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  1. Just got a text message from Ponch. He send me some pictures from a place, restaurant or something, named "Freebirds". It was pretty cool. What was REALLY cool though was just hearing from Ponch. I sure miss that guy. He included a message that he misses all of us too.
  2. After 23 years we say goodbye to our old house. Its going to be different, considering we are only moving 1/2 mile away. Its going to be nice out here at the family farm again, but I am going to miss our old home. Lots of memories and 3 kids there. But we will make memories here as well.
  3. For some idiotic reason I thought I had fouled a plug in my 2007 Venture. As everybody knows, I'm not a mechanic but thanks to the tech section I was able to convince myself that I could change them myself. The reason for the change was the "miss" that I heard in the motor and miss-diagnosed as a fouled plug. So, in less than an hour I had them changed and the bike back together. No special tools, just a Craftsman 18 mm deep socket, a 3/8" swivel, extension, ratchet and a couple allen wrenches. Each plug I pulled I was disappointed that it looked like a new plug - crappola All 4 plugs were in excellent shape, nice light brown, gapped to (I think) 34 thousanths. I didn't have a 34 but I did have a 32 and a 35. Loose 33 and the 35 wouldn't go. Close enough for the girls I date. Got it back together, startedit up - still had a miss. 15 minutes later, some seafoam and fresh gas - I'm just about ready to blame everything on gas that was 2 years old - now, anybody that wants to come down and wake me come on down - bring you're own 2x4 or ball bat, I refuse to take a beating with my own tools
  4. Almost time to go. We are leaving North Carolina and heading West to Texas. Although we will miss our friends and our little place out here just off the IP for drop zone Sicily at Fort Bragg we are looking forward to getting into our new place outside of San Antonio. The folks in NC and the East here have been great. I have no doubt I will miss sitting on the front porch at the house here as the C-130's and the monstrous C-17's fly over our garage so low you can almost reach out and touch them, then watch as they head over the forest until the parachutes blossom in a strings behind them. Or when the Marines come to town and shake the area with the 155's day and night. Well, maybe we won't miss that. In the last couple of years I've found myself literally falling apart but thanks to modern medicine, I have been mostly put back together. But still I retain a few problems that seriously affect my ability to work on my bike. I had a problem with the bike that really needed fixing. So I waited till an old friend stopped by and we took the bike apart, fixed the problem but another problem cropped up I did not foresee and I had to order a part that didn't come in till after he left for home on the other side of the country. Now I have my bike in 500 pieces or so and waiting for help to come from Texas to put it back together. But. The turning wrenches problem has been resolved. In San Antonio we will be living but a few hundred feet from an old pal, family, rider, member and one time evil companion (we have both reformed from our earlier days on VR.org ... or at least I have), who has sworn to turn wrenches for me when needed, share his stash of ice cream and generally be available to go with when I wanna ride. And away we go ... well, in two weeks or so.
  5. DragonRider


    Well I cant seem to find Bubba and Todd aka 86er, trying to get together with him for a ride, but he is MIA, I know he was working on a house in his spare time, working for UPS part time, but more full time hours that part time............Hey Todd if you or Bubba see this call, miss seeing you and Bubba, I lie, its Bubba I really miss. [ATTACH]68728[/ATTACH]
  6. Thanks Sweetie we just got the mail and the patches came in. Margaret & Jeff We miss you too!
  7. We live in Boiling Springs South Carolina, Ride a 06 RSTD Pearl White 84k Darksider and we pull a trailer. We are going to Peigon Forge in the AM (13 Jun) if any of yall are heading that way or want to stop by and say hey giv us a hollar. My wife name Melody,Im Ron we are retired Military 26 yrs Army Infantry 1972-1999...Kinda miss it. Hate seeing our young Soldiers come home this way, Ride with Patriot Guard. 864-398-0271 see ya. Viet Nam 9th inf (Clean up ) Ft.Jackson DRILL SGT. Ft Stewart Ga, Berlin Ger, Washington DC, Korea, Ft.Lewis Wa. Ft.Polk La, Ft.Lee Va. 3 kids 8 Gkids 1 dog God I Miss tha Military
  8. just heard from pegster. he said he does'nt have a bike yet and misses all his friends on here. there seems to be alot of members that fell by the way side. sure do miss them. i guess it's a sign we are getting old. i emailed a few of them like dooder, cinderella, la, etc., but haven't heard back from them yet.
  9. Been off line for nearly two days. Big outage here in Perth.... my internet provider had some real issues getting me back on line, but all sorted now Did I miss anything? :confused24:
  10. Did I miss it?
  11. In today’s world of digital photography, I miss the art of taking a good photograph. I miss the expectant wait for the developing process to see if what I think I saw is what I recorded on the film. I miss the rules that have been generated over years of trial and error that hold true today as well as they did 100 years ago, and don’t mean a thing in the electronic world... I guess I just miss the romance of shooting silver film. So I drag out the old Nikon F2, and fire the shutter a half dozen times, get my fix, put it back into it's camera bag, and slip my digital in my shirt pocket…
  12. Geez, trying to breathe isn't easy Have had a chest infection for about five days, and now I'm using a puffer Looks like the dreaded family asthma thing has caught me If ya miss it as a kid it can get ya later in life AAWWW Crap!! My Mother had senior onset asthma in her 70's, my sister got it at 30, and my cousin at 76. ........... and I'm still waiting for my trike :crying:
  13. Taters left for Vegas early yesterday morning around 5 am...Sure is quiet around here.....Poor dog is wandering around the house looking for her...Only 24 hours and I miss her already....Sure is quiet around here.....Hope she is having a wonderful time visiting her friend and hanging out with her sister.....They have tickets to see a few shows ...Marie Osmond for one....Sure is quiet around here......She will be returning Sunday evening....Its tough being with someone for 26 years and being on your own again, even if it is just for a few days...Did I mention how quiet it is around here?....well, its off to work because its just to quiet around here.................... :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: :dancefool: PS...................MISS YA TATERS...Hope your havin fun !!!!!!
  14. I have never owned a bike with a radio let alone a "tape deck" before. I have never owned a bike with air shocks . I have never owned a bike with hard removable bags. I have never owned a bike with cruse control. I have never owned a bike with a clock I have never owned a bike that weighs 800lbs Man what have I been missing ? A 1985 Venture Royal is what.I took a road trip to Lake Superior last weekend with my brother .I'm getting use to this bike and think this near mint 26 year old bike is really going to be nice . I have a 1983 Honda V65 Magna so I'm use to a bit more power and 300lbs lighter but this is a ripen machine.We put on 730 miles and didn't miss a beat.I need to get some work done on the carbs cleaning mostly but here in Minnesota winter gets long and plenty of time to a few things. Did I say how much I like this Yamaha. Oh, I know someone with a V 65 for sale.
  15. Auctions 1-4 will be ending tomorrow, (Fri.) evening. Get your bids in. More auctions will be posted if you miss out on these..........
  16. Good morning everyone: Our friend LoriB needs to travel home today. We along with graderman46 and Babe are going to ride with her as far as Thermopolis (100 miles). Lori will continue to ride on home solo. The rest of us are going to take in the hot pools and relax! Returning in the afternoon. We will likely miss the BBQ but are looking forward to the dinner tonight. We are going to breakfast at 8:00 and leaving at 9:00. Others are welcome, if you want to go give us a call. 308-765-0167.
  17. This website changes Your way of Thinking... Look at Rhonda-T....... she was an quiet... innocent.... Loving.... Female..... Biker which we all Respected on a Virago. And Now!!... After a few years on this website... she has..... become... Miss Hell Angels changed her scoot (God forbid a Victory aka a Bike made out of Polaris snowmobile parts ), her personailty and and her appearance.. :crying:
  18. Saturday morning we head out of Utah on the way to STAR Days in Middleton, WI. Our route should take us out on I-80 across Wyoming and in to Nebraska. The first night, we will stay in Sidney, NB and the second night we will stay in Clive, IA. I expect that this stretch will be more of an endurance ride than a pleasure cruise. My question is, does anyone know of any "can't miss" sights along our way to Middleton? I'm pretty sure that it's just prairies and fields of corn, right? On the way back, we're going out on I-90 across Iowa and South Dakota, and then down through Wyoming. I don't expect that there is much to see in Iowa or until we get to the Black Hills area is there? I just don't like to miss seeing the fun stuff along the way. Anyone else here going to STAR Days? I understand that it probably conflicts with the Cody Rally, but maybe we can go to that next year. Thanks guys! Be Safe! Pete.
  19. center stand, reverse, horn that doesn't have to be replaced, fuel injection, cruise control that doesn't quit going up a hill, a better sounding audio system, no chirping and greater visiblity. put all of this on the RSV and you would have the perfect bike. having said all of that I really do love my RSV and with those few exceptions I really don't miss the wing although I haven't been on a long trip yet, hopefull that will be soon.
  20. OK, so the "Slap Down", "Smack Down", "Chili Chow Down" - event is going to happen again this year - y'all won't want to miss this. Various "gourmet chef's" have stepped up to the plate (err - pot) for this challenge, and the "winning" recipes are being brought out of the vaults - no bean left unturned . Monday evening - July 25th - at the International Rally - at the Ponderosa - ya won't want to miss it. More details to follow and available at the event. And yes! There will also be ICE CREAM!!:fnd_(16): And who knows, maybe even a bear .
  21. Do somebody knows if there is a direct replacement of the thermostat of a 1997 RS with a NAPA one? I already order one original, but probably will not be here before the MD, and I don't want to miss that weekend. Thanks
  22. Guest

    For folks in Texas

    Has anyone been here: http://consumerist.com/2011/05/lady-weeps-with-joy-as-new-in-n-out-opens.html Mile long lines for a burger, what gets me is they beat whataburger according to some people.... I sure miss whataburger in Tenn..
  23. were going in june to ride the ozark mtn.s anyone travel this area or been on this trip? would like some info of must see things and roads you cant miss. were starting out in jonesboro ar. thanks to all that reply
  24. Guest

    E-85 gas

    There has been E-85 pumps installed where I buy gas sometimes, which is no biggie to me cause I don't use it. I thought the E-85 was going to be cheaper than regular gas and it was 20 cents higher I asked the cashier and that was joke, so did I miss something or was E-85 suppose to be higher?
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