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  1. I would agree with checking the tightness of the steering head, tire pressure, did you put the tires on or were they one there. swing arm bushing could need to be tightened and lubed. These cycles love to cruse down the highway at that speed. Mine feels like its glued to road. I spend alot of time one handed with no worries. If it was me I would get the tires off of the ground and check the wheel bearings, steering head bearings, swing arm, and see if you may have a front tire that isnt seated evenly or maybe a little out of round. And thats its a 06 I would want to go over all of it any way.
  2. Sounds like you have air in the clutch and need to bleed the air out.
  3. Just a few days away, I am going to plan on a small group. There are a few others that havent RSVP on the calendar but they called and said they will be pulling in on Thursday and Friday. Will be good to everyone that is coming. To those of you coming have a safe ride here.
  4. We got a couple on the calendar, And a few that are coming and have their usual camp spots picked out. Lets see some more Wisconsin Riders. The extended forecast looks great so far. Come and relax and get to visit get in a ride around our area. Its going to be great to those that can come. Always a great time meeting new friends and seeing old ones. Do RSVP on the calendar so I know what to set up for a ride or two, and what to have for food.
  5. Its a go, Lets see some Wisconsin people, so far we have Iowa, Michigan and Georgia. I looked at the extended forecast and its looking like low 80s and sunny.
  6. Okay, Its getting close now, And no names on the calendar, I will give it to the end of the week and see what happens. And decide what I am going to do.
  7. I like the Bagger Shield, You have two to chose from with one wind shield and only takes a couple of minutes to go from short to tall. And they seem to hold up well.
  8. I go with the leveling links and the 130 front tire because of the area where we ride, A lot of hills and turns . The two put together makes the cycle feel much lighter and handle much better. For me it takes it from going around turns with both hands to one hand in either direction. There are some that have tried it and dont like the feel at higher speeds. It does make the cycle feel more touchy. There are other things that can make the Venture feel like a tub to ride also. Tire inflation can be a big one. How much air in the rear shock, how the neck bearings are adjusted can make a night or day change in how it feels. The springs in the front forks. If things are sloppy thats how its going to ride. And will make the Venture feel much more heavy 1st or 2nd gen.
  9. July is getting close, If any of you are planning on coming and want to get a room in Viroqua you may want to look into it. They book up pretty fast around here in July. And please RSVP on the calendar and there is info for the motels on there. If you want to camp here at our place there is plenty of room our camp ground is open this year and in great shape. Its rustic, there will be clean porta potties to use. There are other nice campgrounds close by if you want water and electricity. Hope to see some names on the calendar.
  10. July will be here before we know it, I put some info for the motels on the calendar. Would be nice to see some RSVPs on the calendar. I know there are a few coming, So please RSVP.
  11. Have you drained the oil to make sure you are not getting coolant into the oil also. And have you seen any coolant on the floor or ground from the weep hole on the water pump, you may need to clean out the end of the small hose coming from the water pump sometimes they get plugged and wont let it drain out.
  12. After reading that, Most of my bad days were a walk in the park. Sure hope they can get some help and the virus will play it self out soon.
  13. This is a easy one for me, Remington 3006 BDL I have had it for 38 years. And was a few years old when I got it at the K and L sporting good store here in Viroqua. Can still see it there with all of the other guns and it just stood out and seemed to be calling out to me. Had the owner hand it to me and I put it up to my shoulder and it was the one. It fit me like it had been made just for me, It did need just a little work on the trigger pull. After that was done I am not sure you have to pull the trigger you just think it. I have put alot of deer meat in the freezer and helped get rid of some coyotes. And it has found its next one to give some great hunting memories to my daughter Hana, And she got her best buck so far last year with it.
  14. I looked up wire walker from the 1900s and I found one close to it once I figure out how to get the picture on here we can look at it.
  15. Well we dont have a yes I know what that is and I have used one. I have always thought it was built to lift and the handle was to guide it, The legs can be moved by pushing and pulling the handle or you can use the ring to move the legs, and note the spring it pulls the legs together. It would be small blocks of ice. Fence tool possible, but it would only hold the wire. Good thought, We will have to keep quessing until that person says we had one of those and this is what it does.
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