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  1. A few weeks ago, I asked for your prayers for an unnamed member. Well that member is our own one and only Black Owl and he is still in need or our prayers. Russell was admitted to the hospital before Christmas with complications from pneumonia. Things got really bad and to be honest, a lot worse than he really wanted anybody to know. He is doing better now but is still hospitalized and has a ways to go. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.
  2. Tip n I had an excellent adventure today.. We are still in the process of getting things in order for the big cruise over to Ann Arbor to visit the U of M in January. 3 weeks ago, during an outing that found me jogging on a tread mill while a very young looking heart specialist controlled the speed and uphill angle of the conveyor belt that was moving beneath my feet,,, 30 more seconds the nurse said,,, I didnt trust her cause it seemed an hour had past since she had said "1 more minute".. As we were walking out the door of the hospital on that previous adventure, I looked at Tippy and told her how happy I was that another link in the process of this medical journey was completed.. Looking for empathy and maybe even some sympathy, I also made a comment about how much the angle of that tread mill reminded me of the angle of the roadway her and I had pushed Tweeks up when we ran out of gas on the other side of the Missouri River from Chamberlain South Dakota.. It worked cause she acknowledged that the ordeal didnt sound like that much fun.. I told her that the Nurse and Doctor had pulled a tag team of torment on me trying to get my heart to rev over 138 rpm's and that, truthfully, I would rather have been back out in that 105 degree sun, helping her push Tweeks.. Glad it was over.. Thought that was ancient history,, a long forgotten time of trauma when,,, last week,,, our Doctor walked into room #3, said hi to us, looked down at her computer and said,, "getting handle on all the prep - every thing is looking good --- except your heart stress test,, got some stuff there that we should look deeper into"... I knew it,, I just knew it,, that local hospital tag team and their conveyor belt with a "T" handle bolted to it were gonna cause me problems... My Doctor announces I have to go do ANOTHER one of these tests only this one will be a little more fun cause I get a bunch of pictures taken AND I get to have my motor injected... That brings us to todays adventure.. This time the tag team consisted of 3 medical looking people.. After shaving a bunch of spots on my chest to make sure my wiring was grounded properly, they flipped the switch on the monitor,, one of the group kinda moaned a little and said something about my motor rate of 42 rpm's.. The one in the white coat walked out,, looked at me and said - "do you have a heart condition"? To which I replied,, "not that I know of"... I was laying down on a bed with wheels next to the conveyor belt while that conversation was going on. I didnt notice the guy with the injection cart walk in.. Having been around injected motors and gear heads who inject them, I am pretty familiar with the voice tones the type of person who injects motors has.. I knew immediately what this person was up to as soon as he introduced himself as "Ed"... I forgave "Ed" for trying to push the feed line for my motor injection thru my elbow - he was very apologetic about it not "flowing".. He tried some kind of technique using some kind of saline solution but still couldnt get the injector cranked up.. He had to plug that lead and go looking for another one... Wired up,,, chest shaven with patches hanging all over me,, right arm all poked full of holes,, tag team standing around me, they cranked up the conveyor again... As I held onto that familiar "T" handle and felt the conveyor start to tilt, it occurred to me how many times I had asked Tweeks to pull an incline loaded to the Antelope Horns with gear and with two people on her back no less... "Ed" broke my sweaty daydream as he announced he was about to hit the injector button.. As he shoots the juice to my motor, someone announces that having your motor injected while trying to balance your wheels on a conveyor belt can cause momentary loss of balance.. It can and it does.. Thankfully the "T" bar on the conveyor belt at our local hospital is very very well made!! As the tag team was helping me lay back on the wheeled bed I could feel my pride and dignity returning knowing I had accomplished another great adventure.. I immediately found out that only part of the journey was completed.. The team moved me into another room where many more tag team members had gathered.. My motor and I were placed under this machine that they all said was "the camera" - certainly did not look like one though.. Spent about 20 minutes getting pictures taken of my motor.. As I leaned up onto the side of the bed with wheels, visions of some of Tips turkey and homemade dressing danced in my head (had to fast for this procedure - hungry!!).. Glad to have this one done... The nurse that handed me my shirt asked if I would be waiting in the hospital for the "next" step or if I would be leaving.. She informed me that I would have to be back in a couple hours for part two... Ohhhhhhh,,, goody goody,,, its not over!! It dawned on me that I still had the "injector" hooked up and,, being the gear head that I am and knowing first hand I dont like people knowing whether or not my motor is injected either, I asked if - for secrecy sake - my injector port had to be removed if I was leaving the Hospital.. Nailed it.. Remembering the fiasco that "Ed" had gone thru trying to get my injector flowing,, I made the wise choice to hang out for a couple hours... As Tip and I were goofing around in the corridors of the Hospital I was intriqued at how many mature adventurers there were hanging around.. As with any trip, we conversed with quite a few of them.. After finishing up a conversation with another bearded charecter about my age, I looked at Tippy and told her I wanted to go view the "little people behind the big window".. It had been many many years since I had stood at the viewing window and made ugly faces at the lil ones.. We walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor exit ramp.. Hooked an exit and noticed a sign that said "Intensive Care" - opppssss,, obviously the wrong exit... Merged back in the stair well traffic,, off on the 3rd floor exit,,, surgical rooms......... Back into the stairwell traffic,, 4th floor,, which was also the end of the stairwell road.. Walked in,, more surgical care rooms... Walk over to the nurses station on the 4th floor.. A nurse asked if she could help.. Tippy stood there beside me as I explained to her that we were just waisting time between some heart testing and were looking for the baby viewing area,,, just wanted to give the hospital a chance to show off those lil ones.. The nurse eyed us up and down,, smiled and told us that this particular hospital didnt do babies no more... Saddened, we ventured back down to the main floor.. As we stood in the main floor corridor, leaned against a wall and yapping, a well dressed office looking lady walked up and asked if she could help us find something.. I lifted my sleeve, showed her my injection connection and told her we were waiting for part two.. Than we got yakking about the hospital not having a baby area, how strange that seemed and how disappointed I was that I didnt get to view the little curtain climbers.. The lady grinned when I said that and said,, you wanna hear something that will really make you sad.. She asked when the last time was that I had "viewed" the hospital babies.. Probably 25 years we said.. She says now adays, at the "other" hospital, you cant even view em unless you are a family member and have a security wrist band.. She said because of people STEALING babies and other security issues, those "open view" days that I remember so well are a thing of the past... Keeping it a "secret" about whether or not your motor is injected is understandable but,, hiding those little people like that - now that is just plain wrong... Got the message that I was "next in line" for more injector flavored pictures,, finished up and came home a little older and a whole lot wiser about injectors, babies and life in the not so fast lane of geezerdom!!
  3. My father was active and in good health. Yesterday my father (age 78) took a headfirst dive down the basement stairs. My mother heard the fall and he was bleeding and unconscious when she got to him. She called the paramedics (3 ambulances and 8 paramedics showed up) and they were able to revive him and transport him to the local hospital. The local hospital did what they could to stabilize him and then had him transported to a big hospital with neurosurgeons on staff due to bleeding in the brain. What is known so far. many deep lacerations on his head and body. Fractured scull fractured eye socket fractured vertebra in the neck fractured clavicle 3 broken ribs in the back. He is spitting up blood so more testing is coming to determine its cause, as well as a full body scan to see if any other things are broken / damaged. They have not yet looked at much of anything below the chest yet. The doctors have said that none of his injuries appear to be life threatening but they are still very concerned about possible brain damage. When I got to the hospital the doc was asking him questions, he did not know what year it was or who the president is. He did not recognize my mother, my sister or me. He has no recollection of what happened. Most of his right side is not working but the doc said there was no stroke or heart attack that caused the fall. He will be spending some significant time in the neuro ICU.
  4. Amy just stopped over to give us the news. Tom is basically OK but in the hospital for a day or two. They were stopped to make a left turn and got rear ended by some younger guy doing 50mph in a 40. This happened around 7PM last night. Tom was complaining about chest pains after the accident, probably from the seat belt, but they put him in the CCU at Buffalo General Hospital. The force of the impact broke both seats and Tom literally bent the headrest brackets with his head. Amy thinks thehy will total her new car. If anybody wants to call Tom, or if you locals want to visit, he is in Room 415 and the phone number is (716) 859-6415.
  5. I'll be off to the hospital early tomorrow for a total knee replacement. After dealing with knee pain for the past 8 to 10 years I'm looking forward to getting this done. Not looking forward to the rehab but at least it will be done in the winter and shouldn't impact my riding much. Glad they've got wifi in the hospital. Dennis
  6. Friday afternoon I had just started working on the 1st gen in great hopes that I would finish it up by happy hour. Five minutes in, My neighbor pulls up with a problem. She needs someone to ride up to Chattanooga with her to retrieve her husbands truck. Her husband evidently took a road trip by himself against all advice since he has been sick and near death for past year and ended up getting taken to the hospital by ambulance up there for some reason that she was not exactly to clear on. I figured what the hey, two hours up and two hours back is the least I could do to help a friend/neighbor in distress. Four hours investment would give me plenty of time to get back, get some sleep and make an 8:00 AM four hour class and exam in Marietta, Ga to get my EPA Certification in refrigerants I was schedule for. Or so I thought. Silly me. So, we gas up and start heading to I75N which is the closest route to Chattanooga from here. About the time we get close to I75N she gets a call that he is in a hospital in Sevierville, TN not Chattanooga! Turns out he had been in Gattlinburg not Chattanooga. Factual details are pretty sketchy since evidently he isn't giving her very clear information due to his condition and she is naturally a little bit ditsy and confused anyway. Well, it's closer to go up I85N to Gattlinburg so we turn around on I285 to head toward I85N. By this time we are right in the middle of Atlanta rush hour traffic, on I285, on a Friday afternoon. If your familiar, bumper to bumper/Grid lock is an understatement. :bang head:Two hours later we get to I85N which is no better than I285. :bang head:Then she gets another phone call that he is being transferred to a hospital in Knoxville. The keys to the truck are with him and the truck is in Gattlinburg. So Knoxville is now our destination. We should have just continued up 75 had I known at the time, :doh:but at this point I85 seems to be gridlocked all the way to the horizon and there's noway I'm getting back on 285 so I turn north to head to Knoxville, due north across country. Another hour and half later we finally get out of traffic just south of Dahlonega. Now, Ga. 60N out of Dahlonega is a great motorcycle road :7_6_3[1]:as many of you know but in her ragged out 4 cylinder, straight shift, Ford Ranger after sunset, no so much. Four hours of twisty mountain back roads through rural north Georgia and Tennessee double clutching the whole way we finally reach the Knoxville area. Now I'm relying on the GPS for directions since her sense of direction and coherent information seems to be non-existent:confused24::confused24:. She also does not understand why the GPS can't process input such as a Hospital somewhere in Knoxville. :confused24: He is unaware or incapable of giving a name of the hospital or street address:confused24: and evidently calling a nurse to the phone for specific information is too much to ask. Forty five minutes later I finally get a street address to plug into the GPS. We reach the hospital, undergo interrogation and a background check with hospital security to get after hour passes to visit him in his room:doh:. It then took 30 minutes for them figure out and tell us what room he was in. Then we roam the maze of hallways and elevators in the hospital to find his room since the rest of all of the hospital staff were evidently on break and not available to give us directions to his room.:doh: We finally find the room, visit for awhile, get the keys and head off for Gattlinburg to retrieve the truck. We reach Gattlinburg to find out that she does not know, can't remember and can not make heads or tails of her scribbled unintelligible notes on the back of an crumpled envelope that she had written down the name of the motel where the truck was parked. :doh:So, after another series of phone calls back and forth with him to find out what hotel the truck is parked at we finally locate the motel and truck sometime around 2:30 am. At the motel I do a Google map search from Gattlinburg to Marietta, Ga and determine I had time for a 30 minute nap to make it to the class in time and take the exam. So now I'm on a forced drive through the Smoky Mountains in the middle of the night pinching myself, slapping my face and hanging my head out the window to stay awake. Did I mention the pea soup can't-see-the headlights fog that lasted the whole way. I did successfully make the class in time with 5 minutes to spare. The four hours of class which amounted to a very intense detailed scientific dissertation on the nature, chemistry, usage and regulatory laws concerning air conditioning and refrigeration refrigerants. Now, I'm sure that for some, like the instructor, Refrigerants is the most interesting and captivating subject matter obtainable. For me with no sleep for the past 24 hours, not so much.... in fact not at all. My biggest fear at this point is not failing the test but cracking my head open on the over head projector in front of me when I lapse into a coma from sleep deprivation and mind numbing boredom. In fact several times during the first two hours, it was everything I could do to not get up and walk out blowing off the class and the exam. Had it not been for the $130.00 I had paid in advance for the privilege of being there I would have. Instead, because of the kinda-of-guy I am, and the money, I stuck it out doing my utter best to stay awake and pay attention to the instructor:detective:...... With the help of all the strongest, blackest, most horrible burnt tasting coffee I had ever had and could swallow. I'm glad I did, because when it was time to take the exam, it was 100 multiple choice questions which all seemed incredibly easy and I'm pretty sure I aced the test. Leaving, I had an incredible sense of relief and accomplishment :dancefool:as I got into the truck, heading home via I285. I was thinking of nothing but my warm, safe comfortable bed at home that was calling me as I entered the ramp on to I285E toward home. Right into the middle of grid lock/bumper-to-bumper traffic on 285 :bang head::bang head:with no chance of avoiding due to a resurfacing project which has been never ending ever since they built that damn road. Two and a half hours later I did finally make it home and collapsed in bed safe and sound asleep. Just in time to be awoken, Several times, by my friend sobbing tears of joy and gratitude for me helping her and all that it meant to her and her husband. Which she promised she was eternally grateful and in my debt for. Of course I said, and did sincerely mean, "don't mention it, It was my pleasure, I'm glad to be able to help." Before I rolled over and went back to sleep. So, the moral of this story is what? (A) Consider all factors and possible consequences before volunteering (B) Endeavor to persevere at you weakest moment because quitters never prosper © When in Atlanta avoid I285 at all cost (D) No good deed goes unpunished but, usually is well worth the effort. (E) All of the above Since, you volunteered to read my rant and dissertation and persevered I will give you the answer. ................. the answer is (E) All of the above Thanks for letting me share
  7. Larry (Carbon One) was hit broadside this morning while we were on our Fall leaf looker ride in Northern Michigan. He has multiple injuries, broken collar bone, scrapes and bruises, waiting on CT results. but will be ok. Bike is totaled. I'll post later with more details, We are at Munson hospital in Traverse City. Please don't call the hospital at this point.
  8. About two days ago My friends wife was in the car with her two small children. For some reason she went through a stop sign at a country road intersection and got t-boned. Sadly though the accident was her fault the three of them were rushed to the hospital. His wife and small son were released yesterday but their small daughter remains in the hospital with severe brain trauma and internal head bleeding. She has been rushed moved from the kitchener Hospital to a speacial unit in london. Their little girl could certianly use all the prayer and good will hopes that she can get. I also believe the mother, who obviously is full of regret and tormented by her action and bad judgment, could use some spiritual and moral support as well. They are a very close knit and loving family.
  9. We are now under 2 weeks till our meet and eat in W. Memphis, Ark. From there we ride over in mass to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tn. to make our donation and tour both the Hospital and the Ronald Mc Donald house. Dont miss out on this great experience. All we ask is a small donation to help St. Jude in their research. I will have plenty of Cruisin' for St. Jude t-shirts for those attending and donating. We are meeting at the Flying J/Pilot Truck Stop that is located at the junction of I-40 & I-55 in West Memphis. We will be having lunch there before we go to the hospital. Looking forward to a good turnout for this special event. :Venture:
  10. Just to let any members in the area know about a ride this saturday September 8th... This benefits the Fisher house which provides housing for military families and allows them to be close to their loved ones,while they are in the hospital....... Shari and I will be coming down for this ride....
  11. Time to start planning on making the trip to Memphis, Tn, to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. We will be making our presentation to the hospital of the monies we have raised this year. I need to get a count of how many are going and which facility they want to tour, the hospital or The Ronald Mc Donald House, both are fantastic places to see.
  12. I have a dear old friend that I have known since high school, and he needs a little help from the big man above. He has suffered two strokes in the last 10 years, the first he recovered from, the second not so good, left side of his body is practically useless, cant walk without a cane or and only for short distances, uses a wheelchair most of the time, he is now in Tulane Hospital in New Orleans, has an infection in his good foot, (he is also diabetic) and might loose his big toe or worse his leg up to mid-calf. He has always been the strong silent type, but when I talked to him 2 nights ago after he was admitted to the hospital, he broke down and could hardly speak, he is normally not the emotional type and this really tore me up. Please offer up some prayer for him, he isnt a church person or religious at all, but I know that doesnt matter to the man above. He is the last of my life long friends that I have left and this hurts me as much as having it happen to family.........
  13. The great folks at St. Jude called me yesterday and we set up a date for our annual ride to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The date is Oct. 6, 2012. We will meet at our usual place which is the Flying J Truck Stop in W. Memphis, Ark. We will meet there for 11:00 am that Sat. morning. We will have lunch there, then proceed over to St. Jude where they will be waiting for us to take a tour of the hospital and/or The Ronald McDonald House. If we have enough participation we will split the groups and tour the facility of your choice. I need to know how many members attending want to tour the hospital or the RM house. Here is the link to the poll to make your selection. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?p=688718#post688718 FLying J Truck Stop/Pilot 3400 Service Loop RD. 1-40 Exit 280/I-55 Exit 4 W. Memphis, Ark. Link to map: http://www.arkansasgasprices.com/map_gas_prices.aspx?z=11&lat=35.153890000000&long=-90.144200000000&sid=24080&tl=All
  14. Had my RTKR done last Thursday and all went well. OS described the knee as a mess and I wouldnt have lasted much longer without the TKR. BCBS allowed 2 days stay but I was able to get the 3rd day. I wanted to stay for another week in the hospitals rehab center but the hospital advocates claimed all my ins would cover is at home therapy, which my OS agreed with.By Sun I had 0 0 70, walked about 300 ft and all should have been well. My concerns was that with my weight of 340 my getting up and down from a seated position would be hard. I still had a hard time with that. I was discharged and I was not able to get seated in my SUV. My daughter had to go home and come back with her lower suv. With some help I was able to get pulled into the back seat and finally home. I managed to get out safely and into the house. I still have not had a bowel movement since the day of surgery, other than urinating and passing gas. Now the fun begins. While at the hosp the therapists all had beefy assistants to help get me up. The home people show up and together they weigh less than me and both stood about 5'5 to my 5'11. Since my left "good" knee is also shot I was not able to put much pressure on it to raise myself up and the therapists, being so small were of no use to me. All I need is for someone who can handle my size/weight to get me past that one point and I would be able to function on my own fairly well. I also asked the hosp advocate to either have ins cover a lift chair or hosp bed for home use. No luck there either. So, the home nurse comes and accesses the situation and all home parties agree that I should be in a hospital therapy environment and they would make a strong recommendation for it. Or failing that, they would push for the fully automated hospital bed. and some beefier assistants. All I need is a few days to work this through and I should be ok. Lets see if ins cooperates. Bottom line: right now im basically stuck in my chair. If no one steps up I may have to call in rescue to lift me up. What really torques me with all of this was the fact that I had tried to address these concerns weeks before the surgery and during my 3 days there as well to no avail. Ill see what the day brings...... I would also like thank those who offered prayers, sent PM's or called me direct. It meant a lot!!
  15. During the last week of December 2010, we admitted my wife to the hospital for severe abdominal pain, went well was discharged before New Years. Two weeks later she called the business office of the hospital to ask for hardship application to see if they would reduce the bill a bit. She was told by the person she talked to that insurance had not paid off yet and to wait so they would know the actual amount. We got the bills from the specialists we saw right away and made payments on them. Fast forward to December 2011, was at a birthday party for granddaughter, when my wife's ex-husband pulled me aside and asked if I knew anything about the phone calls he was getting from the hospital. Called the hospital and found out we owed them for the stay. Had never got a statement from them and they had turned it over to collections. Apparently there was an old address in the computer system that they sent the bills to. Called the hospital found out what was going on, got the hardship app, filled it out, sent it in. In the meantime the so called collection people were harassing us. The hospital did grant us a reduction in the bill. Tried to deal with collections, offered them 50%, was refused. Called the hospital back and asked them what the final balance was, with the reduction. Was given a number, much less than what I thought is should have been, asked twice if that was right and the final amount, was told yes. Sent a check for the amount. Now collections is still trying to get the difference of the reduction. Now I think that it should be paid in full, but they just say they made a mistake and I still owe the difference. Should I pay the difference or let it go to court and air their dirty laundry? Sorry about length, but this is really starting to eat me up. Hope see some logic on this. Thanks Daryl
  16. we had a new granddaughter born yesterday thats not doing very well seems her lungs won't open up and function plus there maybe a heart vlv problem, she arrived a four weeks early and it was also very rough on mom (daughter-in-law) to the baby had to be transported to childerns hospital in cinn.and mom is still in maysville,ky for now. if you will , an as i know this bunch you will, please say a prayer for little Lila wells for me thanks worried papaw steve
  17. After almost 5 days in the hospital with a blood infection I am home!!! It was a long week especially since I don't sit very well. If my fever rises to 101 - then I'm back to the hospital! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers!! God is good!!
  18. I have been paying one local hospital monthly payments for services not covered by insurance. They sent me a letter with a 50 % discount offer off the balance due if I pay in full by march 31st. Nice offer but still the balance due would be a sacrifice with Ramona still not working. I think I will call them with a counter offer accepting the 50 % reduction if they will accept maybe a increase in monthly payment $$$'s until paid in full. Anybody had luck with hospital negotiations?
  19. My daughter is getting ACL surgery this morning. Just dropped her off at the hospital (and sat with here until she was wheeled into the OR) and came home to take care of the dogs and get a shower. Will be back there in an hour to see how the surgery went. My wife is hanging out at the hospital in case anything is needed. She blew her ACL playing basketball. May have screwed her for a D1 volleyball scholarship, but that is just a minor issue now. She should be back up and playing in 6 months or so. With me having been through this surgery (twice), I know it is a tough row to hoe. But she is young and in shape and should recover quickly. She will be very devoted to the physical therapy routine to affect a complete recovery. Still, we always worry. Wish she didn't have to go thru this. It is her senior year in HS and was doing so well in both VB (went to state finals the last 3 years) and BB. However, she is a great student and a wonderful daughter. This is but a minor setback in the long run. A short prayer is always welcome. RR
  20. A friend of mine, a blue knight, was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him that all was well; however, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs in his crotch. Worried that it might be a second surgery and the doctors hadn't told him about it, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable. Taped firmly across his pubic hair and private parts were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily --- if at all. Written on the tape in large black letters was the sentence: 'Get well soon . From the nurse in the Jeep you pulled over last week.' Kinda brings tears to your eyes doesn't it.
  21. Another hospital recognizes the benefits of bloodless surgery! www.jg-teksten.nl/noblood.html The patient interviewed is one of Jehovah's Witnesses...but PLEASE DON"T TURN THIS INTO A RELIGIOUS DEPBATE!!!!!! (Even if we were right all along! Hee Hee!)
  22. Yesterday evening, Jacque's father (my ex) had a motorcycle accident near Athens, Alabama. He has a concussion, short term memory loss, two broken ribs, and a lot of deep gashes. He was transported from Athens hospital to Huntsville Hospital to get am MRI and be examined by a neurologist. He could not remember what happened nor any personal information. Jacque said he thought he rode his bike to the emergency room. According to witnesses of a road crew picking up trash on a two lane road, he passed a van and then laid down the bike. Not sure why this happened, if he hit some gravel or something else. He was wearing a helmet, jacket and gloves. My son Ben, was going to the scene to try to find his cell phone and was going to look and see if he could notice anything about the causation. Thank you Painterman, for the telephone call. It just shows how our VR family is. We were planning on going to Alabama this weekend as Brock has a football game so we can check on Vic's condition then. Please keep him in your prayers, as well as Ben and Jacque. Please ride safe, Bobbie
  23. I am at home recovering from my injury's and my friend comes over to cut my lawn, when he is done he goes to wash up but there is no water' come to find out my water bill was due while I was in the hospital for a whole 28$ and since it wasn't paid 10 days after due they shut off my water, needless to say I am furious.
  24. Went for my last ride for about 3 months today. Went down to Mountain Home AR. to hospital for pre-op tests. Thurs morning I will be going in for what is considered a very delicate operation. According to My Doc is more serious than open heart surgury. http://www.health.com/health/library/mdp/0,,zm2720,00.html I will be in the hospital about 5 days, no wi-fi so see you all when I get home. John
  25. Yammer hasn't been on since the 14th, which isn't normal. (I know, normal is relative on this site) But he had been having trouble with his gut. Told him to stop eating that stuff that was making it worse. Just a bit worried about him. Figured you might have heard from him. I know he's been to the hospital a few times for this. Margaret
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