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  1. There are shafts for the throttle blades for the carburetors and they are located at the bottom part of the carb body. This is what we are adjusting when we are setting the carb balance. Getting the blades to open to the proper setting to balance out the vacuum. I have not seen anyone that offers these seals but someone might have them. Check the K&L catalog as they have number carb parts in there. Good luck. Rick F.
  2. There was a mod that some of us did to our radio setups and it was called Marshall Mod as a gentleman named Marshall Gammon came up with the idea. It involved adding a second antenna to the setup. Some of the travel trunk racks have a provision added to them at the factory for adding a second factory antenna mount to the left side of the rack. We would add that mount and then add another antenna to the left side and run that directly to the radio antenna connection using a cable with a male Motorola connector to a male PL-259 connector. This bypass the splitter box that is connected to the CB
  3. I used the Yamaha rebuild kit on mine a long time ago and have never had any issues with it. Partshark has it for $46.86 according to their website.. https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/5107f83cf870022108d6578b/rear-master-cylinder Item #2. It also includes the piston. Personally, if I had rebuilt it as much as you have I would be looking for a different master cylinder and rebuild it and see if that made a difference as it sounds like something isnt right with that one. Good luck. Rick F.
  4. I switch to these a while back and have liked their performance on my 89VR.. EBC V-Pads Semi-sintered. https://ebcbrakes.com/product/sintered-brake-pads/ Rick F.
  5. The drive shaft seal for the 86-93 Ventures is replaceable and is a very tight fit. The drive shaft gear is greased by the grease in the rear axle gear case. This is different than the 83-85 Ventures. I had to replace mine when I pulled the drive shaft out as I also was getting a bit of leaking out of my assembly. If I recall I had to cut away the metal part of the seal around the drive shaft that you show in the picture and then drive the new seal onto the shaft. I believe I used a long piece of PVC pipe that was the correct diameter to do the job. For you U-joint here is a link to Tec
  6. If you check in the Tech Section of the Forum, you will find a section for the 83-93 Ventures and that would be the best place to ask questions. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forum/10-venture-and-venture-royale-tech-talk-83-93/ Also a great place to find information is in the Technical Library section for the 83-89 Ventures. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forum/15-venture-and-venture-royale-tech-library-83-93-read-only/ Look around, ask questions, posting pictures with your questions also helps us provide answers. Welcome to the group. Rick F.
  7. Glad you found the home of the cable. Now your question about backfiring is most likely caused by a bad air cutoff valve in one or more of the carburetors. They might have a hole or tear in the rubber diaphragm that is letting air in. These are available separately from different sources but it might be time to check all the carbs for these valves and also for tears or hole in the carb slider diaphragms. This are behind the large covers that you see facing the outside of the carb array with the 4 retainer screws. Check some of the forum post on these should help you understand them. Goo
  8. I would be checking ebay mostly and see if one pops up on there. Good luck Rick F.
  9. Can you tell where the other end is attached to as that would be a big help. With the bike running, do you have vacuum on the line or pressure? It is possible it goes to #2 carb vacuum port and then up to the pressure sensor for the ignition system. There might be another hose hanging down that this one connects to which would explain the tube it is connected to presently. If you dont have a service manual for the VR MK2, here is a link to it and that be of some help to you. https://www.venturerider.org/manuals/1986-1993 Yamaha Venture Service Manual.pdf Let us know if you have mor
  10. I just tried to order a Yamaha Venture air cleaned and got a message back from PartShark that the Yamaha. 26H-14451-00-00 (Air cleaner) is currently out of stock, and Yamaha is not projecting back order dates. Not sure if this means that another part has bit the dust or just what. I know there are after market filters available but I was going to add one to my parts inventory while ordering other parts. Just passing it along. Rick F.
  11. I replaced mine with NGK spark plug boots a number of years ago and used the Dennis Kirk catalog to determine what I needed and did order them from there. https://www.denniskirk.com/motorcycle/ngk/spark-plug-cap They show all the different ones available and I believe I used a couple of straights one and then a couple angled ones. I cant check now as I have replaced them all with Coil On Plugs and like that a lot better. Hope this helps. Rick F.
  12. It might work, but you are going to expose a lot of wiring and relays that are behind the Yamaha fairing? How do you plan on dealing with those? I guess you could fabricate a housing for them and hide them behind that. Rick F.
  13. Hi Dave, Just like Cowpuc said, but dont try to drain the forks till all the air is out of them. You will have a mess on your hands. I installed progressive in mine a while ago and didnt put a lot of preload in them so I run about 7 lbs of air just to keep the oil pressurized a bit. I get a nice comfortable ride that way. I also unhooked my electronic fork dampeners as they really arent needed with the progressives. I just unplugged them under the dash was all, and left them attached to the forks. Rick F.
  14. That is a wonderful idea for rear speakers. I might have to borrow that idea and do myself a set. Interesting how you used the travel trunk rails for the top of the saddlebags also. I cant say I seen that done before either. Good job all ready and thanks for sharing. Rick F.
  15. Looks like my Corbin seat with the passenger section being more flat than the stock Yamaha seat. I also have the Corbin drivers back rest that slides in under the Corbin name in between the 2 seating areas. I do not have the passenger arm rest as I havent been able to find a good used set anywhere that was reasonably priced. The lever on the left side of the seat is the release to remove the drivers back rest. Rick F.
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