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  1. Dennis was a good guy. He joined us in on quite a few rides and the gatherings here at our place. Will miss his company. His family will be in our prayers.
  2. It's looking like we could have decent weather by the extended forecast. But that could change in a hour.
  3. Hope you Tip and Trooper can make it. And we can catch up. It's been to long.
  4. Anyone that wants to join in is welcome. There is a few Venture riders coming. And staying here at our place with their campers. If the cool nights don't bother you bring a tent or camper there is plenty of space. We will be riding Friday and Saturday, We will head out of our place at 9:00 ride untill lunch and then finish up the afternoon with a ride and back here to cookout and set around a fire and visit. I will be putting the rides together this week and next. As far as I know all of the motels are booked for that weekend. There maybe some local cabins or bed and breakfast places available. If you want to come we are 6 miles East on Hwy 56 Viroqua Wi. Orlin
  5. I was very much looking forward to having a get together. We have always enjoyed having the Venture Riders come for a visit. Have got to meet some of the best people and have made many friends from all over. But there are times that life just seems to get in the way. Nothing bad just seemed that there was a lot that got threw onto my plate and not enough time in the day. Must be getting older or the days are getting shorter. Could look at doing something in September. Good time to do some riding and cool nights to set around the fire. Orlin
  6. until

  7. Found gaskets and slides. Shipping is slow.
  8. I have a 1983 Venture here that I am working on. I found the neck bearings and fork seals, But to get valve cover gaskets and the slides for the forks in a timely fashion seems to be tuff. Checking to see if anyone has had good luck ordering from some of the online sites. Orlin
  9. It was our first Leaf Lookers Ride, It was the first one that Me and Sharon got to meet anyone from the site. And it was a great time and we met new friends and there are some of those that have become a big part of our family. Orlin
  10. Where is it. We live near Viroqua Wisconsin. Lets have a great gathering this year, Get to meet some new friends and get to see some old ones. We have plenty of camping room here at our place. Its rustic camping there will be clean porta potties. If you want camping there are a couple close by with water and electricity if thats what you would like. I put the motels that are in Viroqua on the calendar. If you know that you are coming so we know how much food we will need. If your wondering about what all goes on, We are pretty layed back. The most important thing is for us to get together and get to visit and get some maintenance on the cycles. We have had those that come on Thursday, if you do I may put you to work setting around the campfire in the evening. Friday is we do like to get in a afternoon evening ride after a bite to eat and then back to the campfire. Saturday is work on cycles in the morning then off for lunch and a afternoon ride then back here for cook out and a bonfire. Sunday is the sad day where those heading back home head out and we have to say see next time. Our riding is in no hurry. We like to take our time and look around and see the sights. Its back road riding. We have some very nice ones. If you just want to set and relax down by the creek or go and tour the shops in Viroqua there is no arm twisting for you to go on a ride. Can hardly wait to see those of you that can make it. Orlin and Sharon
  11. I have it on the calendar please go there and RSVP so we know who is coming. Orlin
  12. until
    Hello, Here is our Address E9364 State Hwy 56 Viroqua Wisconsin 54665 Here are the motels in Viroqua. Motels AmericInn by Wyndham Viroqua 1325 North Main St, Viroqua, Wisconsin 54665 608-6373100 Hickory Hill S5539 US-14, Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 637-3104 hickoryhillmotel@gmail.com Midway Motel midwaymotelviroqua.net 850 N Main St, Viroqua, WI 54665 · ~8.9 mi (608) 637-2929 Safe ride to those coming and looking forward to a great time with everyone.
  13. Thanks to Freebird I am back up and going, I had got a newer laptop and I had forgotten my password and had a old email. So getting to the point, Decided that the get together at our place needed a title. So decided to go back to the original. Where is this at, It will be at our place near Viroqua Wisconsin. This is open to all. We have had VentureRiders from all over come we like it that way. I will post it on the calendar along with some other information. If you are wondering what goes on its pretty laid back. We do have a few that will come on Thursday and head out Sunday or Monday. Friday is just hang out and visit and greet who is coming in on Friday, We do like to take a ride into town and get a bite to eat or if time allows we will do afternoon ride and stop for dinner then back here to set around a fire and visit some more. Saturday if there is some maintenance to be done we will do that in the morning then off for a ride and stop for some lunch and ride a little more then back here for a cookout and a bonfire. Sunday is seeing most of the ones off and just fly by the seat of our pants kind of a day. We have plenty of camping room, there are motels in Viroqua 6 miles away. Other campgrounds close by, Its been a while lets have a good gathering and get to meet some new friends and get to catch up with some old ones. Orlin .
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