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  1. Here is the factory Yamaha part with a new slider and diaphragm. It is #9 on the parts diagram.https://www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/5107f835f870022108d6576a/carburetor-non-california-model Rick F.
  2. I check my oil cold since I usually do it before I ride. I also check it while the bike is on the center stand as that keeps it up right. Also another way to drain off some of the oil is to remove the oil filter housing on the front of the engine. It will drain some of the oil and if it drains too much you can just add some back in. I am not sure how much you will get out with a turkey baster as the oil fill is by the clutch and transmission and then run down to the sump. Good luck. Rick F.
  3. They are only used when you open the float bowl drains and direct the fuel to the right and left side of the bike so you can catch the drain fuel into a container instead of having it go all over the engine. Your call if you want to replace them but they can be a pain to get to with the carbs on the bike as they are in the middle of the carb bank. Good catch, I hadnt thought about the intake boot being loose and causing the leak. Replacement are available if you think you need to replace them. Check out https://www.siriusconinc.com/pro-detail.php?pid=&product_id=122177 but they are showing out of stock.. imagine that.. Rick F.
  4. Are you talking about the vacuum ports on the intake runners here? The only connection I am aware, hooks up to the vacuum port on the #2 intake runner for the front carb on the left side of the bike as you sit on it. The other 3 ports should have vacuum caps and clamps on them and really are only used with balancing the carbs. The vacuum line goes from that port up to the pressure sensor that is used for the ignition advance on the bike. It could be possible that hose has a leak in it and might be causing the poor performance and MPG. Rick F.
  5. Seafoam is my go to for all my small engines. I even mix it with the gas when I fill up my gas cans, and I always store my engines with Seafoam in the tanks and have no issues with startup at the beginning of the seasons. And yes I use it in my Venture all the time and store it with Seafoam and none ethanol gas in the tank. Seafoam is great for keeping the gas fresh also. Not sure how much you but in the tank but on your next fill up I would dump half the can in and go drive it like you stole it. It does help to clean up the carbs when it can get thru the passages to begin with. Rick F.
  6. You best bet is just to keep monitoring Ebay and see if one shows up as they do from time to time. Pinwall Cycle out of Ohio seems to have some from time to time and they sell on ebay. Good luck Rick F.
  7. First place I would check is the carbs, starting with the diaphragms and checking for holes in them. They will wear and developed pin holes in them that effect the performance of the bike. There are replacement available for a number of source, but dont buy this ones from China that are on ebay cheap. Here one source that has them available. https://www.siriusconinc.com/pro-detail.php?pid=&product_id=1794 Another thing to try on the carbs is called shotgunning them with carb cleaner. Check the tech library or do a search on it in the internet and you will find a procedure on how to do that. The Vmax guys come up with it I believe and it does seem to help out with carbs that have some dirt in them. Also if they are okay or need replacing, you need to also sync the carbs and see if that helps. Most likely it is off some but shouldnt effect the bike like you are describing. I would check plug wires and spark plug cabs and replace or upgrade them if needed, and yes the spark plugs also. Becareful as there is a small o-ring that holds the sparkplug wire in the coil when you remove the wire, as you dont want to loose that. You may also need to get the valves clearances set properly if that hasnt been done or if you are not sure when the were last done. There is a kit available from one of the members here and all he request is that you buy new valve cover gaskets from him. I have an 89 and I usually average between 35 to 43 mpg depending on my wrist action and have no problem going up to redline quickly. Hope this helps. Rick F.
  8. Looking at the pictures, are we sure this is an 89 as I have one and the colors are reversed on this one compared to mine. Also I see the bellows on the front forks also. I am thinking this is a 90 - 93 Venture actually. Also the top grainy picture is not the same bike pictured in the other photos also. I know you walked away from it and sounds like you did the right thing to me also. There is a lot of chrome on the bike but if this are old pictures it might be rusted and in bad shape also. Rick F.
  9. I have up loaded the Yamaha factory instruction for the 86-93 rotor covers so if you get some off of Ebay you can make sure you have all the parts and how it all goes together. Hope this helps Rick F. 86-93 Rotor Cover installation instructions.pdf
  10. Here is a place to get some carb parts.. https://www.siriusconinc.com/search_result.php?make=2&model=Venture Royale&part=All&partno=&x=56&y=16&search=search&start=0 They are the new rubber plugs for the jet block, they have some partial carb kits, as well as the SLIDE DIAPHRAGMS. There is a place in the Netherlands, https://www.carburettorshop.com/contents/en-us/d380_Mikuni_BDS_carburetor_parts_and_rebuild_kits.html They also have service kits for the carbs. Some of the parts you will need to go to Yamaha to order. You will not be able to get a new needle set as it has been discontinued from Yamaha. What ever you do, stay away from anything that is made in China. You cant trust what you will get from them and if it will fit. If the price is way too good, then run as it will do nothing but cause you issues in the future. Also check some of the items in the Tech Library and you might find information there on working on these carbs. Hope this helps you out. Rick F.
  11. Are you looking for a rotor and caliper? Ebay is a good choice but be prepared to rebuild the caliper before using it so you know you have a good one. Rick F.
  12. Yes, check the fork seals first. You can tell the lower fork leg with a clean dry rag and see if it is wet and oily afterwards. Rick F.
  13. I use this and have it attached to my key chain for the bike. I set both buttons to open the garage door so when I am wearing riding gloves it doesnt matter what button I hit. https://www.chamberlain.com/universal-mini-garage-door-remote/p/MC100-P2 Hope this helps, Rick F.
  14. I am going to pass on this years event. Right now I am replacing fork seals on my 89 and resolving a coolant leak that keep getting worse to where I can wait any longer on it. Hope everyone has a good time. Rick F.
  15. In case you havent found them yet, here is a link to download a copy of the service manual for the first gen Ventures. These will be of some assistance in figuring out where things are and how to get to them and service them. And as always, ask us here on thing also. Rick F.
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