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  1. A long nosed pair of needle nose pliers helped me a lot with the center hose...
  2. Yup!! Compression test for a good baseline! Carbs will definitely need attention, research the "shotgun" method here or on the VMax forum, try a full can of seafoam added to a tank of gas and drive it like you stole it. Try a new set of NGK plugs and make sure you don't have the dreaded green disease on the coil output. When you check for this, cut about 1/4" to 1/2" off of the coil wire to insure a good connection. Speaking of wires, maybe consider nice new ones. On the plug connectors, inside the caps is a resistor element and a disc which can become corroded and cause problems. You need to do a spark test on all 4 wires. Using a gap tester (they cost $15 - $20 at most auto parts store) you should pul a minimum of 0.100" spark, I think the factory spec is 0.106". You will also want to eventually do a valve adjustment on the engine, but first do a compression test and insure you are getting the proper spark on all 4 cylinders before you start carb work...
  3. The way things are going, I might not make it this year...
  4. How about a piece of black electrical tape applied over the offending light?!!?
  5. If you are lucky, the cable just snapped. If you are not so lucky, the cable snapped because the gears on the odometer seized up which is unfortunately a somewhat common occurrence...
  6. Yeah, well, this is the second time this old thread from 2011 has been revived...
  7. Yup, longer bolts with the Clearview or the F4! If you can find them, use a set of those "top hat" spacers in the holes. You may have to enlarge the holes in the plastic slightly to find a set to fit...
  8. Been there, done that!! When those 900 lb touring bikes want to take a nap, there is no stopping them!!!
  9. No, dielectric grease is an insulator! It is a special grease of sorts that is an actual conductor and you use it very sparingly. Regular contact cleaner will work sort of OK but the special contact grease, if you can find it, lasts much longer...
  10. Just so you know, you can use the EAD's, you just trigger a relay from the brake light (yellow) line...
  11. OK, Larry is member Carbon_One but he stopped making armrests years ago. There was a post within the last couple of days of a member who made some similar to his, I think it was in the watering hole... Nope, it was in the RSV tech talk! https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?141307-New-Armrest-idea
  12. Other than the spring wearing out as VAZ mentioned, you can polish up the electrical contacts to remove the tarnish and corrosion, and if you can find some, there is actually a conductive "grease" that will improve the electrical conduction and keep the contacts lubricated. Many years ago when TV's had the "drum" type channel selectors you would apply this special grease to the contacts to keep them working so you could actually watch the selected TV channel without excess snow. Sounds like your problem is most likely fixed!!!
  13. OK! You may want to consider lodging somewhere near the Buffalo Airport either on Genessee Street or Transit Road as a central location which will put you about an hour away from the falls. You get a better view of the falls from the Canadian side but you need either a passport or an enhanced drivers licence (regular driver's licence does not cut it) to cross the border, and leave you guns at home. Also, Niagara Falls, Canada is an even bigger tourist trap than Niagara Falls, USA is, but it is indeed a site to see! Our latest hot spot for the Buffalo area is downtown at what is called Canalside but parking can be a bit of a pain. There is a lot of history down there. Other than that there is a lot of beautiful countryside to explore especially to the east and the south. There is a lot to be seen in the area and one would really need at least a week to scratch the surface! You're in luck, we are supposed to be rain free both Wednesday and Thursday but it will be a little chilly with the temps only in the 60's. Friday will bring showers but no downpours to my knowledge. If you like, you can meet up with me and Jaycee's Folly at my place for the trip down, we leave here at 10:00. I am caging it but Jim is riding his beautiful purple 1st gen, and we are meeting up with the Canadian riders at noon just north of Erie, PA for lunch at the TA truck stop on I90...
  14. OK, Ron! Give me a call at my home number first or then my cell. Do you know where you will be staying? This would help in picking out a spot for dinner. My home is about an hour SE of Buffalo but members around here are scattered all over the area. Big Tom is hosting guests from Iceland but hopefully they can come as well!!
  15. That's not a problem! Find my home number and cell in my profile. We will be arriving at the Red Roof around 3 to 4...
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