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  1. I just wanted to say how much I love this site. It has become an addiction. When I first get get up in the morning, when I get home; and before I go to bed; I have to check to see the latest posts. I know you are saying; this woman has no life. Yes, that is true, I have no real life. However, this web site has brought me many hours of enjoyment. I have made many new chat friends, and had a bunch of fun. I just wanted to say that. I love this place! Let's ride. Peggy:7_2_104[1]:
  2. Someone put their trip down in writing, real good , going to refer to it often myself. The Adventures of Lemonade
  3. After being in the used bike business for over 40 years my wife and I sold out.. It had taken me a few years to come to the conclusion that the economy, at least here in Michigan, had probably gone beyond that point of probable recovery within the working years I have left.. I discovered, much to my disadvantage, that even waiting the 6 years to do this cost us thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Instead of the .75 on the dollar we could have gotten on inventory 6 years ago we ended up at about .30 on the dollar.. Dont misunderstand though, even though I do have real mixed emotions about seeing all my bikes and inventory go I still am thankful that it sold.. This last season was a real eye opener for us.. Couple of quick examples, Had a complete 2003 anniversary Harley motor and trans - less than 4k miles on it, TC88, started at 2400 a year ago, went to 1800, 1500 (lots of offers to sell at 500) finally sold to a custom shop for 900. Another one was a good old 1986 Honda XR350 that was street legalized (pre 9/11 we sold a number of these converted XR's and never under 2), it was a gorgeous bike!! Started out at 1700, early summer dropped to 14, late summer dropped to 9 (I had almost that in parts in a complete top end - lots of lookers and people wanting to trade for cameras and boats and lawnmowers and on and on).. Finally a guy drove all the way from Wisconsin to get it for 600 bucks.. I am still gonna spin wrenches and buy and sell (wife says I have two stroke oil for blood) BUT at an extremely downsized rate.. So here is a question for you folks, I still struggle with the idea that this Michigan recession is really that bad across our country.. If we moved out of our beloved state and headed for a warmer, dryer (low humidity) climate - is there anywhere in the country that still seems to be economically desirable for bike resale - off road, on road dont matter.. Have you folks who live in these climates noticed a slow down on sales of motorcycles (or quads) you have seen sitting in peoples front yards? Are there any of you who have attended live auctions thru the years and noticed a steep decline in local auction prices for bikes and related stuff or is does your area seem to be holding steady? I welcome any input on the subject matter!! Thanks Scott
  4. Just bought a new lap top with the Windows 8 operating system. Man I hate change. This is going to be a real steep learning curve for me.
  5. dunvilsteev

    Al's Ride

    A photog friend has a few GoPro's etc. so we filmed this little video in honour of a passed friend, his favourite run. Around the 3:00 mark, if you look real careful, you can make out the Port Colborne Optical Illusion, whereby the factory in the distance gets smaller as you get closer. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?v=437896996268684
  6. with crapy ethanol gas after warm up it wants to die at idle 950 rpm with real gas it wants to idle around 1500 to 2000 rpm when at normal operating temps any ideas oh real possible answers only Yammer Dan an Flyinfool :no-no-no: :rotf:
  7. What's the function of the lower cowl/scoop/chin-spoiler on the XVZ1300? Is it just for looks, or does it have a real function? -Pete, in Tacoma WA USA '83,88 Venture
  8. Saw this on facebook today. If it's real Texas has got it right.
  9. I have read a couple of threads about using VMX cams in our Royal Stars. I have a chance to pick up a pair of complete heads from an 85 VMX1200 for real cheap. Will the cams and valve springs work in my 96 XVZ1300 Tour Classic? Are there better options for the cams?
  10. Don't know what gas mileage you'll get, But real cool
  11. I want a table....thought about HF. Found this coupond for sale....is it for real or a scam? Supposed to be good till Aug 2012 OR.....if anyone has one I'd love to take it?????
  12. I purchased a damaged spare front fairing during the winter and now it is out to paint. I want to add some graphics and be able to switch the two fairings off and on when I feel the need. So anybody go any good sources for good graphics? I was thinking a flame outline with real flame inserted in the outline. I have tried some of the online places but just can't find what I want. You guys got any ideas?
  13. I've seen some stupid stuff in my life and the morons that come with the show but geesh!, I had something happen that threw me completely today. What would be the last thing that you would think that someone would try to steal off your bike in the middle of the afternoon, in a Wally World parking lot at the end of the lane not 75 feet from the front entrance? Something real easy right? Something that would be real handy to just grab and go or cut off real fast right. How about the rear turn signal? Not just the lens but the whole danged thing! I park in that spot 5 days week doing my service route for my part time job. I'm usually in the store for 45 minutes to an hour. Some times less. I was walking up to the bike and saw something on the ground. It was the turn signal lens. First thought was some fool clipped the bike turning the corner. But no, the lens is in one piece. I saw the reflector for the light hanging down and the screws were gone. Got to looking and the taillight housing itself was pulled away from the bike an inch or so. I found the nut and washer for that on the ground under the bike along with one screw from the reflector and the screws for the lens. All they had left to do was jerk the wires loose and it would have been gone. I was ticked! How close did I come to walking up to them while they were taking my bike apart in the parking lot? I went over and asked a few Wally World workers taking their smoke breaks out front if they had seen anything going on over by my bike. Only one gal remembered seeing two other bikes parked by mine in the last 10 minutes or so but they had just left. Got my kit out and put it all back together and headed home. Still smoldering. I'm gonna keep parking my bike in the same spot. I'm going to start keeping an eye on it from the front of the store. I'm looking forward to introducing myself to the fool. He needs to meet me in person. I'm sure he will remember me after that. How bigga sack does it take to pull a stunt like that? Don't answer that.... no need to. Mike
  14. Guest


    Hey Walt thanks for the help on the clutch yesterday, I got real lucky on that... I never seen poot like that thru the master cylinder....Anyhow thanks my friend
  15. Been off line for nearly two days. Big outage here in Perth.... my internet provider had some real issues getting me back on line, but all sorted now Did I miss anything? :confused24:
  16. I still have a pretty good quantity of shirts, but the sizes are limited to Large, Med, 2X Large, 3X Large & 4X Large, I forgot I had the 4 XLarge, so they weren't listed in the last auctions, I also have a few hats left and some pins. I will post a couple of auctions with 1 of each, and a couple with 2 items and the rest as singles. Remember, the Kids at St Jude are the real winners when all is said and done, this money goes a long way to helping them fight and find cures for all the different forms of cancer they have to deal with.
  17. Dave and I started our ride this morning on the Tour of Honor ride in Texas. About 12 miles west of Dripping Springs, tx heading to Fredericksburg for our first memorial stop about 8am.. Dave had his rear tire go flat on 290 and went down on the side of the hwy. He is alright but real sore on his left side. I was leading so didn't see him go down, when I looked back after going up a hill and curve a pickup was flashing his lights at me, when I turned around and went back he was lying flat on his back next to his TD on the side of the highway. Two drivers had already stopped and gotten to him. Made him lie there till EMS arrived where they checked him out. Had a whole bunch of LEO and EMS and Fire dept blocking the road, its a busy fast hwy. They finally got Dave up and he was able to walk around. A wrecker arrived but Dave got ahold of Tom (Blanco)who lived real close to where we were to bring his trailer. He arrived and we got it on his trailer and took it to his house and put it on his lift to find the tire problem, a 1' gash inside the one threads. Dave's wife Jamie arrived shortly after and the three of us went to get some lunch in downtown Blanco then head back to Houston. I got back home by 6:30, spoke with Jamie, Dave was resting after some good drugs. Besides the rear tire, bike was in good shape, left crash bar was bent, left cowling was loose, left passing light a little bent. His new 5 gallon Aux tank on the back held in there. All n all was real glad the day turned out better than it could have been. He was able to walk away. Thanks to TOM for a great assist for a fellow Venture rider.
  18. Looks like I have to put the old girl up for sale soon. As of today, I just cannot see me riding it again. It has tons of extra accessories and its been a real blast. Ill make a decision by the end of the day after I talk it over with my family.
  19. Here is a real bike. Zoom Zoom... [ame=http://youtu.be/Ol0q7cCPCZ0]http://youtu.be/Ol0q7cCPCZ0[/ame]
  20. I got my head back on straight , so I'm back , been in a funk for a little while but thats over . still got Whitey , she still runin good , has a leaking slave cyl. got to rebiuld it or get a new one . Got off the road and got a real job again , yep , back to braking RV's and charging to much . Now to catch up on all the posts I've missed Thom
  21. Instead of trying to fit a trunk to my RSTD, I am interested in finding luggage that can create similar capacity to a Venture trunk and be attached the rear factory accessory luggage rack and the passenger sissy bar. Any real life experience with this type of product or suggestions would be appreciated. Mike
  22. I looked around in various areas on the site but didn't find the answer to my question. Does anybody happen to know the approximate weight/load bias on these bikes (in my case 1genMK2)? I'm real curious what % is up front vs. out back. I suppose I'd be interested in knowing both without a rider(s) and with.
  23. Put the bike away today as it does snow once in a while here in Iowa. Rick I will be contacting you real soon for the seat modification that you have made famous!
  24. Just saw this movie trailer on Yahoo. Says characters are portrayed by active Navy Seals, is fictional but tactics and weapons are real. Looks like a good one to go see.
  25. I found this on ebay for $70, it is installed, looks and works Great. Total of an hour to install. This is real effective in lighting up the back of the bike.
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