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  1. If it ends up in Viroqua, you know I'll be volunteering.
  2. Not to long ago, someone mentioned that the early 83's were built to the same specs as the VMax engines. Anybody have any input on this. Can anybody confirm this? If so, does anybody know where the serial numbers end/begin? I keep hearing people say that the MKII 1300's weren't as quick or powerful as the MKI 1200's. I would think the 1300's would be quicker due to the extra 100cc's. Some say they were all detuned half way through 1983. Anybody have anything more to go on than just speculations? I'm looking for real facts and data here. Just bouncing some ideas around in my head.
  3. I just dropped this 86 1300 into my 84 about 3,100 miles ago. I ran into a little problem with my transmission a couple weeks back. When I was getting on her in second gear, it was like I went into neutral or missed a gear. Then it shifted all the way up into 5th but it didn't feel right. Then it wouldn't come out of 5th. I was able to limp it home stuck in high gear all the while is felt like it was stuck almost in gear and would slip out if I gave it to much throttle. As I was taking it apart here's what I found: Two friction discs without a clutch disc between. Either missing clutch
  4. I'm having the same issue with my center-stand. BUT! It only started after putting the new engine in it. After doing some more looking, I noticed that the rear muffler clamp on the driver's side was in a position as to not allow the center-stand to fully retract back up to where it should be. When it quits raining, I'm going out to fix it. Bill
  5. MK1 rear shock and spring options. Are there any options out there to replace or upgrade the rear shock or spring? I've been searching and I'm not finding anything. Things feel a bit squishy back there and I'm sure after 30 years and about 88,000 miles, a new spring at the very least might stiffen things up a bit. Putting Progressives up front quite a few years ago helped a lot, but I don't see anything for the rear. Thanks, Bill
  6. And if you use a file to notch the antenna where the set screw pinches it, its much more likely to stay put if the screw does come a bit loose. Bill
  7. I had made a swivel for my trailer some years back. It comes in real handy when parked on uneven ground and the bike is on it's side-stand. Bill
  8. I finally found where to find new twist studs, eyelets, and washers for attaching the pouches to the trunks on the 1st gens online. I know some of us have been looking for them in the past. I can't find them locally. http://www.coversuperstore.com/Snaps-Grommets-Hardware/ Bill
  9. Sorry to hear that. I hope you have beer luck with them than I did. That's the same package I went with the first time around. I'm much happier with my 55w now.
  10. Whatever you do, stay away from these guys! They're nothing more than a bunch of lying thieves. First they went by the name, HID Country, now they go by Light Pros. They are anything BUT professional. They will tell you they are not the same people, but are. I went rounds with them about a ballast that went bad after only a month. I finally got a second one that they said was a direct replacement. It wasn't. All my emails were ignored. When I called, I was told one would be sent right out, a month later, nothing. I called again and went through the same thing again. Finally after months of get
  11. I have mixed feelings. On one side, you simply DON'T stop on a busy highway unless there's an emergency. I'm curious to know the details of the situation. Did she stop over a hill, around a curve, etc. so the biker couldn't see the car until it was to late? What was the biker doing that he couldn't stop in time? Speeding, distracted, riding into the sun, etc.? If I run into a stationary object, I tend to feel it would be my own damn fault. But there are often extenuating circumstance that we're simply not aware of. Its just to sad that so many live have been so tragically altered for the rest
  12. Mine does cover the license plate. I was prepared to move the plate if anybody had a cow over it. 2.200 miles through WI., MN., IA., OK., MO., and IL. nobody batted an eye at it. I'll post some pics of how I mounted mine when I get a chance. Bill
  13. These guys seem to have some good setups. http://www.motorcycletunes.com/default.asp Bill
  14. Great minds think alike! I put a MKII trunk on my 84 a few years back. Before my trip to Oklahoma I mounted the original MKI trunk where my hitch plate bolts to. 2,200 miles round trip and no problems. Couldn't even tell it was back there. It provided the extra space I needed without having to take the trailer, and put the extra weight down low. Bill
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