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  1. May the law be just and your brother find peace during this turbulent and troubling time in his life
  2. Congrats on the 37 cowpuc, and prayers to you on your upcoming surgery.
  3. Back in my day wood was used to heat the oven in the kitchen Back in my day bathrooms were outdoors and you prayed that the Sears Catalogue still had pages left in it. Back in my day light came from and oil lamp Back in my day rode bicycles with hard solid rubber tires Back in my day water came from a hand pump and the bath tub was a cow tank on the back porch Back in my day parents were not afraid to let children play outside Back in my day we had card parties at the neighbour's house Back in my day, we were happy:63:
  4. We pray that all may turn out good for him and peace may come to you and your loved ones:63:
  5. Right on Bye', tis a fine ting on the Rock too, Cheers
  6. Great looking Ride, Have fun.
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