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  1. My Dad would get tools to stump people, well he was stumped and never did get to find out what this was used for. I can remember the day he got it at a auction 49 years ago and him saying he had no idea what it was and wanted to see how long it would take to find out. I found it in a box of stuff the other day and thought time to have some fun with it and maybe someone out there may know what it is.
  2. If you are looking to free up floor space, Before I had a lift table or a jack I put a 6 foot piece of angle iron with 2 large eye bolts and mounted that to my roof truss, And used a come along or a small chain hoist. And have lifted many motor cycles, Only front or rear at a time. If you want to get the front and rear up in the air then I would use a jack and use it until I had it where I wanted it. I do have 2x10 trusses. You could beef up the truss if you have 2x4 built, Also has come in handy for lifting lots of other things also.
  3. I got started on mine and Sharons RSV a few days ago and when I put it up on the lift, I noticed that the fork seal on the right side fork was starting to leak and that the lower fork cover was hitting the fork. I thought that may have been bent after we hit the deer last year, But it was the fork. So tore it down and pulled the fork and put a straight edge on it and it is tweaked, So up to the shed and grab a pair of forks, Its good to pack rat parts. Some sanding and buffing on the lower forks, new seals ,oil and a year old pair of progressive springs the front end is done. Now to swi
  4. I have it on the calendar, Man that caused a few minutes of panic there. I was sure I had picked a open weekend. I would not of had it the same weekend as the WNY,
  5. until
    Lets hope that this covid stuff will be in the rear view mirror. It will be good to see those of you that can make it. Here is the motels in Viroqua Hickory Hill Motel LLC hickoryhillmotel.com S5539 US Highway 14, Viroqua, WI 54665 · ~4.8 mi (608) 637-3104 Vernon Inn & Suites www.vernoninnandsuites.com 1325 N Main St, Viroqua, WI 54665 · ~6.2 mi (608) 637-3100 There are a few nice campgrounds close by also if you want to camp with electric and water hookups. We have plenty of camping room here we have a small campground down by
  6. Hope you can make it, Its been to long since we have seen ya, Keep working on that walking.
  7. I like it Puc, and all of the others, I have had a few but gave up, Figured that if I could throw one and hit the target better than shooting one, I should just stay with the long guns.
  8. Looks like you had a great day for a ride, Still to much salt and sand on the roads around here for me.
  9. I got my shop back, so it was time to go to work on my solo ride I have had on my bucket list. Pretty close to being done. Can hardly wait to get it out. It has a 14,000 mile engine, 22,000 mile final drive, rims and all new bearings, new fork seals and progressive springs and tune up. I am thinking that it is going to be a fun ride. Orlin
  10. Hope that we can get some people here, And get in a good ride and get to see one another, Here are the dates July 23rd to 25th, If you want to come and pitch a tent or camper we have plenty of room. There are camprounds close by with water and electricity if thats what you would like, there are 3 motels in Viroqua 6 miles away I will post them this week. If you want to come on Thursday you are welcome I am taking off of work Thursday to Monday. Hope we get to see some old friends and some new ones. Orlin and Sharon
  11. I took a look at the calendar and see that the weekend of July 23 to 25 is open. It can be hot and a little muggy, We have some nice big shade trees to set under or I do know of some nice shady roads to take a ride on. It will be good to have some old friends here and some new ones. We didnt get to have a get together last year. And sure missed it. Orlin
  12. After talking with Sharon, She said to pick a date in July, So lets see what we can come up with. Orlin
  13. Putting this out there, Not sure how this virus stuff is going to play out, We missed getting to have a get together last summer. It will be here at our place and will put a ride or two together and have a cookout and a bonfire for one of the evenings. Want to see if there is any interest for June or July. We have plenty room if you want to camp and there are motels in Viroqua. Orlin
  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
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