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  1. It's been A long time since I posted last. Cant ride no more due to failing eyesight, but I still like to come here to see what is happening in venturerider world. ridesafe: Bigbob
  2. Sorry to hear that about Pete, stopped by his place the other day for a quick visit, there was no one home. His screen name is tessa2
  3. I pulled a trailer with a solid mounted axle many thousand of miles, that trailer spent most of its time flying in the air. It helped keep tailgaters along ways back. Ride safe Bob
  4. Add me to the list, traded my 2004 venture/ 2012 hannigan trike kit on a 2012 honda SRV-EXL. It just wasn't all that much fun anymore. This is the first time since 1991 that I don't have a MC of some kind in my garage. I sure will still hang around here and dream of good times past. Ride safe every one. From A MC friend: BigBob
  5. V twin air cooled, are not for me.
  6. It's the black stuff they use to glue the w/s in the car. If you want I can try to E mail you pictures of the seat. Don't know how to post pictures on here. Bob
  7. I had the same problem, friend who runs a autobody shop said he would fix it for me. He spread a thin layer of windshield glue over the bad area and let it dry for two days. That was 2-3 years ago, still looks good you have to know there was a repair done there. hope this helps Bob.
  8. Been there done that, over 65 years ago, but remember like it happened yesterday. somehow later in life I still had two kids. Hope I didn't have help?????
  9. The way I use my aux. tank is I leave the main tank on off and leave the bike pump suck from the aux. tank. When the motor sputters I turn the main tank back to on And away I go. Like carbon 1 said it is a very poor design & dangerous way of doing things. Been there done that with turning the aux. pump on with the main tank full. Hope it doesn't take a lawsuit to get it changed. Gas allover hot motor tiny spark = KABOOM.
  10. If I could drive, I could drive to his place and talk to him,about 140 km. or phone him at 306-784-2915. I hear he on facebook also. Bob
  11. Russ. Due to medical issues I wont be able to make to P.I.P this year. So if anyone is looking for a cheap basic room in Lake George I will be cancelling mine there. It is a one person room for around $40.00 7 miles from P.I.P. LAKE GEORGE MOTEL 218 266 3914 Hope I can make it next year. Ride safe, Bob
  12. How about the gasket in the lid of a 5 gallon plastic pail. It's a 1/4" soft rubber hose. Just an another idea. Bob
  13. Yes I was on A car tire also, don't remember the make or size
  14. WOW!! that an identical replay of my accident that I had on my way to P.I.P in Aug 28th 2008. Hi speed wobble Going down Car tire ?? Get well soon Bob
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