikes really are." Moreland added that the new standard follows a template established years ago with the SAE J1287 off-highway motorcycle sound test, a standard recommended by the AMA wherever off-highway motorcycles are operated. The SAE J2825 on-highway motorcycle sound test procedure is similar to the one used for the SAE J1287 off-highway motorcycle test. The street bike measurement requires holding a calibrated sound meter at a 45-degree angle 20 inches from the exhaust pipe of a running engine. The procedure spells out how to do the test with the bike at idle, at a predetermined engine speed ("Set RPM Test"), or by slowly increasing the engine speed of the bike, known as the "Swept RPM Test." The SAE J2825 standard, prepared by the SAE Motorcycle Technical Steering Committee, recommends a decibel limit of 92 dBA at idle for all machines; or, using the Set RPM or Swept RPM Test, 100 dBA for three- or four-cylinder machines, and 96 dBA for bikes with fewer than three or more than four cylinders. The creation of a new street motorcycle sound measurement procedure was a top recommendation of the 2003 National Summit on Motorcycle Sound, expressed by its Motorcycle Sound Working Group. The AMA organized the National Summit on Motorcycle Sound to pull together riders and user organizations, representatives of the motorcycle manufacturers, the aftermarket industry, racing promoters, government agencies, and others to develop proposals regarding the increasingly controversial issue of excessive motorcycle sound. "The J2825 test allows jurisdictions around the nation, struggling with complaints about excessive motorcycle sound, to set reasonable limits in accordance with the SAE standard," said Moreland. "While the AMA supports the establishment of the SAE J2825 standard in America's cities, towns and communities, we will continue to fight efforts that single out motorcycles while still permitting excessive sound from other sources, such as loud cars and trucks, booming car stereos, poorly maintained generators, whining leaf blowers, and the like."
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