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  1. The warranty is exactly why my sister continues to buy Kia vehicles. I have to say that they make a hell of a car IMHO
  2. Man I really like that new fairing they've got! But like you, I'm still waiting for that Liquid Cooled V-4 to really push them dino numbers up!
  3. Honestly, I just love the feeling of being on 2 wheels. I love the way the motorcycle leans, I love the smell, and I love my head snapping back when I lay on the throttle.
  4. Congratulations on winning the world lotto! I'm sure you're hearing from ALL the long lost cousins by now! Speaking of which remember that one time I let you borrow 780,000 Dollars
  5. I think you're gonna be pretty busy with that fancy pancy new 3d printer! You could be like that Project Farm page on youtube and 3d print cylinder heads for lawn mowers just to see how long they run for!
  6. Chaharly


    I'm glad to hear you're doing good! Unfortunately Dad passed away on November 24th with his wife and all his children at his side. He got to go on his own terms though, which means alot to me. I appreciate you asking though!
  7. My suggestion for finding a Chiro would be to go to a college town where they play alot of sports and ask around for the best sports chiro. I'd trust them over many others
  8. This goes under that list of s*** you'll never see me do
  9. Chaharly


    I sure hope everything's still going good for ya Patch!
  10. I would wear shorts on my RSV but if i remember its easy to lay your thigh on the right rear header and it smarts pretty good. Ive got an 07 Triumph Rocket 3 for sale if you're interested
  11. That's a sharp lookin cap! Been helping dad out, he's going through chemo now but doing okay. Needs to put weight on. He only weighs 168lbs!
  12. So sorry for your loss. Thats an incredible friendship to survive 63 years like that! Take good care of yourself!
  13. Just out of curiosity, have you checked your tire pressure? Your tires can look full but if they're low it will have a major effect on handling
  14. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers guys! I definitely think they're working! He may be able to go home tomorrow, he even did a little Jig in the hallway yesterday! He's still got a tumor in his abdomen and he's going to have to go through chemo to try and take care of it. Nothing to do now but to give it up to the good lord and hope and pray that the Chemo does its job! Thanks again everybody, you guys make a heck of an extended family!!
  15. Oh man thats terrible! I had no idea. Rest in peace Bongobob. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family
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