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  1. Sounds great. Next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday is good
  2. Anyone up for a Myrtle Beach Meet & Eat this month? I’m going to the Fall Rally starting Sept 26 and if anyone is interested in getting together for lunch about midweek we can plan something. And if anyone is interested, I may be able to provide an overnight stay if someone needs. Just depends on if a friend rides down with me or not.
  3. There was moisture in the fluid and when it got hot it created air bubbles. Had it been changed or was it probably the original brake fluid?
  4. Well the Ultra Classic got four hours of pampering yesterday and the HD shop. It got a complete 10K checkup with all fluids changed, new grease, and a few loose bolts tightened. I temporarily lost the rear brakes the other day but that's all been taken care of. There was a good bit of water/moisture in the brake reservoirs. Everything checked out good and rides like a new bike. Definitely a different breed, but still fun to ride. I'm looking forward to my first long ride down to the Fall Myrtle Rally at the end of the month.
  5. Yeah I did, please don’t make me leave…
  6. Does VentureRider.org have a jail like the FB jail?
  7. Did you see what the cost is on Cost Plus?
  8. Looks like Cost Plus would be a lot cheaper for you
  9. Drew it was good to meet you and Liz. I hope to see you two again later on.
  10. Someone say Vogel? Are we marking our calendars for August 16 - 20, 2023?
  11. I just refilled 4 prescriptions with Cost Plus Drug Company and my total copay was approx $28. That’s with $5 shipping charge. Before these would have costed me over $120 thru my insurance. I told a few members last week how I can get my chemo medication for $39.00 instead of the $175.00 that my insurance company wanted. This company really works without going thru your insurance. I would like to hear other examples of friends saving money on prescriptions.
  12. HOME SAFE @ 11:00 am Lots of rain and wet roads but made it safe back to Gassaway. I left before daylight at approx 5 am in light rain. I probably rode about 5 of the 6 hours in the rain. I had a great time and it was wonderful to see some old friends again. Thanks everyone especially Woody & Trina, and Joe & Bobbi.
  13. The pond monster found the water
  14. The funniest guy in the world. Dan in in the house and will be in Asheville tomorrow
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