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  1. OH, Happy birthday!

  2. I mess being with Motorcycle riders i have just joined never knew there was such an origination as the Venturers. I'm 69 and have worked almost all my life and have very few friends and the only other biker friend i have is my younger brother he has a new Harley and I have a Harley and this 1984 Venture Royal I'm currently having problems with the turn signals I ordered a new handlebar control for it the return spring in the cancel switch has worn out and will not let the switch return. I don't have turn signals and I have replaced both the 41R-71 RELAY and Hazard Switch AND still don't have TURN SIGNALS and yes, I did check the Fuse on both sides there is power. Wire checking don't have power on the brown wire with white strip at the 41R-71 Relay or at the Hazard Switch and no power on the handlebar switch assembly same wire (B/W).

  3. Sonny Ruttan and I had a run in about the same time as he set up his facebook page as "an Alternative to VR" and he got all bent out of shape that I would even mention VR on "his" page. I got booted then but somehow I got invited back. ??? I don't interact on the page i just read posts now.
  4. I bought my Tank Bib from Talisman Leather in London Ontario. I liked them as they have a choice of with or without the braid or the studs. https://talismanleatherlondon.com
  5. Nice!! Love the colours!
  6. Buy a few from the online and then go to your stealer for a refund. Lol
  7. It’s not completely a done deal yet but it looks like I’ll be picking up a 2004 RSV midnight. It’s a local bike with about 70000kms or a bit over 40000 miles. It’s got most of the chrome accessories available and new metzeler tires. I loved my 2013 HD Road Glide Ultra but it will be great to be back It’s a done deal!!! I picked her up about 11this morning and around town most of the day. There were some carb issues at first with a bit of leakage out of one tube and the engine wouldn’t idle and ran rough. The owner told me the bike had sat for about 18 months so I wasn’t surprised. I added half can of sea foam and within a couple of blocks it was starting to run better and by the end of the day ir was running smoothly and lots of acceleration. Happy to be back on a Venture!
  8. VentureWest was a get together in the Morro Bay/SLO area about 10 years ago. I think a great time was had by all. Brian
  9. I still remember the huge meals and breakfast at Margies Diner in SLO at Venturewest with everyone. Amazing food and amazing people. I think it would have been a great ride that year to, if the Venture would have stayed together.
  10. SUddenly I dont feel quite as "old" 4562 is my number
  11. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New year!!! I havnt been on here much in the last while but that may change soon as I have sold my Road Glide and am will be looking for another bike in time for next spring. See you all on the road!!!
  12. thats kinda what I was thinking, but i thought i would get a couple of opinions.
  13. I am trying to work out logistics to make this maintenanace day weekend happen. I am about 50/50 if I can make it happen. I am thinking that I might be best going on the north side of the lake when I am headed there instead of going south and around the Chicago area. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best route coming from Western Canada? Brian
  14. I have the Sena SMH10's that we use with helmets and like them a lot, but sometimes found the wind noise got a bit too much in VOX mode at speed. So we cut the finger off a thin leather glove, punched one hole in it and slid it over the foam ball over the mic, ensuring the hole is facing your mouth. It cut down on wind noise a lot and is an easy fix. Brian
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