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  1. All fixed......I think.... only 30 miles til our hotel....will find out. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. So sitting at walmart in bowling green,mo. Wife went to get some rubber tubing so I can put fresh dot 4 fluid in clutch. Its burnt after doing the dragon and other curves. Uuuggghhh Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. 08 RSV after 450ish miles today clutch really slack. Ie loose and shift while letting it out very little. Hopefully it's just because it's about 95 today and the oil is probably extremely hot. Thought. We are stopped fir the night in Mount Vernon Illinois. Heading to Hannibal Mo 200 miles tomorrow. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. In preparation for our trip. In the last week replaced plugs, synchronized carbs, new elite 4 rear tire and pads. Tuned up clutch with skydocs kit, put in bypass ignition relay switch, and topped off oil, checked final drive oil. Packing tomorrow, leaving crack of dawn Tuesday for the tail of the dragon. First overnight stop is probably effingham I'll. Hopefully the weather will hold and we can get some good pics for you all. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?131924-Nighttime-road-shots-with-new-LED-bulb this is what I did 2 years ago with just a LED blub......still going strong.....
  6. thanks for the reply I have just over 40k miles on the 08 RSV, funny tonight driving to work (I'm at work now) it didn't slip, if it did it wasn't noticeable, I was in 3rd gear when I hammered down. I'll test again in the morning on the way home. thanks
  7. Thanks for all the input guys.... I'm going to try the Rotella T4 15-40 oil first instead of the synthetic T6 15-40 to see if that changes the slipping. If not. then I'll consinder the clutch replacement. Stat
  8. One of my fellow Firefighters bought and 87VR for $500.00 and he needs a Water Pump. Any suggestions on where to get one ? Stat
  9. Cant do tents.... I have Sleep Apnea.....need power for my Machine thanks anyway Stat
  10. revamped route.....2.5 hours looking at possible destinations, cause, you know, us government workers have that kind of time....lol step 1. New Lisbon, Wi to Hannibal, Mo 2 nights. touring Mark Twain Museum and Caves etc.... step 2. Hannibal, Mo to Eddyville Ky 1 night Touring Cave in the Rock per suggestion from member step 3 Eddyville, Ky to Maryville, Ky....Ride the Tail of the Dragon....then 1 night stay in Maryville cause all the Motels close to the dragon are booked. step 4 Maryville, Ky to Lexington, Ky 2 nights. Going the International Horse Museum and whatever civil war sights we can see around there. Suggestions???? step 5. return home avoiding Cincy, Indy, Chicago and Milwaukee. Probably stopping around Bloomingtion, Ill (halfway) of the 700 mile return trip. Barring weather and Heat it should be alright even though the clutch is starting to slip on the scoot under HEAVY acceleration. Stat
  11. To start. I changed oil with rotella T6. Plenty of fluid in clutch reservoir. Now Under hard acceleration it slips. I read in other posts about a clogged return hole??? Where do I find that? Or do I need to replace plates? I asked my mechanic about it Barretts??? he said to replace it, it would cost around 500-600 for parts and labor. I reallyu don't have that kind of cash and the wife and I are leaving on our long trip for Kentucky (mountains) in July. It only slips under HARD Accleration. i.e. Passing etc... Should I be concerned? Stat
  12. On July 9th, the wife and I plan on taking the scoot on our longest trip so far. Plan on leaving New Lisbon, WI in the am and traveling to Hannibal, Mo. do the Mark Twain stuff and leave the 11th and ride to Lexington, Ky to see some civil war stuff (Wife is a civil war buff) and visit the National Horse Museum. From there we are gonna go tackle the Dragon. then return home. My concern is the 800+ miles from Hannibal to Lexington on where to stop. we want to avoid the interstate/tolls as much as possible. I know I cant make from A to B in a day. Thoughts? BTW. on the return trip we are just gonna play it by ear on hotels and such, i.e. ride til I cant. so if any of you have ideas on the return trip avoiding the major metro areas let me have them....... Thanks, Stat
  13. Got it in the mail couple days ago. Thanks, will be installing it soon. Darren
  14. I'm Back. Finally have a work post with a Computer so I can keep up with the community. It was hard keeping up on my phone. Taptalk is too confusing to navigate. Just an update since Ive not been around.. Just purchased the ignition bypass relay from Dion. couple of times last riding season had the dreaded no power except radio glitch. I havn't installed it yet but soon. I have other pressing repairs to do..... 2 set of front wheel bearings on my Pontiac Torrent and G6.....they both failed within a week of each other.....lol. If I didn't have bad luck, Id have no luck at all. That added expense set me back so I will not be able to purchase the OEM light bar that I wanted too. Will be replacing My Michelin Commander 2 rear tire within the next month, Wife and I are planning to ride the Mississippi River from Lacrosse, Wi to the Gulf in July. Gonna need New tire Before then. The Dunlop E3 on the front is good to go, but the Commander2 on the back will need replacing. So far I got 11K on the Commander and E3, both replaced at same time. But We did a lot of 2up riding last year. Is Commander 2 still the go to rear tire? If not, I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Stat
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