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  1. I was reading some old threads and it refers to draining all 4 carb bowls. For the sake of curiosity, how do you do it? Also, is this something that should be done at the end of the riding season for winter storage?
  2. Winter project is almost complete, Yea Complete Clutch replacement from rebuilding master to replacing clutch slave and plates. Lube drive shaft (PIA) to putting back in. Replaced fuel sending unit. Added a HID headlight. Accent lights and a light switch, missing are the saddle bags not pictured 200 (Clarion XC1410) amp and new speakers (Blaupunkt MSx 402) Adding a second fuse block under seat by battery Trailer isolator converter (still working on the attachment) Replace fuel pump and filter (keeping old one for a backup) Trailer Hitch with mount and Flags
  3. When I retired three years ago, my wife and I bought a new home and left behind a conventional hot tub, at our old home. We enjoyed it for 15 years and then got rid of it because of age and the fact that we no longer were excited to be going out in 15 degree F weather to use it outside on the patio, in the winter. We have been discussing getting a new one for our home but don't want to put it outside due to the expense of keeping it heated in our Western NY winters. I have seen advertisements for the new inflatable spas and tubs and thought we could use one outdoors in the summer and then
  4. Looking forward to playing with the Venture I just got. 100% complete and it runs on ether. Looks like it's been leaking from several spot's for awhile and after this cup of coffee is done I'm gonna get back at making it roll. Trying to get it out a bit to see if the tranny is OK and whether or not it obviously is too far gone overall. If it's worth doing, I'll have the best running 500 dollar (purchase price) Venture out there by the end of the winter! Been wrenching a long time and enjoy the tinkering, cleaning stuff up, polishing and overall fun of not having to worry about riding ten
  5. What oil do you run for winter driving? I was thinking maybe semi-synthetic 5W-30 oil. I am planning on commuting to work on the bike this winter here in
  6. 1st gen,,,, nice looking 86 with absolutely no bling, don't even know if it runs yet. Guess I have something to do this winter, unless somebody wants it more than me.
  7. When you put your bikes (trikes) up for the "winter" do you do anything special? Cover your tail pipes? Don put the trike in his shop but didn't do much else yet. He has been riding it some, but not for the last couple of weeks. Well...yesterday, the grandkids were here and playing in the shop with their hot wheel cars (they KNOW not to play near the bike). Caiden says to Grampa: Grampa, did you know there are nuts in your tailpipe? Grampa: HUH??? So we all go over to the trike, bend over and look...there are a handful of acorns stuffed in the tailpipes. ???? Well alrighty, someth
  8. Now this is a picture of winter,, lucky them. Ottawa Ontario, Canada.
  9. Let me introduce myself, My names Luke, Im 18, in collage at Michigan Tech, and have been riding bikes for 2 years now. I have had 3 bikes in that time my first (and current) 1982 Virago 750, an old Honda XL18s basket case i put back together and traded that for a 1974 Honda CB550 cafe'd it (http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=32766.0), rode it for a month and a half and sold it. I have always kinda liked the touring bikes (venture being my favorite that i could afford), and am looking to get something a little more practical for a long haul or two and I am a big guy (6'3, 200 lbs) s
  10. I'll be off to the hospital early tomorrow for a total knee replacement. After dealing with knee pain for the past 8 to 10 years I'm looking forward to getting this done. Not looking forward to the rehab but at least it will be done in the winter and shouldn't impact my riding much. Glad they've got wifi in the hospital. Dennis
  11. Well it looks like I have found my winter project for my Gen1... a small leak in the right fork seal. Used the "film" method twice but it returns. (I know I shudda replaced them when I installed progressives) I figure while I have it apart, I will disconnect the antidives, replace the front tire, & add a superbrace. How bad is the fork seal replacement on a Gen 1? Also is there a preferred seal to use? I was going OEM dealer but if there is a better one I'm game. Don't want to do this again too soon.
  12. Well you have to expect some in the winter but the last 2 winters have been just about snow less . I was ridding last week but that came to an end yesterday 13" in one storm .I ran the snowblower twice and will need to clean up the drive again today. I grew up farming and then construction so summer ment work and winter ment fun. now it's time for some other kind of fun.
  13. Looking at a second bike to take to the lake and short trips ect. Roadstar or Roadliner, I think over the winter there maybe some good deals,
  14. Well, now that winter has gotten here and I need to think about getting some things done, I was wondering what others were planning on doing. I am going to need to do some transmission work as it feels like I have lost the détente action in my transmission. I still have the spring action that will bring the shifter back to the middle, but I am having a problem finding neutral and feeling when it clicks in any gear. Several times I have put it in 1st and it came back out. I have also had the same problem with 5th after shifting and with very little load, it would slip back out. I still have t
  15. i put the bikes away too early this year. got the strat in my shop for the winter, needing new tires. the v-star is in the trailer for the winter on the charger, that leaves me with the majesty scooter, and cushman to ride this winter. ugh. the weather here has been awesome. whats a guy to do? i did ride the cushman about a 1/4 mile last weekend to test out the new mikuni i put on it. guess i will just sit here and suffer.
  16. Thinking about putting a 1157 LED bulb in the tail light of my 07 RSTD is it worth the $20.00? Will be adding some LED light on the back during the winter just feel you can't have enough lights for people to see.
  17. The bikes are put away for the winter.
  18. So now that winter is almost here, and the riding season has or nearly has ended for most of us, what projects do you have planned for the winter? My projects for this winter in no particular order are; Front progressive springs. Service steering head bearings. New tires. Convert driving lights to HID. Lots more lights. Upgrade stator and RR for more power for all of the lights. Replace or add to the two Bad Boys horns with an even louder horn. Build receiver flag mount. Build receiver cooler rack. Clean up some wiring that was done in a hurry last summer. Finish making my versio
  19. I spent the day doing some delayed maintenance on Brownie after a long winter of bike rehab. After the slide I put her thru last fall, she spent most of the winter in a Body shop getting a fresh makeover on the left side. Today i checked over most areas of the bike and changed oil, and used pledge or some form of polish on almost every area of the bike. I think Brownie is looking fine and she is ready for another year of riding. brian
  20. Well I done it now. I did everything I can think of to make the winter SNOW come back. I took the bike out of storage. I put all of the snow shovels away for the season. I packed all of the salt away for the season. I took the snow brush out of my truck I took the winter emergency kit out of the truck and put the summer kit back in. I took all of the storm windows off the house and put up the screens. Got the lawn mower ready to go got the weed wacker ready to go packed away all of my winter coats and boots and brought out the summer gear shaved off my winter beard changed over a
  21. I flew home Tuesday with a business stop in Minneapolis. While waiting in the airport I noticed that the motorcycle cops there had found a way to prevent PMS during the winter. I guess when you live where weather really restricts your riding time, you have to do something. I just wonder how many motorists he actually catches.....:whistling:
  22. Sounds like the mild winter is going to come to an abrupt end. Sleet and Ice turing to snow with strong winds in the next 48 hrs. Accumulations of up to 15 inches......I guess its not so bad. Another few weeks and we are on the downhill side of things. At least this isnt late november with another 4 months to look forward to.
  23. Looking for the opinions of the best riders in the world. Best winter riding gloves, electric or others (deer, cow hide, synthetic....etc) THANKS Jim
  24. Howdy Folks. Need to do some adjusting on a couple 83 bikes I just bought. Does anyone have a loaner kit available with shims and tool? I am willing to contribute. Thats what these winter days are for, tinkerin' with da tools.... Thanks much, Scott
  25. Decided to give both my seafoamed VRs a mid winter start. Both started up just fine. Going to let them run for about 15 minutes.
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