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  1. the HBC 200 come out of the box using a special technology, we use 1/2 helmets now mind you 70mph there is a little but not near as bad as boom mics....
  2. UPDATE..... LuAnn & I got to ride this afternoon, LOVED the headsets it's nice to talk to my wife while she is on her bike & me on mine.... only complaint is LuAnn wanted to holler ,she busted my ears, I finally convinced her to talk normal..... ZERO wind noise, coming home I had a riding buddy call , talked to him just like I was using my phone, my music stopped phone rang all I had to do was say HELLO... when we finished my music started back with a click of a button ..... this while using a 1/2 helmet... LOVE it so far...
  3. got a got pro3+ hero black, bluetooth control I've used about 4 or 5 times.... I like it but I don't like doing the edit... u do 30 minutes of riding video and need to cut it down to 3 to 4 minutes....I haven't found an easy edit program.... I hate the go pro edit..I could be persuaded to sell mine... i have a lot of mounts & extra battery ...
  4. I posted this on FB, But a lot off you aren't on FB ,.... just bought a set UClear HBC 200 for LuAnn (wife, she rides a syder )& I to be able to communicate when riding. Lol she has not perfected the hand signals other than the middle finger lol... So far preliminary testing has been good, easy setup, hooks right up to the phone, music is pretty good, I like being able to answer the phone by just saying hello and it will shut off the music and go to the phone. Still waiting to test it riding down the road instead of walking around in the yard like dark Vader ........Does anyone here use UCLEAR? Any hints? Likes, dislikes? As I use it I will update as to how I like it... http://bamarides.com/ride/Smileys/default/shocked.gif
  5. Sorry for the loss of your dad,...... you are at the right place.... there is a wealth of knowledge here that will be happy to share it.....
  6. bought a HF MC jack... pump leaked all the oil out for no apparent reason, replaced it and it has not leaked again...like others have stated try a different jack if possible....Sometimes cheap isn't better, but neither is high dollar ....
  7. thanks I knew I'd have to tighten those after I loosened the big nut on top.... a 1 1/16" will fit it couldn't find a 28mm
  8. thanks I don't know HOW it duplicated ....
  9. if you have never been on the Cherohala it is a GREAT ride.... be ready for popping ears.... love the BIG sweeping curves.......
  10. 2010 Venture...My steering is to loose, jack it up handle bars crash over and bounce 2 or three times, I have a wobble on start offs.... question what SIZE is the Chrome nut 28 29 or 30 ... lol I don't have one that size and an adjustable wont work ... then next question how tight should the tree be?
  11. Eck, this is something we all go through, when you do something so much it becomes like a job and can lose it's luster. In anything I have ever done I've always said when it's not fun any more or I don't enjoy it I will find something else to do. I hunted & fished religiously most of my life, BUT I quit both and haven't looked back, on on a cool autumn night I can almost hear a coon dog treed or on a pretty warm spring day I can almost feel a fish on the end of a line, but that is as close as I come. I quit riding for 26 yrs and never missed it, but one night I decided I wanted a bike and I haven't looked back, I've owned 4 bikes well one is my wife's Spyder but I have put 92,000 miles on 3 bikes in 4.5 yrs..a honda shadow 1100 (33,000 miles) and 05 midnight venture (44,000) and the 2010 venture (15,000) I ride now. I have rambled on to say this, follow your heart. As Clint Eastwood said " a man has to know his limitations" maybe you have reached your limit. Maybe you are just bored with the style of riding, I know a lot of guys have gone back to their first roots of trail riding....Anyway I hope you find "your groove" and as others have said even if you quit don't be a stranger here...
  12. I have led a LOT of group rides, some with as many as 40 bikes.... on 2 & 4 lane roads we ride staggered, on smaller county roads we ride single file.... With 15 bikes you can not pull off and on just to let people by, to hard to keep bikes together and find a pull off place that is safe... sounds like they were traveling speed limit + 5 in most cases so that shouldn't hinder any1 unless some1 is in a BIG hurry and speeding excessively.... We as bikers don't own the road , but we have the same right to ride as long as it safe & within the laws. I would never get in the middle of group ride that I wasn't riding with, 1 because you have no clue as to the skill of the riders, 2 it can get ugly if it is a club or gang....like others have stated if you don't want to follow pull over and give them plenty of time & space... Now if it was a 4 lane and they are taking up both lanes that is all together a different scenario ..... 1 more thing I agree with Eck about cars squeezing in that is never a good thing........
  13. I noticed this LOOOONG ago ...... my bike shows 21 miles for 20. speed varies no rhyme or reason...
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