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  1. you mean to say that driving backwards real fast then hit the brakes is not the way they should unload the package?
  2. My prayers offered up I know what this is like my brother passed away from this he was to far advanced when they found it he just turned 51 and passed 2 weeks after his. birthday I too lost 3 family members to that dam C word my mom got bone cancer lost her at age 60 my dad got colon cancer lost him at age 70
  3. Gunner had a check up today one more shot for inflammation. doctor said he made it past the first hurdle all things should be good from here on in? has a weeks worth of more pills to take. is getting around ok plays some till he starts to hurt a little. I then make him rest. doctor gave him a warming pad to lay on it uses his own body heat to keep him warm on the belly and joints. he loves it. I asked the doctor how much for that? he said the staff gave it to gunner for a donation ? they saw the go fund me thing and gave every thing he needed today for free. I have to say that between all of you and that vet. gunner was saved I still want to say we are very touched and blessed by what you all have done sincerely oldgoat and Gunner
  4. prayers sent had the chance to meet him just once nice guy hope all goes well
  5. I had my share of cat,s as well had five of them at one time and 2 dogs the cats would bring me gifts every day like worms, a dead mouse, even alive one or two, pine cones, old chewing gum, garter snakes (hated that) and of course a few of there free loading friends LOL had one that was crossed eyed poor thing would run into walls. got that fixed and she was by my side all the time she would walk my old dog. take his leash and take him around the yard. when he went blind, they died together she got feline cancer and he was past his prime had to put them both down at the same time that broke my heart I am a huge animal lover and from what I seen here a lot of you are again thank you all
  6. hey even a prayer is welcomed he is on the mend going to take some time but he is all I got here. and he keeps me happy wont ride on the bike? but loves the rides in the jeep Cherokee and I got the hair in there to prove it LOL
  7. well was not the news I was looking for thought maybe you ran off and remarried that fine woman of yours? now get that medical stuff taken care of this mad house is not the same with out you my prayers to you no matter how much of that white wash fool might throw your way don't over do it OK?
  8. last post 11/25/ 2016? dang not like him? hope all is well?
  9. jack russel and yes mixed when he is doing good he can be a hyper little **** but I love him LOL
  10. did you send him some white stuff? is he MIA? could be out in your garage tinkering with that darn snow machine?
  11. this is me dad cant figure out why when he loads them they end up this way? thank you every one love Gunner
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