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  1. Sounds Good Will do that this weekend never thought of that . It leaks when I park the bike . Thanks will come back to this topic and let you know. Bushwacker
  2. Just did that everything looked good thanks Bushwacker
  3. My oil Level is half way in site glass , I think it is coming from hose that is from air box I did trip two weeks ago didnt leak when I got back did 3000 miles didnt ride again until yesterday rode 250 miles and when I got back oil ran out rode 200 miles today and oil came out of hose, first time it has ever done that it does have 98,000 miles on it no valve adjustment yet . Thanks for your response Bushwacker
  4. Oil coming from tube when I start let it run than turn it off it leaks on 2009 Yamaha Venture
  5. Have"t had time to ride but one time since getting shock you did for me, but I do want to thank you for your fast response when I contacted you about my shock problem. When I took my shock to you had it done and back to me in a few days. I will let you know after I due some riding if I have any problems thanks Dave. Robbie the ( Bushwacker)
  6. Been there about four times leaving second week end in Sep going that way again.
  7. Set on bike level it and my wife tells me where the level is!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Not quite 8 in here but really snowing Iam not to far from you Greencastle Pa Robbie (Bushwacker)
  9. Just got back from Maggie Valley yesterday was there from 27th Sept to 1st Oct. Didn't see much fall colors yet Bushwacker:biker:
  10. Cowpuc I know you live in winter country had son living in Battle Creek retired from Air Force and came back to almost winter country. Thank everyone for your responses Bushwacker
  11. Leaving for South Dakota in June just wanted to know if changing to Rotella T-6 after using Yama oil might create leakage with gaskets. I used it in Goldwing years ago no problem but used it when I first got wing
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