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  1. Slayer, I can't agree with you more...you'll get here soon enough & drive yourself crazy finding things to do lol
  2. Snyper, My Gamertag is Joey Gabagool. I racked up a bit of coin on that game playing missions. I successfully completed the Mastermind challenge which earned me $20 million ($10 on 360 & 10 on X1) over the last 4 years I earned a total of $2.7B. My wife says I play too much, she may be right lol
  3. cabreco

    My Harley

    Picked up a 1990 EVO bagger.
  4. I retired from banking in NYC at 50, TRUST ME you will have plenty to do. First there is the never ending HONEY DO list. Then there is all the improvements you've always wanted to do on your bike. Sleeping late (great option but it never happens), watching TV until 3am on a Tuesday lol, Let's not forget XBOX (gotta spend a few hours a day on GTA5), taking road trips, and that's just off the top of my head lol Congrats & most of all ENJOY!
  5. OOPS! Sorry Don, I didn't realize my subscription was up! Got it all up to date now. Can't survive w/o you guys! Andy
  6. IDK, I installed it on the 90 Electra Glide I bought. The Alarm has been set (on & off) as I have been working on it fro 2 weeks now. The bike has not really been ridden. That said, I can still fire her up without issue. OH BTW I just realized that by pushing 2 buttons on the remote, you can program the system to self arm 30 seconds after the ignition is off.
  7. I found a great source for a decent motorcycle alarm system. It was very easy to wire up. It is a 2 way system which means one of the 2 keyfobs it comes with receives an alert if the alarm goes off. I found it here: http://sharkmotorcycleaudio.com/#_l_l5 It's called a SHARK SHKMOT2WAY. I only paid $30 bucks. I has a shock sensor, motion & also remote start & engine kill switch. They shipped fast it got to me in 3 days. Just thought I'd share with the group
  8. Since the heat shields are chrome, I'm thinking about wrapping the pipes with heat tape & then putting the shields back on. It should cut down on heat (at least the 3rd degree burns) while retaining the stock look.
  9. I know what you mean. I found that heat...burned my calf even though I have the chrome heat shields on the pipes!
  10. Thanks, This winter I will be breaking her down & repainting her. This is my "vision" for a color scheme
  11. Love Jborough! Very peaceful & tranquil. Helen has been having a field day at the flea markets & the Farmers markets. My neighbors are horses across the street in front & cows greeting me in the morning during coffee. (As seen from the sunroom) lol Doing a few tweaks & add on's (like trailer hitch) on the bike so possibly will be able to take her there. Need to talk to you about details. I sent you an email with our # so we can get together.
  12. Well I have a new addition to the pen, a 1990 Electra Glide Classic. Happen to come across it on Craigslist not far from my new home. It has 47K miles and the engine & trans were rebuilt 1,800 miles ago. The PO has back issues & now rides a trike and "didn't need 2 Harleys" The best thing is I got it for $5k.
  13. With any luck, by August we should be moved & settled in. So we are looking forward to it. Hey we can even ride out there together!
  14. I bought mine at Cycle Gear when I couldn't deal with the Kenda Kruz tires anymore. What I bout was: Front Dunlop E3 120/90-18 or MR90 https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/750/-/140026/MR90-18-%2871H%29-Dunlop-Elite-3-Bias-Ply-Touring-Front-Motorcycle-Tire Rear Dunlop E3 140/90-16 or MU90 https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/750/19446/Dunlop-Elite-3-Bias-Ply-Touring-Rear-Motorcycle-Tire
  15. In case you need a conversion chart Save yourself the aggravation YOU WON'T REGRET E3's!
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