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  1. Yup!! Right into the Smoker
  2. The one of 2 Pony Tails is attached on my Venture Hat No Fleas yet on it Oh Maybe on me thou L.M.A.O.
  3. Last Thursday, Trout Creek's Keith Linklater was fishing with John Harding, of Temagami Lake On-Ice Bungalows, and landed this 35 lb lake trout. Linklater said it was a day with strong north winds and blowing snow. He caught the fish at 10:30 a.m. in 115 feet of water on Lake Temagami. It measured 42 inches long with a girth of 25 inches. On closer inspection, Linklater found another line hanging out of its mouth
  4. Where's The Venturerider DREAM CATCHER..Squidley You still have It??
  5. Get your mind out of the Gutter........ He may look friendly but he actually attacked my skidoo this morning ; first for everything! Qwazy buggar...
  6. The problem here is that you are not getting enough body fluids in your Leg Not the cheap stuff I wonder if I can send you The FIREBALL cures all PAINS:rasberry: Anyway Best wishes in your recovery
  7. I guess I should wish you a
  8. Post photos of your Man Cave whether its bikes, boat ,hockey etc
  9. I finally got to see one in action ..A Snow Tow that is hooked up behind a regular Snow Plow where the driver positions the unit in one lane or 2 lane of snow plowing It also has a drum oh Liquid Anti-Icing
  10. The Ski Locker has been Converted to a ICE CHEST
  11. dont listen to these guys ..they no squat Go try a CAN Am Spyder Touring Edition You will never regret I guess I open a Can of beans here
  12. I have a Cannon Electric Downrigger mount
  13. Its been mended but if you look you can see the rip The venture Gods was watching me over that day
  14. Show me your colourful vests with all the decor ..Here is my retired one The one that was dragged 93 ft in Arkansas I guess my vest has been retired from this site I cant Uplaod them
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