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  1. I have a set of TD on my 07 RSMV and have been wanting a little noise from them. Has anyone drilled the TD mufflers out for a "little" more sound? I have been considering buying the RK mufflers to get a little more sound from them but before I do, has anyone drilled the TD mufflers? If so how did they sound? Hard to take a drill after any of them before I know what it will do. I bet some of you have had some experience with this?
  2. Hi I'am new to biking bought a 2003 royal star venture with a voyage kit on it.Had all kind of problems with it.I took it to a voyage dealer he relined it back up and tighten loose bolts.He said wheels were toed in more then likly from voyage.He corrected that problem,however in some curves it's hard hard hard to handle.I talk to three trike builders in our area .They tell me voyage trike kits are real problem.That not much can do for them. That even a product like ez steer won't help. I live in cleveland tn. so roads are windy.I was told by two trike builders not to wast anymore money. The pr
  3. well 3 months ago I got the bad news that I was a type 2 diabetic. and this is why my burn wound I had was not healing right. I had lots of infection in that leg. been through lots of treatment as well. been place on meds for the diabetic problems. went from 280 pounds down to 260 to some times 264 it goes up like that after I eat my night time weight is more then what I weigh in the AM? I am trying hard to lose more weight, so I am asking for some info? with MY orthopedic problems and my MS high blood pressure and all other health problems. I cant work out like I use to
  4. Did the member list go away with the old site ? I've looked every where, can't seem to find it but then I have a hard time finding the floor on occassion - ‹(•¿•)›
  5. Lewis come over and gave me a hand on the Venture today. It was hard keeping him focused at times. And he keep saying something about being 12 years older then me. As you can see I had the hard part of taking it apart already done.... Here are a few pictures of Lewis helping out.... And here's one of me checking the gap on a spark plug the technical stuff. (Yes in the right light you can eyeball the gap..... Ok maybe not.) Lewis worked all day repairing this bike. He keep pointing out things that needed doing and then asked "Do you want to go ahead and fix i
  6. I have a 2000 royal star venture and the clutch is slipping in 4th and 5th gear. When you get on the gas real hard. Changed clutch fluid. And it's still slipping. I have about 65,000 on the bike. Don't ride that hard. And no passenger (she rides her own) Where should I start with the spring plate or clutch disc. thanks Michael
  7. It's been awhile since I've been here. I live in a very humid area ( Tx. gulf coast ). The kick stand is hard to opperate ( it doesn't move as freely as it did when it was new ). For comparrison I went to the dealer yesterday and played with a new Venture that they have on theire floor. I did the most logical thing and lubed it with marine grease but it is still hard to opperate. Has any one else had this problem and if so were you able to fix it by just greasing it or is it something else I'm missing?
  8. Hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for your continued participation in the VentureRider club. I lose track of how many years we have been here now but I can say that they are some of the best years of my life. The friendships made here are the type that will last many many years and such friendships are sometimes hard to find now days. I know that many of you have gone through some difficult times over the past year. Some just recently. Please know that our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you during
  9. In a delima and was wondering if anyone has an answer to this for sure. If I go out state to look for work or just go there till my unemployment runs out can I still collect if I maintain a Michigan address. Now a days everything is done on line for UIA so it would make me believe this would be possible. If I needed to come back for work sign up and renew I could. My company has screwed me up so much I have been thinking hard about this. They are a little upset that I am drawing unemployment but they did not fight it. Weather or not they can down the road I don't know. It was kind of a comm
  10. Ok got my bike today and radiator is not busted but looks like footpeg was driven into thermostat housing. I think its the thermostat housing its a plastic tube with a 90 about 4 or 5 inches long.I am including photos is this a hard part to replace? Or does someone know the exact term for it so I can ask aroound. Thanks, Hamdavid
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1983-Yamaha-Venture-XVZ1200-XVZ-1200-Exhaust-Converter-/360491817420?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item53eefc99cc&vxp=mtr
  12. ive got the dredded oil puddle looks like its coming from around the clutch slave cylinder im thinking it may be the slave cylinder is it hard to replace
  13. I'm having a serious case of the screammin meamies. I am on vacation! Plans for the week included buying a 1T portable hard drive to back up my laptop onto. Hard drive was bought but said plans got put off due to other things getting in the way as in one of my mares doing her best to make my vet rich. The "fun" began when said laptop locked up while I was online. Tried activating the Task Manager to shut it down and restart the puter but the program would not come up so I just turned it off. Apparently that has corrupted my hard drive and the puter will not load into Windows. Fortunately
  14. We survived Isaac. Still without power, the generator is running, but no damage at home. We're still getting some wind and rain. We're in the south eastern quadrant and still in some feeder bands. The wind really howled last night, made it hard to sleep.Some trees down and a lot of flooding around. Hope all others are safe.
  15. Just want to offer up our prayers for our families, friends, members in the areas being hit by Hurricane Issac. Its no Katrina but still a deadly storm. Charlene and I have plenty of family and friends there, hope everyone makes it through, we also have many members in the storm area and they are in our prayers. What makes it hard for us is that its hitting the same area 7 years later, what an anniversary..........not one we want to be reminded of. God bless everyone affected.
  16. Would like to put a self cancel turn signal unit on my 96 Royal Star. Where do you get them,is it hard to install???
  17. After a couple of incidents in the last couple of weeks, one involving a friend of mine, I thought I'd throw this out as a reminder of the rules and standards involving the other end of the motorcyling world. The Clubs. This is most certainly not intended as a post to incite arguments of right or wrong or who has what rights to do what. It's just a reminder that another part of the motorcycle social structure is different from what most are used to. But in my opinion, everyone of us needs to be aware of the rules they live by. We all expect a certain amount of respect, some demand it. The
  18. Just wanted to thank all the committee members of the 2012 for putting on a great rally so far. Don & I are having a great time. We are thankful to be here with everyone. I know the hard work involved in planning something like this and just wanted to take a minute to say thanks BIG TOM & all your hard working crew!!! Niagara Falls was awesome yesterday. The rides have been great so far. Pioneer motorsports have gone above & beyond in their hospitality for us. Can't wait for another day of fun & adventure. :clap2::clap2:
  19. Has this been done to our bikes? This article is a conversion kit for the V-Max, with CV Carbs ... seems like it wouldn't be massively hard to adapt it: http://roadstercycle.com/yamaha_vmax_fuel_injector_cv_car.htm
  20. Okay, so I'm wanting a new set of pipes on my bike. Would prefer to go with a full set and not just mufflers. I want something quiet but with a bit throatier of a sound. I could have sworn my last RSTD had Hard Kromes, however after looking at their site, they do not have a specially fitted one for an RSTD. Any suggestions on what I should go with? I have a 2006. Thank you for any advice. Flash
  21. Just a note to let all of our members in the areas affected by the storms are safe and sound. I know that many were hit very hard, especially those in West Virgina and surrounding areas. Please check in when you can to let us know that you are OK.
  22. Today is Moped and his wife's (me) 40th anniversary! I feel it is a really big accomplishment in this day and age. So I am proud to say, we have had many good times, a few bad, we have raised 3 children, and we have 2 grandchildren. We have built our home from clearing the wooded lot, to working side by side hammering the plywood on the floors and roof. Putting the shingles on together, and all the other hard work that goes with it. We have helped each other take care of our aging parents. We have been through it all. We still enjoy a nice motorcycle ride together in the country side. So than
  23. Well, it all started towards the end of last season (which was the beginning of October for me because of my wedding and then spinal surgery). I got my progressive springs in, replaced the upper and lower twinkie "o"-rings, re-sealed the output shaft, and flushed and bled the clutch and all brake systems. Towards the end of last season the clutch was disengaging about 1/4" off of the handlebars if not closer. Was having a hard time finding neutral and downshifting. Once I did all of the above maintenance this year (may) I bled the clutch. I had the bike inspected last weekend, passed 100%
  24. The other day I was cleaning my bike and noticed a deep scratch on the rear of my trunk. looks like somebody may have keyed the bike. I am sure if I backed into something hard enough to make that scratch I would have noticed. How would you fix a deep scratch in the plastic. this is on a 2007 Midnight Venture. scratch appears to be light grey so assume the trunk is really grey plastic painted black. if it is black paint it will be hard to match. Al
  25. Hard bags for the RSTDs are available from Cruiser Customizing, here's a pic of them. Just saw it in an email this am..... http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/images/STR-4WM72-00-00_300.jpg Only costs you a Grand!!!
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