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  1. Well, I finally pulled the trigger on rebuilding my '83. It is in ok condition, but I think I paid too much for someone's put-back-together parts bike. It is a Royale, but someone removed all the Royale stuff (Class, radio, CB, etc) and hacked all the wires/connectors for them. Plus a lot of the plastic is cracked, missing tabs, randomly screwed together and zip-tied. It needs a lot of attention, and for a short moment I considered just trading it off and looking for a better bike. But I figured whoever got it would probably just part it off and one less 1st gen would be on the road. So here goes my tear-down and rebuild of my 1983 Venture Custom. It's going to be the way I want it. Starting off, here are a few pics of it in late 2010 (pre-crash) http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc499/icebrrg3rd/Stripped%20Venture/2010_Closeup02.jpg http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc499/icebrrg3rd/Stripped%20Venture/2010_Closeup01.jpg And here is what it looks like now: http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc499/icebrrg3rd/Stripped%20Venture/2012_NakedBike01.jpg http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc499/icebrrg3rd/Stripped%20Venture/2012_NakedBike02.jpg And all the plastic: http://i1214.photobucket.com/albums/cc499/icebrrg3rd/Stripped%20Venture/2012_NakedBike03.jpg Now let the fun begin... -Andrew p.s. if the pics are too big or posted wrong, let me know and I'll fit it. Same if I should post it in another catagory.
  2. A few weeks ago, I asked for your prayers for an unnamed member. Well that member is our own one and only Black Owl and he is still in need or our prayers. Russell was admitted to the hospital before Christmas with complications from pneumonia. Things got really bad and to be honest, a lot worse than he really wanted anybody to know. He is doing better now but is still hospitalized and has a ways to go. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  3. I am retiring today after 32 years in school transportation. It is actually a lot sadder day then I thought it would be. Hard to leave people you have been working beside for so many years. Will start working for a friend on a part time basis on Monday. Will be able to ride a lot more. Going to spend two weeks in Florida (Ft. Myers) in early March and the wife and I are going to ride the bike down to Key West. May be able to hook up with some of the south Florida riders while were there. I guess I'll end this now, starting to ramble.
  4. Heck, I just might have to give up my wing ............(NOT). This thing looks like a lot of fun. https://www.google.com/#q=quadski&spell=1
  5. Linda and I decided to get away for an overnight and decided to go to Gatlinburg to see the Christmas lights before the end of the year. We got a room in Pigeon Forge on the river and after a nap, rode up to Gatlinburg to eat and do the usual walk through town. For a Thursday night, there were a lot of folks in town. Today, we took a ride through Cades Cove and even at this time of year, there was a lot of traffic. We did not see any bear, but there sure were a lot of deer. You would think that some of these people have never seen a deer before as there was a lot of stopping and watching. As we were leaving Pigeon Forge and heading back to I-40, it was a solid three lanes of traffic barely moving all the way, coming toward Pigeon Forge from the interstate. How many cars could there be in a parking lot three lanes wide and seven miles long? No, we were not on the bike, but it sure did make me want to look forward to spring time. RandyA
  6. There are a lot of people in chat. Come join the group! Yama Mama:223:
  7. This was a bit before my time. But some of the "old times" like, Don, Bubber, Condor and a lot more probably do. http://www.stumptownblogger.com/2012/04/what-a-cool-video.html?cid=6a010536b86d36970c0163050cd62f970d Those were the days were they not...
  8. I know that we can't cover everything but what are most using and what does your have in it. Seems I have been thinking about this a lot lately and want something on the bike with me. So lets hear your ideas ....
  9. I had previously posted a query about how to repair the broken rear trunk lock bracket which broke off the lid. A lot of suggestions forwarded and a lot of attempts 'attempted' but they failed unfortunately.. Even using the ABS glue and sealant, making a slurry trick didn't work (poor man's welding). No matter what I had tried, a day's ride and vibes would break the bond. I can now happily say I have the lock bracket glued and secured in place for the past 2 weeks with a lot of locking useage, variable heat and humidity and vibes to really put the test to it and it's a good bond.. this one ain't going to come apart. Ultra Bond Plastic Expoxy... It comes in a purple package, comes in the typical 2 parts mini-containers. You brush on one liquid to both parts and let dry 30 secs, and then apply a bead to one part, and press together for 30 secs.. full solid bond in 24 hours as most 2 part epoxies do.. I tried to find an online image of the package to make it easier for others to locate but to no avail.. Oh and when they say "caution, bonds skin instantly" they mean it.. kewl. The product causes the two parts to melt and bond, basically 'welding' to each other very nicely. So, after 2 weeks, the bracket is rock solid and shows no signs of fatigue or re-cracking. I still have the package in the trunk, if someone is desperate enough to need to see it I can do a pic and post it.. etc.. FYI to a fix that actually worked.. =)
  10. It's killing me to think about doing another engine swap into my 83/86 Venture Frankenbike. And I'm very ticked off to not be riding the rest of the season. I still may try to get another 86-93ish engine, or another 86-93ish Venture, ride it for a couple more months, and do an engine and plastic swap. But it's stressing the crap out of me. I've read a LOT of adventure rider riding reports the past 2.5 years, and it really intrigues me to be able to go odd pavement on a lighter bike. I've looked at a new Honda NC700 and a Suzuki 650 Vstrom and I'm approved for either one. My wife isn't on the wagon. I'm more interested in the Vstrom. I may try to look at used Vstroms depending on if I can get financing. I'm very interested in the high gas mileage (65mpg); that would pay for over 50% of the payment (new one), increasing my monthly $ commitments about $100/month, and I wouldn't have to touch it mechanically for a lot of years other than normal maintenance. Tomorrow I'm going to go to the credit union and see what Kind of financing I can get for different options. If I do go the adventure rider bike route I will just part out all of my Venture stuff. Sucks that I barely spent almost $200 for a new rear tire. I'm just getting VERY sick of life's curve balls. Doug
  11. Yamaha FRONT STOP SWITCH ASSEMBLY http://partstream.arinet.com/Content/Images/logos/YAM.png Part Number:26H-83980-00-00 can anyone tell me if this is the correct part i need for 84 w/cruise i went to clean the switch and pulled the rain cover off and found i had nothing butthe contact board i am finding that i enjoy working on my bike fixing the little things giving it a lot of TLC but i cant fix whats not there thispart list for 26.00 from i think yamy parts monster and yamy parts house thanks in advance for the correct part # i need
  12. Does anybody know what model Kuryakyn footpegs work good on a 1st Gen Mk II? Looking at their online catalog, there are a lot of choices. Thanks, Frank D.
  13. OK yesterday evening I had to ride the venture home left my suburban at the office no gas took it to work today and now I can't stop riding it its addictive ( been 20yrs since i last rode ) got my tag for it but I have a few problems that I need to fix the warning light stays on flashed twice on me last night no brake light from front lever front tire is dry rot not bad but still rotting carbs need sync it needs right mirror got to find the problem on the compressor control panel lose wire my guess is which one speakers are shot I will be doing a lot of reading in the tech library on these problems but may ask y'all for some help on things I may not comprehend oh and it needs a lot of tlc and I plan to give it thanks for all yall's help
  14. It's not too early to start discussing where we should hold the 2013 International. I even thought about not having one at all as it seems that many prefer the regional meet and eats but I got a good bit of feedback in NY and everybody I talked to would like to see it continue. So, where should we have it? Now remember, there may be a lot of great ideas but the final decision has to take a lot of things into consideration. Primarily, WHO in the area wants to head it up and has people close by to lend a hand. It is a lot of work. I will start it. I have thought about going back to the Hub in Arkansas because it was a great location and Randall and Debbie did a wonderful job for us. I also thought about the Texas Hill Country. Very nice area but it can be VERY hot down there in the summer. I considered having it here in Ohio but I think it is too close to where we had it this year. Maybe I'll think about Ohio in another year of two. The floor is open. Let's hear your ideas.
  15. I had to find a way to have my son enjoy this sport with me, and this was my solution. I just got it installed and still need to wire it before I can hit the road. I have road it around the neighborhood and in an empty parking lot. It is very different but kinda fun. I still have a lot to learn but I am getting there.
  16. two weeks ago I had a problem i know others have had. It was a hot night and the idle on my bike started to go up. I could not get it down so headed home . there i lubed all my throttle cables and choke linkages then finally readjusted my idle getting it down to around 1000 rpms. i latter realized this may have been a vacuum leak problem and have seen that suggested here by others as well. What I'm looking for here is a previous thread from someone that may have had this problem and hunted down the offending vacuum line so i know where to look and how to fix it to prevent it from happening again. oddly this only happens when its hot. So if anyone knows of a thread like this could you point me in that direction?? Thanks a lot. I like the 86 a lot I have headset for the com system and love the whole set up the bike still has a few bugs to work out from sitting for 5 years but She runs great and I'm enjoying every minute. While working on the radio i did find a cozy mouse nest under the cassette player unit. Luckily not residents at the time.
  17. I've been working on the 83 Venture for the last couple of months. My brother has been riding this and a lot of problems developed, and he brought it back for repairs. This bike has 140,000 miles on the clock. The stator was bad, so I changed that and now it charges fine. The clutch was slipping a little, so I installed one of Earl's kits and how it's great. The right half of the fairing had a lot of broken/cracked tabs as did a lot of other plastic, so I dug out the Plastex kit and went to work. New plugs made it run a lot better, and I also pulled out the TCI module and checked it for corroded diode leads....still looks perfect, and the diodes are fine electrically. I installed a new rear tire, and fought with the mess that the old formula Ride-ON left. I serviced the driveshaft and also changed the oil in the shaft drive unit. I'm sure I fixed several other things that are slipping my mind now, but it was ready for a test ride. Now, when Mark brought it to me, he told me that the low brake fluid indicator has been on for quite a while. He says he filled up the rear master and it had been empty and the fault went out. I bled the brakes, including the top line near the top steering bearing, and I've haven't been able to get what I call a good brake pedal. It has a lot of free play, although when it does finally apply the brakes, the pedal is firm....no more air in the line. I looked at the rear master cylinder, and I can see where the paint has bubbled off. It looks like that's where the brake fluid went, although nothing is leaking now (it might leak during winter storage). I suppose I should add that this bike has braided brake lines, and the anti dive has been disconnected, so the brake pedal was high and firm when Mark took the bike. I've got to decide how to take care of this. Another thing that became obvious....the shift lever has a lot of play in it. Yesterday when I watched my brother shift, I saw that he's not at all gentle, but pushes and lifts the lever aggressively. Anybody have any idea where to look for something in the shift linkage wearing out?? Then I"ve got to figure out what's not correct with the center stand. The small link that the spring attaches to keeps on bending. This bike isn't really an 83 anymore, because when the 83 frame broke where the center stand and rear shock attach, I installed all of the 83 pieces on an 84 frame. From the beggining, I 'assumed' that there was something different here and I just lived with the fact that the center stand didn't come all the way up when it was not being used. I looked in the Yammie parts fische, and 83 to 93 all use the same part numbers for the center stand, link and spring....no changes made when they redesigned the frame. My son and I inspected the center stand and link, and my son saw that the link was bent. We removed it and straightened it out, and then re-installed it. Then the center stand released all the way up against the frame like it was supposed to. That was until I put the bike back on the center stand and then the link bent again. I've got to determine what's bending it. I want to get this bike out of my garage again. Frank D.
  18. Ok so here's the deal. I bought a 99 RSV 2 years ago up in Toledo, OH. It had been totaled out and needed some TLC. It had been sitting in the garage for like 6 or 7 years. The guy's son in law tried to put back together a lot of it, but there was still a lot needed. I have got just about everything I need to get her back together......at least all the big stuff. The problem is the guy that tried to put everything back together used common nuts and bolts from the hardware store and I have noticed a lot of smaller things missing like spacers, rubber pieces, various screws and bolts, ect. What I would love to do is find someone somewhat local to me that has an RSV for comparison. That way we can comb through the bike and know everything that is needed to complete it......any takers? I am open to suggestions......
  19. can bigger wheels and tires be put on this w/o a lot of trouble?
  20. I'm looking to buy brand new sliders, and diaphragms, I know where to get the diaphragms, but most of the places to get sliders it appears they COME with diaphragms. And don't appear to be removable for me to add new diaphragms that look a lot different than the floppy sloppy ones I've gotten with the sliders+Diaphragm sets.
  21. Can anyone tell me what they cost? Was told the second gens are a lot better...
  22. Since today is Nurse's Day, I thought I would say thanks to all the Nurses in our group. Also, after being a nurse in a school district for 21 years and a RN for much longer than that, I have decided to retire. I am very excited about it. I hope to get to take a lot of motorcycle trips and spend much more time doing those projects at home that never seemed to get done. And possibly not get so stressed over unimportant things in life. Ah it will be so nice. Yama Mama:223:
  23. I've seen a lot of threads on froggtogs, nylon and so forth but i was wondering about one piece vs two piece?
  24. I dont know much about this bike yet so bare with me. Need to replace a speedometer cable on my 83 Yamaha XVZ12TK, can I get the instrument cluster out to get to the back of it with out taking a lot of front fairing off. It seems loose like it will just pop out but I don't want to mess anything up. Thanks Jerry.
  25. I spent yesterday cleaning the bike it had about an inch of dust and tree sap so I washed it and got out the rubbing compound with plastic polish for the windshield. I took inventory on what it needs, what I like about this bike is that it was produced for so long I can order the plastic parts for it. I still have a lot to do to it but it runs great. This thing will flat outrun my 86 VR and my other 86 I had and my 84VR I can't believe the power difference between an inline 4 and a v4.
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