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  1. Happy Bday to ya Carl, you made it another one and I'm crossing that line this coming Sunday,,,who'da thunk we'd all still be around...
  2. That would be the same as someone needing my top level electrical experience...how do you say no? Especially since I quit takin' that damned Prozac the doc had me on for 7-1/2 years...now I can get back into ridin' more again, just broke 11k on the replacement
  3. I will keep my 7 with Firefox and Moziller till it quits, then I'll go back to keepin' sh*t on paper. Oh yeah, still got my ol' laptop from 93 and W3.2 that still runs the AB500 PLC program that's still in use around the globe...
  4. If ya get rollin' to the eastcoast it'd be nice to say hey!
  5. I know what you're sayin',,, got a '77 IT400 with a perty fresh top end and just picked up a DT400. WHY???!
  6. got mine in the mail last week. Looks good and keeps our brother out there.
  7. My sorrow goes out to you and yours, I can not imagine what that would do to me
  8. That's one of the reasons I loved my '84, sooo easy to pop that front wheel whenever you wanted to...also one of the reasons I got the 2nd gen back in'10.....
  9. One of those would be me Big Tom...
  10. Prayers still goin' for brother Bob & best half Becky.
  11. Just an update on this process as some newer folks are checkin' into this.... As Yamaha has discovered, they're selling a bunch of these so the price of the parts have increased greatly... The total cost nowadays to VR.org members is $385, includes the starter clutch, new 72tooth gear, all 3 gaskets needed and return shipping to you Of course we do these for folks around the world, so'z if you're not in the good ol' USA then your shipping would be more. Any questions email me at danob11@comcast.net or just PM me on here, I get the "PM received" notifications Thanx, Dano
  12. Same out to you from here ol' buddy,,,prayers out to you and yours
  13. Sittin' in the living room (12 yrs old) watchin' it on the BIG 19'r black and white TV...still a clear memory (of which I don't have much of anymore) of watching the whole thing
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