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  1. I just retired from full-time work and will leave San Antonio TX for Springfield IL...round trip of about 2500 miles. My question...how many miles can/should I REALISTICALLY plan on covering in a day? I've never taken a long trip on the RSV. I did ride from St. Louis to Wichita Falls TX back in 1977 on a Honda 450...but I was much younger then. I know many of you can ride a thousand miles in one day...I am 62 and I need to plan for what I really should try to cover. Thanks in advance for any input. Jim T
  2. Happy Veterans Day to all of our vets, thank you for your service.
  3. So a few months ago, a gal I work with (she shares an office with me) had asked about my bike (she sees my crash jacket & helmet sitting next to my desk every day) and we had a nice little chat about it. Turns out, some of her only memories of her and her father were of her riding on the back of his wing. She asked if I would mind taking her for a ride sometime, of course, I said no problem - just let me know when. Well work finally slowed down some (and classes are over for a while) so we planned it for today. I roll up to her place around 745 or so. She is out on the porch waiting for
  4. This coming weekend Im leading nine bikes from Long Island up to Mt Washington; a 3 day trip. Day one plan was to get as far north as possible staying off the main arteries as much as possible. Day two, top of the mountain and surrounding roads. Day three buzz home, probably highways to New London CT for the ferry to Long Island. SO, any road tips up on day one and around the Mt Washington area on day two are appreciated. thx andrew
  5. This will be our 4th annual Maintenance Day here at our place, The date is June 27th and anybody that wants to come and camp is wellcome there are motels 6 miles away in Viroqua if you are not into camping. We start it out on Thursday and go till Sunday, I will have rides planed out for Friday and Saturday cant have a bunch of cycle riders here and not take them out and show them the great riding roads we have around here. Its been a great time each each year and look forward to many more. I will be getting it on the calendar so you can go on there and RSVP and I will put the list motels on
  6. Shipped my Road Glide seat off to Rick Butler this morning. I have put some miles on it and was pleasantly surprised with it for a stock seat. I've done a Saddle Sore and a Bun Burner on it so I know that I can do a thousand mile day on it with no major problems. There is still room for improvement though so I figured that with the snow on the ground, it was a great time to let him work his magic.
  7. Eusa1 has generously donated a set of his Diamond Cut cylinder fins to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Squidley and Lonna. A very generous gesture on his behalf and one that again makes me proud to be associated with such a great group of folks, I have set the auction for a 5 day duration in hopes of getting the proceeds to them before Christmas. You may place your bids here: http://www.venturerider.org/forum/photopost/showproduct.php?product=98
  8. Well we are on a roll now. Last Saturday the lazy half of my heart restarted so I am on 6 days and counting now.:dancefool: This is the longest stretch of running on all 4 chambers since September when this all started. Since Sept there was a one day run, and a 4 day run and now this run. Hoping it will just stay running this time.
  9. I'm tired of it...it has snowed every single day this year... And I can honestly state that I have ridden my Venture every day this year..even with the snow..
  10. I am retiring today after 32 years in school transportation. It is actually a lot sadder day then I thought it would be. Hard to leave people you have been working beside for so many years. Will start working for a friend on a part time basis on Monday. Will be able to ride a lot more. Going to spend two weeks in Florida (Ft. Myers) in early March and the wife and I are going to ride the bike down to Key West. May be able to hook up with some of the south Florida riders while were there. I guess I'll end this now, starting to ramble.
  11. Wow, I went from less than 50 post to 10,600 in one day. I think I'll go rest now.
  12. After waiting 4 months I finally received my Polaris Slingshot today. I've only driven it about 50 miles so far but what a thrill. Open cockpit experience with lots of comfort. Had a good day weather wise to be able to drive rather than trailer it home. Hopefully the weather will stay nice enough to get in a few more rides before winter really kicks in. Larry
  13. Hoping you enjoy our day together here in Vegas! Love ya.
  14. [h=2]To all my friends:[/h] I need to spend less time on the computer, so December 31st will be my last day on VentureRider.org for the year. I will return at the start of the new year on January 1st. Thank you for your understanding.
  15. I missed yesterday,,,, yep forgot until it was tooo late,,, but if you do it a day late, it extends the day before,,, right??? HAPPY Birthday Wizard765!!!! Hope you might get a whole lot older in time. God Bless you!
  16. Lewis come over and gave me a hand on the Venture today. It was hard keeping him focused at times. And he keep saying something about being 12 years older then me. As you can see I had the hard part of taking it apart already done.... Here are a few pictures of Lewis helping out.... And here's one of me checking the gap on a spark plug the technical stuff. (Yes in the right light you can eyeball the gap..... Ok maybe not.) Lewis worked all day repairing this bike. He keep pointing out things that needed doing and then asked "Do you want to go ahead and fix i
  17. The Natchez Trace Parkway is a Federal ParkRoad a lot like the Blue Ridge Parkway as far as the type of road and some of the scenery. No high mountain views though like the B.R.P. The Trace begins in Natchez, Mississippi and ends about 450 miles later just south of Nashville, Tennessee in Franklin. I thought that the best riding parts are from the Mississippi/Alabama State line north to Nashville. The southern part is beautiful, but relatively flat. This road has a lot of history. Apparently early pioneers would float their goods down the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to Natchez Mississippi wher
  18. With so many of us traveling to Maintenance Day I wonder if there is a VentureRider.Org "standard" CB channel that is used. Anyone?
  19. Wife and I planned a trip from Northern Delaware to Western North Carolina. We just returned via the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. We had a wonderful time thanks to this site. We have been reading about seats for many months and slurged for the Russell Day Long based on remarks from all of you. Initially, I did sit about 1" higher and the wings were a bit of a pain. However, within the 500 mile break in period all was good. I am again flat footed when stopped (I have a 29" inseam) and the wings have broken in a bit making stops no problem. Wife was complaint free relative to but
  20. Last Friday was the second happiest day in my boating life - I sold the boat (got what I was asking too)!! Now is the time to do some upgrades. One of the things I am looking at is a better seat. A member has a nice Corbin he has upgraded to the Russell (due to a hip problem the Corbin apparently wasn't as comfortable anymore) and he is offering it up for sale. Before making this change, I would like some input as to the relative comfort for these saddles. I ride long distances (Iron Butt runs and ralleys) and the stock (non-pillow-top) seat is limiting. I use an AirHawk and/or sheep
  21. Well I completed the adjustments on both bikes (thanks Earl aka Skydoc_17 for shim kit, tool and great price on gaskets). Both bikes had never been done and both had 40K on them one bike took four shims and the other eight. It sure made a big difference in the engine noise and a noticeable increase in performance. I followed the procedure in the tech library and picked Earl's brain some. The whole procedure took a whole day on the first bike and most of a day on the second the procedure it self was a snap however it requires a lot of patience and time. If anyone around me wants to do
  22. Happy Thanksgiving to all my VR friends. Hope you and your family have a safe and happy day. [ATTACH]72848[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72849[/ATTACH] :thumbsup2: :usa:
  23. I received this email from Marshal Gammon. Some of you probably know him from the Venturers site. Sounds like fun for anybody who may be interested. As you may remember, Deb and I have had Blue Dolphin Travel open for about 18 years. She has put together a 5 day Caribbean Cruise NEXT NOVEMBER 2013, to Belize and Cozumel. We have booking held until August 24, 2012 and need initial deposit to get in on the saving by 24 November 2012 ... Sorry for short lead time but this deal just popped up in our cruise calendar. I have opened it up for all Venture Riders, clubs pu
  24. I just purchased a new set of hearing aids, surprisingly, over the internet. If you don't mind, I would like to blog the hearing aids with you for awhile. The hearing aids have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. I have just received the hearing aids today at 3pm, but I know the hearing aids shipped last Thursday (March 6th, 2008). The hearing aids were shipped via DHL next day, but I had to have the aids sent to work because I had no one at home to sign for the aids. So the aids sat on John Deere's shipping dock for a weekend . So to give myself a few days of cushion, I want to have these he
  25. http://email.doeanderson.com/triumph/images/triumph-vintage-fest-header.jpg Anyone else thinking about going? I'll try to make a 1 day.
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