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  1. I have a 4 brush starter installed. It has been rebuilt once and during the last few months it would crank slow (cold or hot) and sometimes not at all (smoking ground wire at the battery). I took the bike to Auto Zone to check the battery. The battery and charging system were fine. As I pulled up to the store I noticed my headlight was out (Opt 7 HID conversion). Long story shot the ballast was bad and I had one from a car setup I bought by mistake. After this I had a good headlight and haven't had a starting issue since. So my question was a bad HID ballast causing my stater issues or should I still be looking at a starter issue?
  2. I have a '83 standard that I have been altering the electrical system since I got it last year. So far I have added the Shindengen R/R, a cooling fan run timer, a Internatrix security alarm, replaced the fuse box with a ATO style, moved the TCI onto the top of the airbox and today I would like to share the installation of a HID Bi-Xeon headlight. [ATTACH]37353[/ATTACH] I bought the HID kit on Ebay for only $58.00 and the shipping was free from Hong Kong. The package arrived in 6 days! I had followed the previous thread on the projector type headlight replacement but didn't like the change in the front look of the bike. I like the square headlight and I wanted to see if I could find a good H4 HID kit to increase the light output and longevity. I found this kit on Ebay Item number:170371397794 and I went ahead and purchased it. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the completeness of the kit and the ease of installation. [ATTACH]37354[/ATTACH] I decided to mount the slim ballast in the fairing next to the headlight frame using dual-lock mounting strip (super velcro!!). This makes it very accessable and adds cooling if neccessary. The included relay module (routes 12v direct from battery) was secured behind the left turn signal inside the fairing cavity. I use this space to mount additional relays for my drivinglights, dual fanfare horns and cooling fan timer relays. This space is easily accessed and fairly protected from heat and weather. I had previously installed a 20W halogen (type BA9s) light bulb into the metal headlight reflector. This gave me a daytime running light to reduce the unnecessary useage of the main headlight and reduced the amp draw on the charging system. I incorporated this smaller bulb into the new headlight circuit by installing a rocker switch on the left side fairing next to my 12v receptacle. The rocker switch selects between the 20W halogen daytime running light and the HID low beam setting (daytime or night selection). I have only had the HID system installed a short time but I am very pleased with the function. The HID bulb is tilted in it's socket by a solenoid to change between high beam and low beam. The bulb stays energized all the time so the light output stays constant. The bulb just tilts upward for the high beam. The kit is marketed for motorcycle use so I expect it should stand up to use on the Venture. Only time will tell....
  3. The nice man in the big brown truck just showed up again at my house. This time he had a small box with a Hi-Lo beam HID setup for my scoot. It has all of the wire harnesses and is supposed to be plug and play. The system has a relay and a fuse already in their wire harness. It is a 35 watt system so I will have a little more power for something else. I will wait to install it till I can get out on a dark road to get a before and after pic of what the light looks like shining down the road. I'm sure gettin lots O new toys on the scoot this winter.
  4. I have the Yamaha passing lamps on my 07 RSMV. I have also upgraded to the HID headlight. The HID is so bright, you can't even see the passing lights or they just barely appear kinda yellowish. I want to change them out for something that puts out more light and will hopefully be able to use the current Yamaha light bar. Any ideas?
  5. If anyone plans to purchase an HID Conversion Kit, take my advice .... MAKE SURE it includes the ADAPTER ! This adapter is necessary in order for the HID bulb to fit properly in the stock headlight bulb hole. I ordered a kit from a local (to me) supplier who advertises "plug and play" ... but it did not include the adapter so, it ain't quite plug and play without it. Luckily I was able to find a local supplier of various adapters and it appears one of them "might" work. Barring that, I saw a thread on that "other forum" where Rocky had made one out of PVC.
  6. I've an 08 RSV...and I've read MANY of the HID headlight threads on this board, and have one one "basic" question: Is the HID Country 35 watt "Motorcyle HID SLIM KIT" a stable kit? I'm contemplating this configuration: HID Country 35 Watt HID Slim Kit 9003/H4 Bi-Xenon bulb 6000K Crystal White Approx $52.00 Is anyone running this setup? Any comments or suggestions? Thanks!
  7. I got a sale flyer from Cycle Gear. One of the things included is a HID headlight kit. Does anyone have one of these?? Listing includes sets for H4s, H7s, H9s, and H11s. Sale price is $55 [half off!]! Xenon 6000K bulb, 3000 lumens, w/35 watts. Mind you, it has a notation of "off road use only" with a photo demonstrating it that looks a whole lot like a GW!! Anyone??
  8. HID kit arrived..going in for the install...wish me luck..lol
  9. I want to start riding at night again, and the headlight on the Lady Blue just isn't enough. So I've seen my options: Upgrade to a new headlight bulb. I was thinking PIAA's H4's, or a Silverstar Ultra. Aux Lights: Who to buy from, what kind? ya know? I need ones that provide optimum visuals, and be fully capable of supporting my headlights light cast. Upgrade to HID: Who to buy from? what type? Theres lots of different types of Aux lights, fog lights, hid brands... -.-'
  10. hi guys, just wanted to say I've installed an HID headlight conversion kit on my Midnight Venture and wow.. talk about sweeeeeet! Installation was rather quick and easy, mostly all plug and play and instead of burning a 55/65W headlight, now I'm burning a 35W HID (Hi / Lo single bulb). They achieve the hi lo beam by means of an actuator that retracts the bulb into a housing etc. Neat.. they do warn you not to flash them fast though. But they assured me its 100% ok for normal usage.. just don't flip them hi lo rapidly.. How bright? wow, I was impressed. it 'throws' lights well ahead of you, illuminating everything well. Dang.. and I thought my last 'super bulb' was good.. Installation is simple and easy to do. Its MUCH easier to do this part with the bucket removed from the bike, simple to do.. You remove the H4 bulb and install the HID H4 bulb in, with the weather seal behind it. Re-install the bucket into place and run your cables. Depending how much stuff you're already hiding under the fairing, you'll have to figure out where to install everything. There is a slim ballast which I velcro'd to the right side of the inner fairing (throttle side of the bike). Plug in all the cables and leads, you can't mess this up as they are all one size for each and weather sealed. You can ground the unit within the fairing frame but will need to run a new power lead back to the battery through the fairing, under the fuel tank to reach the battery. There is a 10A fuse provided which I cut and moved down to the battery area. If I blow the fuse, I certainly don't want to rip the fairing apart to reach it Once everything is tightened up and tucked away, turn on the ignition. The light flashes brightly as it ignites and then warms up to a bright white light rather quickly, especially when it's cold. If the light is already warm you don't notice the flash up when you start. I left it on for 30 mins to make sure I wouldn't have any heat issues and I couldn't feel any heat from any of the components such as the ballast or relay etc.. However, the headlight itself is warm. Did I say it was BRIGHT? hehe.. I'll have to adjust it by trial and error so I don't get cagers flashing me all night long.. Additionally, I also installed the Afterburner LED highway lights on my engine guards. They don't really stand out at all in bright daylight, but cloudy days, dusk and especially at night they are rather eye piercing from any angle.. wow. I hope to have photos of these lights later this week depending on the weather. The HID kits and Afterburner lights can be obtained from this Canadian company at an amazing price, the owner is super helpful, even called me after I left him an email asking about some of the components I was working on. http://canadiancruisercustomizing.com/ http://canadiancruisercustomizing.com/images/hid_kit.jpg http://canadiancruisercustomizing.com/images/afterburnerdl.jpg
  11. What would be the best type of switch to wire in to manually shut off the HID light prior to start up? Id like to find something decorative to maybe mount on the inner fairing. What amps/volts/etc would I need? Dont get too technical here. Just plain ol truckdrivers english please.
  12. Just thought I would mention it. I ordered my BiXenon kit last week and it ended up on back-order however. http://shop.hidcountry.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=Moto%20Kit%20HDK1 Bill
  13. Some time ago I added an HID Bi-Xenon kit to my 1986 Venture Royale. As kits go it has done a decent job and for $60 who could complain. It was a massive improvement over stock, but as with all of these kits, it was not coming close to the true potential of HID headlights. The light output was compromised by two main factors, the poor stock reflector and the fact that the bulb moves to create High and Low beams. Whichever way you cut it, in one of those positions (and probably both), it was not at the true focal point of the reflector. So it was time to do the job properly, and install a projector. First problem is the glass lens on the stock headlamp. It is cut for halogen bulbs. Projectors need a clear glass cover if they are to work well, and the '86 doesn't have one. However, the earlier bikes do, so first up was a trip to ebay for the front cover, rubber boot and glass from an '85. How hard could it be to make that fit over the '86 headlight bucket with the original headlight glass left off? Harder than it appears is the answer, but not so hard that you shouldn't try it if you are so inclined. It was open to me to do a full retrofit of the earlier headlight, and this may be a better way to go but I don't know how the earlier headlight mounts, and what additional parts might be needed. So ... This is what I started with: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0292.jpg Nothing wrong with it, it's just not good enough for the amount of night riding I sometimes have to do. First up was the HID kit. I bought the Stage III Superbike Kit ($150) from theretrofitsource.com The kit comes with literally everything you need except a man to fit it all for you. The components appeared to be of high quality although there was some excess flashing on the Shroud that needed removing. No complaints. The kit also came with a Left Hand Drive Projector, more of that later. This is what was in the quickly delivered box: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0290.jpg And the parts laid out: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0291.jpg First job was to split the headlight. Ten minutes in the oven at 265F, and it came apart with no real effort at all: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0317.jpg Then the whole of the inside of the bucket got two coats of grey primer and three coats of black paint. It looks good in black, but also serves to prevent any excess light from straying into unwanted places: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0324.jpg Note ... There are two tabs in the hole where the original bulb fitted. They need removing and a file made short work of that. Also, the solenoid wiring has to emerge somewhere so I drilled a 1/4" hole in the reflector just below the projector. This will be covered by the shroud and not seen. Then we can mount the Projector, Bulb and Shroud in the housing. The projector is the smallest available at 2 1/2". The shroud appears massive, and doesn't fit at first as the diameter is too big. A few minutes with a hacksaw and it fitted just fine. The shroud is simply glued to the projector with a fitting ring and some silicone. http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0329.jpg And the rear .... http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0325.jpg I have covered the thin wires with a couple of layers of heat shrink, and they are now siliconed in place and have wire protector round them. Having stripped out most of the wiring for the old kit, all that is left is the ground from the switch I fitted above the brake master cylinder. This interrupts the ground to the lights and I use it as a manual On/Off switch. I leave this in place as I plan on re-using it. Next up is fitting the new wiring harness. There isn't much room. I found a place to install the two included relays. They are bolted to the center inner fairing behind the relays and below the instrument panel. The ballast has it's own bracket which bolted handily to the frame, just above and behind the headlight adjuster. I fitted the supplied plug to the solenoid wires (for High/Low beam) and plugged it into the harness. Connect the ground and run the hot back to the place on the Auxiliary fuse panel that was powering the original kit. All the wires in the harness are very well protected, they just need clipping in place ... cable ties rule! Now the difficult bit .... The rubber boot for the '85 was not designed to fit the larger shell of the '86. Surgery was needed to cut away quite a lot of rubber. Another problem is that the top of the front frame will not clear the two protruding brackets on the VR frame, so it had to be cut away leaving the whole part less strong. It will be okay because it is firmly held in place, but care is needed. So ... Now I have a clear front glass that will fit, but there is another problem ... Isn't there always! There is no way that the new arrangement is going to keep water out of the projector. The light is well enough protected at the sides and from below, but any water running down the screen is going to run straight under the trim and through the butchered rubber boot. Something has to be done. I decided that if I could seal the gap between the windshield and the front of the fairing all would be well. What I needed was a seal that would effectively cover the whole of the area behind the chrome front trim. What I had is an old inner tube, and I vaguely remember that rubber is waterproof This is the result: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0330.jpg The rubber is completely sealed onto the windshield with silicone. Once mounted it was very easy to cut the lower edge to match the profile of the trim, and the whole lot is invisible. Any water running down cannot now get into the front of the fairing, or the light. It should be good enough. And the final reveal .... This is what it looks like now: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0332.jpg That crack at the bottom has been repaired, and it needs painting to match the bike, but the bike will be painted so it can wait. The gold doesn't look too bad. I couldn't get video of the original, halogen light output on video simply because it didn't put out enough for a decent picture. I got a blurry still pic to give you an idea: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/Headlight%20Conversion/DSCN0306.jpg I did get video of the resulting output. The video id decent, but it doesn't give the full impression ... It is shot 25 feet from the garage door. You will immediately spot that the beam is dipping the wrong way. That is the incorrect projector. I called the supplier and explained. They were a very apologetic and said it had the wrong solenoid shield fitted. A new one was on it's way withing a couple of hours and I'm told it's a very easy part to swap out. I have been impressed with these folk: This light, and the pictures do not do it justice, almost turns night into day. The improvement over stock is phenomenal, and the improvement over the previous HID kit has to be seen to be believed. At some point I will add a couple of HID Driving Lights ... One Spot beam and one Eurobeam, but for now I can see
  14. Well, the Canadian Cruiser Custom HID light that I installed last April has developed a mind of it's own. Sometimes it won't light up and when it does light, when it decides it goes out. It did that several nights ago, so thank goodness for the passing lights!!! The middle little "bump" in the bulb is cloudy, and I don't remember if it was that way when I installed it. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this kit, to determine if the bulb has failed or if the ballast has gone out? Oh well, for now the bike has a brand new Silverstar Ultra installed.
  15. I bought a Canadian Custom cruisers HID kit for my 86 Venture and I was wondering if anybody has installed one of these on a 1st gen bike? Will it make the headlight warning system trigger?, If so is there a work around for this? Going to work on this over next week so any advice is appreciated Thanks, Gary
  16. Hi I'm sure some owners have already fitted a HiD light bulb kit to their bikes. I made the attempt today. I wired the red and black ring terminals directly to their respective battery terminals. When I turned the key on....nothing happened. No light on High or Low I checked the kit fuse and refitted the Halogen bulb it is fine. Any suggestions? Thanks TH
  17. "Im leaving for The Weekend so I hid $100.00 in your Room For Food Clean your room and you will Find It"
  18. Just finished installing a HID headlight in my 05 RSTD from Canadian Cruiser Customizing. Have to say this was one of the easiest changes to do. Everything was plug and play and went together very easy. The hardest part is running the positive back to the battery. I zip tied my ballast to the back of the bracket that the headlight mounts too. Looks like you could also install it on the backside of the mount for windshield, but I didn't feel like taking everything back apart. Haven't had it out at night to tell the difference, but the installation was simple.
  19. I have been, on a tiny budget, preparing my 1986 Venture Royale for Long Distance riding. At the start of this thread I want to show you two of the mods accomplished. The pictures show an equipment shelf I added recemtly. This is made from 2" x 1/8" aluminum strip from Lowes. I will put a few miles on the bike to make sure the mounts will hold. If not, I'll add supports. This shelf cost less than $15 and will carry my phone, satellite radio, two GPS units and a radar detector. The driving lamp brackets are made from the same material. The lamps themselves are Walmart specials. These lamps are cheap ($18), but reviewed quite well. When I can afford it I will swap them for the Philips HID Driving Lamps. The headlight has a HID conversion, which takes care of the dip beam, the driving lamps supplement the high beams and are controlled by a separate switch on top of the brake fluid reservoir. The screen, discussed in another thread, has been cut down from 25" to 18", and narrowed considerably. http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0639.jpg http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0640.jpg http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0641.jpg http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0643.jpg http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/IMG_0642.jpg There are other mods done, and more to come and I'll add to this thread later. Meanwhile, I'll take suggestions too, and if anyone has a 5 gallon fuel cell lying around, I'll take that too
  20. A few of you have had dealings with HID Country. A while ago, about 6 months, I purchased a motorcycle H4 kit and a dual kit for H3 application. The H3 kit was not even close to the size they said it was and would not fit my fog lights so I sent it back. No problem there but there was a part that indicated it was for H4 which I did not return as I thought it was for the MC H4 kit but turned out it wasn't. I have been trying to find out what this part does. It looks like it could be a relay but has two connectors that apparently would hook up to two ballasts. The problem I am having is getting this part identified. I have been corresponding with Mike without success. He does not seem to know what parts my order included. He has not been very responsive, wait for a reply for a few days or a week then send a query through the site to support and perhaps get a response. Anyway, it getting a bit frustrating. The only other person I have corresponded with is Jason who appears to be their technical person. What I would like to know is if anyone has an email address for Jason? Attached are two pix of the part I am trying to ID. It would be helpful f anyone knows what that part does. In any case, I would like to contact Jason directly if I can find his address.
  21. Is it possible to have the search feature recognize at least some common TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). It is real hard to find info on things like HID, CMU, TCI, RLU etc.
  22. My HID headlight came in Friday, from Canadian Custom Got out yesterday afternoon and installed it. The hardest part was getting the HID bulb in to the headlight bucket. I had to take the two bolts holding the frame in place, out, to get that long bulb installed. (note to self don't forget the rubber seal ring around the back of bucket!!!). Then where to mount the power supply? Well there is an empty flat place (looking AT the bike) on the left. Thinking double sided emblem mounting tape, but not sure of the heat. Really don't wanna drill holes in the fairing, so lemme call the expert! I guess great minds run in the same circles (Thanks Squid!!!). So I mounted it with the tape right in that spot. Since I already have a "fused" power wire run from the battery to a switch (that picture did not turn out) all I had to do was connect the large power supply wire for the HID light to that switch. Woo Hoo didn't have to pull the tank!!! I did run in to one "bump in the road", the red power supply wire pulled out of the fuse holder (insufficient crimping) that is supplied with the light kit. A quick trip to Autozone and that was taken care of. MAN, that sucker is BRIGHT!!! The pictures don't show it, but it makes the stock passing light bulbs look like yellow fog lights:(.
  23. I have completed the installation of an HID headlight and a pair of Martin Fabrication HID running lights. Attached are some pics when off, when on, and the switches (on and off). I added a switch for the headlight since it dies during starting (voltage drop will not keep the HID burning). Am looking forward to burning a hole through the darkness soon. Need to get at least another 6 inches of snow melted off the back drive though so I can get the bike out of the shop. C'mon Spring!!! RR
  24. While down at the International Motorcycle Show with y'all .... DaMoose (Joe) bought an HID kit for his headlight. We went back to his place only a few min away from the center and I installed it WOW BRIGHT. He really liked it and I did also. The only thing is now the passing lights look YELLOW/AMBER. I like the contrast but they totally do not add anything to the lighting now. We went back to the show and I also bought an HID kit but I got the Bi-HID which has both hi-low HID, his only had low HID regular HIGH. There is much more wiring involved with the Bi kit I will say though. I really like the extra bright white light. Now the question..is there a sealed beam lamp that can replace the OEM to make them look WHITE. Either change them to HID or LED or even maybe change the housing so that it is a BULB type so I can put super white bulbs in them. Thanks for the helps y'all. Oh n I HIGHLY recommend the HID for visibility at night and day.
  25. I have on order, soon to arrive, a set of HID driving lights from Martin Fabrication. Combined with the (newly replaced) HID headlight from Canadian Custom Cruisers, this should create a light path that will sear the retinas out of Bambi!! Will likely need to turn off my standard driving lights when these beasts fire up, but that's OK. The standard driving lights would just be illuminated bug catchers compared to the (claimed) light output of the HIDs. May need to install the stator upgrade next winter. Martin Fab also has a really cool waterproof switch for turning on these lights. I bought two switches so I can turn on/off the HID headlight also. If the HID headlight is on when you start the bike, it often goes off and doesn't come back on. Will post pics once they are installed. I'm sooooo ready for spring. http://www.martinfabrication.com/Martin_Fabrication/Motorcycle_Driving_LIghts.html Not the most user friendly website, but the owner seems to be a good guy. RR
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