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  1. Send me an e-mail at ljskeels@att.net
  2. Send me an e-mail at ljskeels@att.net
  3. Ok if you bought my lift adapter without legs then you could add the legs at a later date. You'll need to weld on the receiver part to the main frame. If you need further info send me a PM for converting what you now have. If you bought the adapter you now have from off e-bay I may not be able to convert your adapter due to different size & measurements.
  4. $30 including shipping to either USA or Canada
  5. Can't use a center stand with my jack adapter due to both using the frame tabs below the engine. You would need to remove the center stand 1st , attach the adapter then reinstall the center stand when done.
  6. Reiny I do have a couple brackets that have been started but need finishing Polishing mostly. If Don has one to offer you fine if not send me a message. Squidley I do offer some of my products but don't advertise then so only build what is asked for. Being the 2nd gens are no longer made by Mom Yamaha demand is quite low so it don't make sense to tie up material and storage space.
  7. Hi there,

    Horn bracket/kits for 2018+ Star Ventures?

    Someone on the star venture Facebook page mentioned that you might have kits available for installing aftermarket horns.  That would be cool if you did because I have zero technical skills.  😁




  8. Sorry guys I no longer make the arm rests.
  9. Wife & I got our 1st Pfizer vaccine shots last Friday, Feb 26th. No problems or side effects other than a bit sore at the injection site. Overnight and not even that. We're supposed to go back for our 2nd shot in 3 weeks. Like many here we were totally undecided whether to get these shots or not. What all with so much conflicting info out there. Rolled the dice so to speak so I guess we'll see where this experience takes us. Prayers offered up for those who suffered this Covid virus or have lost loved ones to it.
  10. Happy Birthday Don Wishing you a great day and many more Birthdays to come.
  11. Prayers sent. Wishing for a speedy recovery.
  12. So sorry to hear of this. I only met Dale one time at the Wisconsin rally (forget which year) but like others here who knew him better than I, I enjoyed his company and chatting about his bike. RIP Zagger.
  13. Happy Birthday Carl. Good to know you're still survived another year. That Marca is a wise woman keeping you in line too. Bless you both.
  14. Just saw this thread so I'm hoping by now your feeling much better Don. Good news on that CV test but still be careful when out& about.
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