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  1. A few weeks ago, I asked for your prayers for an unnamed member. Well that member is our own one and only Black Owl and he is still in need or our prayers. Russell was admitted to the hospital before Christmas with complications from pneumonia. Things got really bad and to be honest, a lot worse than he really wanted anybody to know. He is doing better now but is still hospitalized and has a ways to go. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  2. Ok... Leaving for home tomorrow, but have a "noise" coming from where the gear oil is housed in... I heard the noise on Saturday... Took it to a dealer in Wichita, KS. by the time he test drove the bike the noise went away. The noise came back the next day and has been getting worse. Today I am in Custer, SD And we are heading home tomorrow... And now the noise is worse. A buddy felt the housing where the spline is at and could feel the sound. It is a clicking sound... Almost like a baseball card on spokes (just not as loud). I need to know what are the possibilities? If it needs gear oil, how to add more... And what weight oil do I need and anything else I might could use... I do NOT want to be stranded here and there is no BIKE shops here. Thanks for the QUICK help! Wally
  3. My 2004 RSMV has developed a fluctuating idle, which seems to get worse the warmer the engine gets. It surges 800-1200 on the tach, and up to about 1500 rpm, then smooths out. I'm due for a valve adjustment and am planning to do that soon, but this happened suddenly, in the middle of a ride. I didn't start gradually and get worse. I pulled the carbs and removed the bowls and sprayed everything I could get to with carb cleaner, checked the float levels (all were good) and changed the fuel filter. I didn't split the carbs or completely tear them down yet. Air filters are fine, and I'll probably do plugs just to rule them out. I'm currently running some B12 thru it, and it seems a little better, but it's still there. Hoping this rings a bell for someone. I'm going to do a complete tear down on the carbs when I do the valves, and re sync if no one has any other ideas. Thanks for the help. Jon
  4. Everytime I lean into a turn I feel a roughness or maybe a rubbing which seems to be getting worse. The bike is a 2003 RSV. Tires don't look bad. Any ideas?
  5. I had to bail out of work today, been having pain and discomfort under my ribcage. It has been going on for 3-4 days and getting worse, I didnt think it was my heart, I just had a stress test a couple of months ago and everything was fine, Dr. seems to believe its my gall bladder, sent me for an ultra sound. Dont have the results yet, but I hope they get back to me quickly, Every time if flares up it gets worse and last longer.......and I had a work day scheduled to work on the 83, we were gonna put the motor back in the frame and start putting her back in one piece, now it may be on hold for a little while.........sometimes life really SUCKS!!!!
  6. Hey guys, Well I picked up an '03 Venture in Reno Thursday and rode it back to Conifer CO to live at my g/f's house. I live in FL but I spend about 4-5 days a month in CO....needed another bike to ride when I'm here. The riding out here is phenominal! The ride 'home' was a beautiful route, took US50/I70 east. It was colder than I bargained for, hit snow twice. 20 degrees warmer would have made it a great ride. This bike loves the open road...nice tall O/D, cruised at 90-95 a bunch and she seems to love it. I was also impressed with her performance in the wind. It was very gusty in the Western Range, but I hardly noticed on the RSV. Impression of the bike so far.... I really like the riding position, more stretched out than alot of similar bikes. More versatile than some as far as foot placement. I like the clutch/trans. I like the wind protection. I'm happy with the handling. It looks great. Power...so so. I tend to compare it to my old Valkerie, another big bike...instant smooth speed. The Valk did drink gas like a fish. Braking...not that impressed, but I'll chalk that up to getting used to a new bike and the sheer size of this baby. So jury is out for now. I'm generally happy with everything...except one thing that I'll be working on. I knew about the whine going in, but it's worse than I anticipated. Due to the temps I wore a full-face helmet, so it didn't seem that bad. I usually wear a shorty, and once I got back to warmer temps and shed the full-face for the shorty it sounded way worse. My Valk had straight gears and a whine too. Synthetic oil made a world of difference on that bike. I'm hoping it'll help with Venture too. I'll be scouring the forum for tips and info. After being out today, I have a feeling this bike is worse than average. It has 65K on it, and I believe it was well maintained. I know it had a new clutch a couple of years ago, I need to dig into the maintenance records and see the details. If there was a factory fix I would think it would have been done at that time. Anyhow, glad to be one of Y'all now! Ride on! Chris
  7. I am in need of the lower center reflector for our 1986 Royale. Unfortunately momma learned how to stop our riding lawnmower by using the rear of the bike! Could have been worse. The trailer hitch protected protected everything but the reflector. And my radial arm saw supported the bike so it didn't drop to the floor. Small left fairing scratch with no cracks or damage. Just the reflector. Momma feels worse than I do about the damage. Would love to get the bike fixed quickly and make her feel better. JB
  8. I currently have the bike up on the maintenance stand for winter projects and it occurred to me to check the previous work done when I had a local shop do a neck bearing change. Though the 'bounce' check seems fine (not binding, not bouncing more than once when hitting the stops).. I do notice some 'play' in the forks when I pull forward on the front wheel.. Is there an acceptable amount of play allowed or should there be NONE at all? I would hate to think the whole front end has to come off in order to tighten all of this up again or worse, an indication of something even worse going wrong.. or perhaps, just a little loosening after the initial installation that simply needs a tap on the nuts to make it work properly.. (I can't believe I just said that.. ouch).. Thoughts, comments or advice?
  9. Hi all, thanks for letting me post. Bought a 99 royal star venture couple months ago. always had a little problem being "cold natured". Since it's cold, I decided to change oil, etc. and try to chase down problem with starting. It is getting worse. I have run battery down several times. Here is what I know: New plugs, getting plenty fuel, good compression, good battery, everything else seems in order. Pulled rear new plugs and no fire/spark. No loose connections at coils. When bought, key was bent slightly, straightened that out, but ignition never felt correct. Also, it's getting worse as I said, now it wont start at all. Thank you for any help in advance. I am limited on technical knowledge.
  10. As some of you know I have been battleinga rough running issue in 4th and 5th gear under a load for 3 months now, also popping and some back firring when slowing down or coasting down hill. Anyway on our trip it got worse and really hammered under a load in 4th and 5th gear. My mileage also dropped from 41 mpg to around 37mpg. Over the last couple of months I have done everything I could think of to fix the problem but it just kept slowly getting worse. I had also noticed that the gas cap was becoming a little hard to take off and put back on. Well today I happened to look at the bottom of the cap and noticed there are two little screws tjhat hold the locking part to the top of the cap. Well one of the srews were missing and the other one was 4 turns loose. After tightening it up it went back on like it was suppose to and low and behold my problem was solved. The bike ran smooth again and 2 tanks later I averaged 41.7 MPG. What a wonderful feeling to have it running the way it used to. So everyone check the little screws in their gas cap to be safe. Not sure where the one went that is missing but will take off the tank and drain to see if it is insidce or not. Evidently the tank needs to be sealed tight by the gas cap for it to run correctly.
  11. Thought some some of you might find this interesting. http://www.st-owners.com/forums/showthread.php?105191-Steve-Irwin-would-be-proud%21
  12. Loving my "new to me" 03RSV. One thing that seems to be worse than my 1st Gen is the reaction to cross winds and headwinds. Old paint is relatively unfazed while the RSV seems to be much more at the whim of mother nature. It hasn't been all that windy here, maybe 30mph winds tops. Granted the RSV has all the aerodynamic qualities of a barn door (BTW my profession is in airflow dynamics) compared to the 1st Gen; but the difference on the road is striking. Anyone else notice this or is there something I need to be checking on.
  13. Yammer hasn't been on since the 14th, which isn't normal. (I know, normal is relative on this site) But he had been having trouble with his gut. Told him to stop eating that stuff that was making it worse. Just a bit worried about him. Figured you might have heard from him. I know he's been to the hospital a few times for this. Margaret
  14. Cagers just don't LOOK, and especially at this time of year when biking season is just beginning. Not only that but it seems cagers are getting more and more "lax" at having any consideration at all of others. They ride their brakes for no reason, go slow in the passing lane, run red lights, turn left in front of you, make right hand turns on a red without stopping first.... the list is endless. One of the other things they do is change lanes without signalling or looking. I am SO GLAD I installed my Stebel Air horn!!! Took the day off yesterday to do some riding as the weatherman blessed us with a nice warm sunny day amidst a lot of cool, rainy ones. TWICE I had to BLAST the Stebel at cagers attempting to change into my lane without realizing I was there. No signalling, no looking over their right shoulder ..... GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR what's wrong with people these days??? There are more and more bikers on the road every year yet peoples driving habits seem to be getting worse and worse ... especially here in "Hongcouver"! OK.... I'm done venting now.
  15. Thought It would be interesting to start a thread for the brave ones who are using Motorkote in our bikes. I would hope that this will be input from actual users and a place to track results or lack of them with this product. I hope we don't get the nasayers who know of a second cousin on their great grandmother's side that put the stuff in his bike before he went to prison and by the time he got paroled the stuff had turned to acid and melted his bike. I have heard the stories and warnings about the damage to the clutch but when I press the mechanic or fellow rider as to WHO this happened to it is always "well, I heard from a friend or a friend or read something somewhere that this can happen. I am not sure in the past but this product has no hesitation in recommending it to be used in motorcycles. I just put mine in and have about 150 miles on the bike. will post my findings after a few more miles I am wondering if any one wants to comment who is using one any of the following: 1. Whine better. worse or no change? 2. clutch better less jump when putting in gear, no change or worse any problems at all? 3. Gas mileage better worse or same? 4. overall engine sound. Smoother, no change? 5. Rpm speed range of noise tighter, same or shift as to duration on start and when it goes away? Does it go away? General comments about bike after using. I thought this could bring a place to get all input in one thread. Look forward to hearing from others using Motorkote.
  16. I bought my 83 in 4/83 and rode it until a couple of years ago. I gave it to my brother when I found a low mileage 89, but I still maintain it for him. As long as I can remember, if the battery was a little weak, you'd have a heck of a time starting it because the spark was weak when cranking. If the plugs were getting old that made it a lot worse. Mark doesn't ride it as much as I did, so he has this problem a lot worse than I did. The battery on my 89 is going bad and it doesn't have the same problem. The last time I rode it (before it snowed) it'd been sitting about 3 weeks and when I cranked it, it hardly went arouind BUT it fired right up. The spark seems to be a lot hotter on the 89. Do others with 83's notice the same problem?? How about other years?? We all thought the only difference between the 83 and the later TCI units was how the vacuum advance was connected. Maybe there was another difference. Frank
  17. I'm still trying to get used to my "new" ride (only had it for three weeks), and I'm a little concerned about how the bike behaves "at speed" on the superslab. Just putting around the back roads and city streets the bike is fine, but when I'm out on the superslab the bike is all over the place and it gets worse when the wind is blowing, or when I get blasted by another vehicle's slip stream. What freaks me out is this bike gets blown around more than my Harley Sportster, and the Sportster is 200 pounds lighter than the Venture. Another thing I've noticed is the bike is real sensitive to steering inputs (leaning into turns). The only way I can think of to describe this is to say the bike is 'twitchy,' almost like the center of gravity is off (higher than it should be ?). At first I thought the tire pressures were too low, but both front and rear are at 32 psi as per the label in the travel trunk. I realize that with the fairing, wind shield and such this bike has more "sail area," but this behavior is real scary, and I have a feeling it will get worse once I have a passenger onboard. Is this an inherent charistaric of the breed, am I just too light for this bike (I tip the scales at 140# or so) or is there something seriously wrong? TIA... Y'All Ride Safe....
  18. If you live somewhere where the time just changed and are a regular commuter like me; remember that the sun has moved a lot, esp for the ride home. In the direction of that long shadow, you are worse than invisible, you hurt to look at. Folks who "saw" you on Friday may be blinded on Monday.
  19. Harley's troubles keep getting worse but I guess all maufacturers are having trouble. http://www.hsdent.com/blog/tag/harley-davidson/
  20. Weather must be great all over the world ....... Nothing stirring in this place ..... Ride safe my friends ....... Stuck at home doing child care ...... Really hurts too, bike is full of gas and pointed towards the door ..... Going to take my 4th nap now ...... To make it worse, three bikes just went slowly by the house - riders laughing like crazy! Hey you bikers, quit riding by, you hurting me!
  21. Been having that box of rocks sound on start upand have been ignoring it as much as was possible. It's been getting worse and worse now starter spins and no motor turn over. Put bike on the right side lean stand took off the stator cover and verified that when start button pushed all gears including large gear behind flywheel spin but does not engage flywheel or turn over crank shaft. Pretty much sounds like the starter clutch.......... Don't ya think? Is the Dano mod still available and is that the current way to go on the starter clutch issue. Feed back appreciated.
  22. OK, I've looked through http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=48542 but have a few questions. I just got my 89 and the leak from the front right is fork is getting worse and worse. I know I need to replace the seal, so where do I get that from? I found the thread with how to replace it, but I'm wondering if I should get Progressives as well? The CLASS system seems to function and hold air. If I do that what additional parts do I need? I can follow directions but don't understand what I need or how to do it on my own (if that makes any sense). Thanks in advance!
  23. Just had my oil changed and went with synthetic (Mobile1 20-40). After 200 miles the whine is noticeably worse. I thought that the syn might actually help quiet the clutch basket (I assume that's where the whine originates?), but it seems the opposite has happened. Has this happened to anyone else? My new slip-ons don't begin to compensate for the increase in whine. Any ideas? Is my only choice to go back to Dino? Thanks!
  24. Well I dumped the ride Wednesday evening in the rain, what a mess. Moron with no lights on his truck or trailer slams on his brakes in front of me to make a left turn. My options were limited to hitting his low boy trailer or the pavement. Fortunately I was able to slow to about 20 or so when I hit ( I chose the pavement). Broken clavicle and minor road rash. It could have been much worse. God was surely looking out for me. The bike has some pretty serious damage on the left side and the helmet sure did its job. I am in the need for a one stop repair shop around the LaPorte, Baytown Pasadena area. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I will post some pictures this afternoon. Thanks.
  25. I looked at the calender a few minutes ago and see that within a day or so, we will be halfway through winter. If I survive this thing, this will be a winter I will never forget. As bad as it has been here in east Tennessee, I know it has been a lot worse for a lot of you. It is right now 20º outside with 20/30 mph winds for a chill factor of 6º with snow blowing sideways and almost a whiteout. Just wonderful. RandyA
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