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  1. Prayers sent. Wishing for a speedy recovery.
  2. So sorry to hear of this. I only met Dale one time at the Wisconsin rally (forget which year) but like others here who knew him better than I, I enjoyed his company and chatting about his bike. RIP Zagger.
  3. Happy Birthday Carl. Good to know you're still survived another year. That Marca is a wise woman keeping you in line too. Bless you both.
  4. Just saw this thread so I'm hoping by now your feeling much better Don. Good news on that CV test but still be careful when out& about.
  5. Thanks guys. I've responded to everyone. Larry
  6. something ELSE I've learned in my "old" age from this group hear. Amazing
  7. Prayers for Eileen, family, and friends during her time of grief. Peace to all.
  8. The trigger pull on the one I checked was short and very smooth. impressed with it as many other makes / brands had much stiffer & long pulls. I'll be going to a gun show this weekend and see if I can score a decent deal on one.
  9. All this gun talk has gotten me a bug to get another pistol, After going to various shops and handling different makes and model I'm currently leaning towards a Smith & Wesson MP 9mm 2.0 in a 4" barrel. Don't have a 9mm thus choosing this cal. I like the grip fit & gun balance. Anyone have one of these? Pro's & Con's?
  10. I joined this site shortly after purchasing my "05" Midnight RSV. If I recall correctly that was within a week since I got the bike just before Memorial Day weekend. Current info shows Aug "06" so that date is probably after the infamous sites crash. Member #161 . It's been an awesome trip all these years riding with & meeting folks from here. Larry
  11. Enjoying read all these post of folks I know and those I haven't met. Been 5 years now without last 09 RSV Hannigan trike. Miss that ride at times but am enjoying the open air in my Slingshot. I still read most all daily postings just to keep tabs on some of those pot stirrers. They know who they are!!!!! Oh IF by chance my name happens to get drawn just pass on to the next guy. Got 2 Venture caps I wear & trying to wear out. Larry
  12. An accident waiting to happen. Is it worth risking life & limb or your bike?
  13. A bolt on reciever style hitch for the 99-2013 RSV and 2005-2009 RSTD bikes. The end of the hitch will be flush with the end of the chrome tip when installed. Shipping is included with purchases in the US. Canadian customers please contact me for info on extra shipping fees. Cost is $165 delivered. PM me for ordering info. I may have some on hand but if not I can deliver one within a week once ordered. Thanks,Larry
  14. Due to low demand I'm doing preorders only. A solid steel lift adapter for the 99-2013 RSV & 2005-2009 RSTD bikes. This model is the Freestanding version with removable legs that allow you to remove the jack from under the bike once the legs are installed. This option makes it much easier to access the bike with the jack out of the way. Some folks even store their bikes on them during winter layovers. I've upgraded the design several times so the pics posted are only representive as to the looks but in function remain the same. Canadian customers will need to contact me for further pri
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