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  1. Last Thursday we received a set of Larry's lateast production run arm rests and I must say Becky is extremely pleased!! I feel a lot better too knowing the armrests won't swing out while we are going around curves and turns which is much more noticible on a trike where we don't lean like 2 wheelers. Installation was a breeze! The hardest part of the operation was drilling holes in the passenger grab rails. I recommend drilling a pilot hole first to make it a tad easier. Our trunk was already installed in the second set of holes so that step didn't need to be done, but in our case I discovered my trunk was not aligned properly for some reason and the passenger controls were right in front of the up tube, whereas on the other side the up tube was quite a ways over from the same point, so I am suspecting either something did not get aligned properly with the trike conversion, or my left passenger grab rail was bent out, or the right bent in, or both! Anyways I ended up drilling new holes in the bottom of my trunk to move it even further back and over about a half inch or so. I would suspect that on a normal RSV this won't be a problem! So, I am highly recommending these to anyone in the market for a set of passenger arm rests. They are high quality and rugged, typical of anything Larry builds! One nice touch is the top of the arm rest is fabric insert with the sides leather. Very nice touch in hot weather so your arms aren't stuck to the leather after a long ride! BTW I now have a set of Diamond R armrests for sale now, $100 or B/O plus shipping...
  2. i'm in need of a pair of oem passenger floorboards for a venture.if ya got some pm me.thanks, bill
  3. Barb and I are down in Murfreesboro TN at our daughter's house. My son-in-law and I got to talking about the bikes he has test ridden, and the topic of the BMW 1600GTL came up. He'd gone to the Nashville dealer (Bloodsworth) and looked at it, but it was raining that day so he couldn't go for a test ride. Today we went up there and Barb and I went for a ride. It sure is a lot different than a MKII first Gen!!! The luggage is pretty small. The travel trunk is real big on the outside, but it's 2 layers, so the inside is way smaller than the MkII. The sadle bags have a real neat mounting system. They go on and off the bike in about 2 seconds flat. The motor is fantastic. Super smooth and unbelieveable power--everywhere. I ran it from a 3000 rpm run in 1st gear. You could feel the computer cut the power back whenever it would start to lift the front tire. Even in 6th gear from 55 mph, the power is great. Barb says it doesn't souind like a motorcycle though. The transmission shifts good, but there is a lot of gear lash in the driveline---way worse than either my 89 or my 83 with 150K on it. It turns great. Really great. I think it's because of the front suspension. The brakes are way too touchy. If you are old enough to remember getting into your friends early 60's Olds. or Pontiac and coming to a screeching stop while just touching the brake pedal, that's what the BMW brakes seem like. Even when I was trying to stop real gentle, it was an abrupt stop. There is some time delay between the throttle by wire and the motor responding, but it's not too bad. The passenger portion of the seat comfortable, but it took Barb some time to get used to it. She liked the seat heater, but says the back rest was terrible. I hated the front seat, but it had the shorter one. The dealer says he thinks he'll get a higher seat in soon. The wind protection from the fairing is no where as good as the first Gen. You have to use a bluetooth if you want communication with your passenger. I didn't play too much with all the toys, except I did switch the damping on the suspension. In the comfort position, it rides smoothly, and it gets stiffer when on normal or whatever they call the higher position. There is a lot less passenger room compared to either a 1st. or 2nd gen. If I left anything important out, please ask away..... Frank D.
  4. Restrictions on motorcycle passengers. -- Texas. House Bill 3838, also called Malorie's Law, "prohibit(s) the carrying of or riding by a passenger on any motorcycle that is not equipped with footrests and handholds for use by the passenger." According to some sources, many Texan motorcyclists were not aware of this at all!
  5. I have a 2008 RSTD with the quick release passenger backrest. Does anyone know what other years this will fit on? The reason I am asking is that I am having a custom made rack to mount a trunk on. I know it will fit my bike but I am wondering about other years. The guy who is making it for me maybe interested in them for other people.
  6. I have a 2000 royal star venture and the clutch is slipping in 4th and 5th gear. When you get on the gas real hard. Changed clutch fluid. And it's still slipping. I have about 65,000 on the bike. Don't ride that hard. And no passenger (she rides her own) Where should I start with the spring plate or clutch disc. thanks Michael
  7. anyone interested in unloading used passenger armrest from Ultimate Seat. Want to try out; not sure if I really want or not. Thanks. Satifka@aol.com
  8. cant post this in classifieds...dont know why....corbin passenger backrest $125 shipping to be arranged...if buyer gets an Ontario member going to rally I can deliver to them in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario..email for pictures ..was on bike for 2 rides..my wife likes OEM better..thanks Sold
  9. Anyone have any contacts about arm rest for the passenger? My wife loves to ride, but wants to be able to rest her arms more comfortably. Any links would be helpful. Thanks to everyone's help on the communitations system, backrest, luggage racks, and etc. I've asked for in the past. They have been very helpful. Thanks again, johnnyp
  10. i have a very nice passenger backrest and the passenger arm rests from my 87 venture ( the ones that mount in the trunk) . i believe the recling parts are all with it as well... i'd like to donate these to someone's cause. they are the brown vinyl ones. pm me if interested. i'd just want a few bucks to cover the shipping. i wanted black and got these and it wasn't worth returning them.
  11. I am interested in finding a set of stock passenger floorboards for a 2nd gen venture in any useable condition. Doesn't have to have the rubber inserts. Vincent
  12. Has anyone tried these passenger highway foot boards? http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?model_ID=42&Category_ID=6&manufacturer_ID=167&product_ID=3515 I just ordered a set for my RSV in hopes of solving the problem they mention, "Eliminate the whine from your passenger seat". They won't ship until the 18th of August so I won't know how good they are until then. I was just curious to know if anyone else has tried these.
  13. Been meaning to post this for a while now. Went to Wally World and got a Zefal aluminum bicycle bottle cage for $7 Went to Lowe's and picked up 1 Mending Brace for $2, 2 rubber lined P clamps for $2 and some nuts and bolts for $2 I cut the Mending Brace to sizes I needed than rounded off the squares corners on a grinder. I Attached it to my Mirror Stem on the right side just above the Brake Fluid Reservoir. Since the holder is metal I can spread it wider or squeeze it smaller to fit any size cup or can I might be using. If the resizing ever causes it to break all I have to do is replace the bottle cage for $7 and swap it out. For the passenger I simply used a a conduit clamp and a piece of Mending Brace. I riveted the cup holder and the mending brace together then used the conduit clamp around the passenger hand railing and attached that to the mending brace. Here are the pics of the material and the actual mounting for the front sorry forgot pic for the passenger cup holder
  14. A couple of my RSV friends have moved their trunk & passenger backrest back 1" by removing the mount bolts and and repositioning the whole assembly back one set of holes. Seen it done with 4 bolts and 6. Seems like a simple idea to give the passenger an extra inch of breathing room. I did not see this in the RSV tech library. Is there already a post on "How to"? I hope to do this today. (hints from my friends: Remove the passenger seat when you do it because when you move the trunk, it will pull on the com cord. The one with 6 bolts got said he picked up 6mm bolts from Lowes.)
  15. Hi all: Any chance anyone has had a problem with the passenger intercom. The radio/CB work fine and can be heard in the drivers headset fine. However, the passenger hears nothing. The two shops I use were of no help, didn't want to try to figure it out and pretty much sai I was on my own. Anyone have any thought where I might begin in trying to resolve this issue? Thanks
  16. Anyone have a set of "Gray" passenger arm rest for 91 VR?
  17. i just got my first Venture an 08 have 2 helmets with J&M headsets i know thay are good,,all the stereo,cb ,cass,every thing works but my mic's dont,,driver or passenger DOES not work on intercom or cb,,i know i have missed a post but i did look before i bothered you guys,,thanks for any help
  18. Just wondering if anyone that has these on a 2nd Gen (not triked) and what your thoughts are? I like the idea of the passenger comfort but do they get in the riders way? When backing the bike up, do you make sure they are in the back position or can you back up the bike with them forward? At $250 they seem expensive... but worthwhile?
  19. I have a set of Venture passenger hand holds on my RSTD. I'm getting ready to take a crack at a quick release trunk mount, but don't want to lose some form of hand grip for my passenger. Making the bracket / hand hold bar is no big issue, but what do people use for some form of non slip surface? I have seen the material for tools that you dip the handles of pliers (for example) into it. And, I have seen truck bed liner material in a can. Has anyone tried either of these for hand holds on a bike?
  20. Just bought our first Venture. It is a 2004 Midnight. It still has the original studded seat. My wife is only 5' 2'' tall. The back rest is really uncomfortable for her. Any suggestions on padding for the area between the passenger seat and the backrest??
  21. During Maintenance Day I changed my Clutch Spring, Friction Rings and the Steel Rings. Because of unexpected tire wear I also had to change my tire for a used one to get me back home so I never got to "really see" what the new clutch set up would do. Well I finally got a new tire installed last week and got to see just what the new clutch set up would do. All I can say is WOW. I was advised that the clutch throw would be a bit harder and to be honest that took all of about 5 or 6 times starting out to get used to that, and even then it was not as huge a difference as I expected. Where the real difference came was when I really dropped the hammer and then fast shifted in to second. I immediately found out two things. One, that yes you can get the front wheel of a second gen off the ground. Two, when you do that the passenger will say "what the was that? It whipped my head back", and find several "endearing things" to call you. Now here is the fun part. If, after explaining to the passenger that you just lifted the front wheel off the ground, and, you are lucky enough to have the right passenger, you WILL be told (not asked) to do it again If your clutch is slipping and you want to get performance out of your second gen then I would highly recommend SkyDoc_17's clutch package. You won't just get a grin put on your face. You will get one plastered on it and you will think your face will break from grinning so damn hard.
  22. Tried searching but struck out.... Has anyone installed Venture passenger grips on a RSTD? I am not installing a trunk yet but will in the future but wanted to try to adapt these stock venture assist grips.... Any help or pics would be outstanding.... Thanks in advance.... Bob
  23. I want to replace my seat, and am impressed with the Ultimate. Trouble is, that means I have to replace the passenger seat and my wife is not one for change, she wants to know if anyone has any experience with the passenger seat. She finds no problem with the stock seat and says it is the right thickness ( GEEEZ) but other than width I can't find anything about how thick the dang thing is. I told her Ultimate offers a trial and her response was I know you need a new seat so if you are happy with yours that means I have to switch. Good grief anybody out there have any experience with the passenger seat?
  24. Where can one order Passenger Arm Rests that fits MKII?
  25. 2006 RSTD Looking for a replacement seat like the Ultimate http://www.ultimateseats.ca/yamaharoyalstarTD.html Wanting to get a seat that is lower than the stock seat, yet comfortable for long rides. Also want to put a chrome rail around the seat. Backrest is a plus. Going to take the passenger pillion and passenger backrest off, but will want to be able to use this in case I ever want to take a passenger out on this bike. Recommendations?
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